Darkness. Again we see a world in pitch-black darkness

Across this small and lonely town

We see a brilliant flash of a beam of light

That sends shining golden rays across the land

And we see this ray make a journey

As it is in it's nature to do so

Traveling across various buildings and yards,

To parks, fields, and skools

And across an ominous looking house

One that contains a great evil

Depending on how one views evil


As of now that house is of no concern.

Now, keep looking, if you will,

Past that residence.

Keep going down the street, around the corner

And past the stop sign

And now

A new scene lies before you

Yet another house

Seemingly ordinary enough

Like any other house


Do not be fooled

For held in it is a being of great power

A being of hope

A being that much like the rays of sun that now rush over his home

Shall spread rays of salvation for his home


Come, if you will, into this seemingly ordinary house

Look past that over sized telescope

Look past the great feats of science

Walk past the great rooms of technology

While they are spectacular feats of science

They are not what make this house unusual

Keep walking, past that creepy looking door

And past the creepy little girl that dwells in it

*shudder* Spooky isn't she?

But yet, even she is not what makes this house unusual.

Now if you go a little bit farther

You shall come to a door

Enter through it

You will find various things

UFO posters, a laptop, and various notes on a certain green fellow

But he will come later

Look in the corner of this

Strange, unusual room

And you will see a bed

And within it

A boy

And this is what makes this ordinary house unordinary

An ordinary boy wrapped in cotton sheets

Murmuring softly in his sleep

But remember

Do not be fooled by his appearance

For it is not what is outside

But what is held inside that counts here.

This boy rests in the comfort of his room

Dreaming perhaps of what will come of this day

Then, at the sound of a buzz

Dreary eyes open

A pale hand reaches out and silences the alarm

And he rises.

A bright beam of light is reflected

As large glasses are put on

And a look of determination crosses his face.

A leap and he is out of his bed

Despite the grumbling of his spooky sister

He strides down the halls

Confident, defiant, and proud

And he's good reason to be

For he is a herald

A savior

And a hero

One that has been ridiculed all his life

One dubbed a madman, a lunatic, and "just plain cwazy"

But today

Today is the day he shall prove them all quite mistaken

Today he shall stare them all in the face

And say "You were wrong"

There is a darkness coming

A darkness greater than earth has ever known

And the one to bring this darkness

Has sat only two seats away from him

Mocking him

As if to tell him that his plight to stop him are futile

But this boy knows that he is wrong

This bringer of doom shall be the one to fail

Not he

For he is the one to save us all

(Although it may not be even worthy of saving)

The one to take the threat

Of ever chaos and misery

And fling him back into the dark pit of hatred where he belongs!

He walks down the hall, already dressed

He grabs a doughnut and rushes out the door with a quick farewell

A comment about craziness follows him

But he pays it no mind

HE must keep focused

He's prepared for this all his life

No way he's messing up now.

He walks to the skool

Head held high

Hazel eyes shining with purpose

The place where he is to meet

This great evil that threatens us all

Click. Click. Click

His boots move cautiously across the pavement

And shifting eyes survey the scene

Where is he hiding?

He raises his voice and calls to lure him out

For he knows he is here

A figure steps out of the shadows

Poorly disguised

And black toupee shining in the sunlight

With eyes glaring with ever-present hatred for him and his kind

Challenging to face him

The evil one faces the herald

And with a sly oily voice he speaks

"Dib. So finally you show"