A deep darkness over the land

Then- a flash of light in the distance

A bright and brilliant orb lifts into the sky

And warm the earth with it's rays.

A new day begins now.

View if you will, a house

An ordinary house a first, simple, plain

A few flamingos and the lawn gnomes


Do not be deceived

For all is not what it seems.

Look closer if you will

Look past the walls, and you will find something here

A creature not of this earth

One who is here with everything at stake

One shot is all he has left

One shot to prove himself

One chance to prove wrong all those who've mocked him

One true chance to stand before the Almighty Tallest

And proclaim, "I am worthy"

He's had chances like this before

He's screwed up

Big time.

A mistake that cost him and cost him dearly.

But learned from his mistakes, he did

And with the knowledge from that encounter

He knows only this: "I must succeed"

There is no other option

Succeed and prove himself

Or be doomed to live with the filthy beast around him

The light cascades across his face

Through the closed blinds

As he lies on the couch asleep, plans in hand.

Crimson orbs snap open

He rises.

He goes through all the morning rituals

And adorns his ingenious disguise

Then, passing a dozing SIR by the door

He steps out into the world and onto the planet's soil.

He winces as the golden light meets his disguised eyes

And scoffs at the earthaniod soil staining his boots

This planet will be no more that a speck of dust when he gets through with it

A grin forms on his lips


A destroyed earth

And it would have been the smallest of his race to do it

To bring down such a huge idiotic planet

As a small animal would bring down a great beast

He would make this planet fall to it's knees and bow before him

To have the inhabitants of this filthy rock

Cower at the very mention of him name.

And as his proud irken eyes adjust to the hideous star

It cheers him

For it is a reminder that this is a new day

A new chance to spread havoc and doom

To make the Tallest proud of him

To truly be worthy of the title "Invader"

And, he is reminded

As he fingers the device in his pocket

A new chance to deal with him

That human

That annoying, pitiful, arrogant human

That had meddled in his affairs far too often

A blotch constantly staining his beautify crafted plans.

But no more


Yes, this is the day.

The day the human is no more.

The plan he has is flawless


Nothing can defeat him this time


"Now human" he thinks

You are mine.

As he marches proudly -

As in his nature to do so

Down the hard pavement

He stands on a small patch of grass.

The tall building labeled "Skool" stands before him

Embracing him in a shadow

Now, it is time to wait

Come on little human

Face me if you can.

Then as the irken scours the land with determined eyes

A familiar sound he hears

Click, click, click

Boots on the pavement.

He has come

A voice rings in his ears behind him

"Come on out alien"

It is time

Time to start destiny

The voice calls out again

He stepes from the shadows

turns to face him with a glare

As the voice dares to call him by name

"Zim. So finally you show"