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Author's Note: Forgive me if certain perspectives are kind of skewed. I tried to get as close as I could to replicating #19's weird POV and make it unique.

- - -


Pushing messy blond hair out of my eyes, I checked the sky again.

No sign.

Did he pass by this area? Or was he just flying low and slow?

Either way, I couldn't come out of hiding yet.

I hunkered down in the rocks, trying to get comfortable. Instead, my hair flopped down into my eyes again.

I grunted in annoyance and pushed it away. It wasn't real hair, anyway. Artificially produced to look the part, but you could tell by feeling it. That was one thing my bonehead creator could never get right.

Finally, what looked like a low-flying meteorite flew across the canyon. I could just make out the bald head. No surprise.

When that dork Krillin had finally passed by, I pushed away and began exploring my surroundings. It wasn't really that bad, what he had done with Marron, but he could be so dense sometimes, it served him right. But really, Android #18, who are you kidding? That was what made him sort of cute. The smart ones still didn't trust me farther than they could throw me.

I'd come back in a few hours, and my family would be sitting on the couch in sorrow in that little cabin, wondering if maybe this time mommy would not return.

Heck, I was lying to myself. It wasn't the usual reason. I'd been feeling really sour lately, and this mountain reminded me why.

For deep within this mountain was my birthplace.

Of course, most of it had been destroyed by that kid from the future, but Dr.Gero seemed to always have a backup everything.

So I wasn't surprised when a stone wall suddenly lifted, revealing more high-tech gadgets, all emblazoned with the comical double R on a red ribbon. Nothing I recognized. Maybe I could shoot the place up for fun. Even if you were "one of the good guys", destruction could do wonders for relieving tension. Then again, my husband would probably sense the blast, come flying back-

Wait. I did recognize one thing. Something I never thought I'd see again. I turned back to look and confirmed it. It was Dr. Gero's data core, containing all the memory logs of all his creations.

Including me.

I dashed up to the console. Maybe this would give me the answers I desired. My slender fingers flew across the narrow column of machinery.

Blast, it was voice activated. Probably coded to the doctor's voiceprint, too.


The place snapped to life. A gentle, yet businesslike voice immediately began sounding over the booting up of a hundred computers.

"D-data c-co-co-co-core online. System recognizes Artificial Human Serial N-n-number #18."

The system was shaky after so many years untouched. I would see what it could do. Hell, maybe relive some of the good old days.

"Data core, access all memory dumps for Android #18."

"In-in-inaccessible. Security c-code required."

"Access all memory dumps for Android #17."


So that was it, then. Only the voice of a dead man could show me the life I had lost. If it even existed. I slumped to the ground out of disappointment.

Artificial Human, the computer had called me. Artificial. Not real.

I touched my own legs splayed before me. Solid. They felt real enough, but.

Maybe I could do it through other means.

"Data Core, access all memory dumps for Android #20."

"No logs present."

I slammed a fist into the metal. The dead fool had had all of us log our memories, but forgot to do it himself. Dare I even try #16 or 19#?

I laughed silently at the very thought of the goofy Kabuki-style Android with even less strength and courage than the late Dr.Gero.

I had no name, no past, and no apparent future. What did I have to lose?

"Computer, access memory logs for Android. #19."


And suddenly, I was in a new dimension of color and sound.

- - -

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