Perry was getting sick of the sight of that stupid poster in his corner office. It was a poster of a disco dancing hedgehog with the caption Keep Calm and Get Your Hedge On. He kept glancing up from his report to give his eyes a break and the poster kept catching his eye. Eventually, Perry tore it to shreds and stuffed the pieces in his recycling bin. He was in a bad mood already; he had to finish a report on his latest battle with Doofenshmirtz but all he wanted to do was go home and decorate the Christmas tree with his family. December the 1st only came around once a year, and this particular one would never come around again. It was his and Priya's first Christmas as mates, and Perry really wanted to be at home with her.

Someone knocked on the wall of his office. Perry looked tiredly up and saw Patty, holding some papers. "Major Monogram sent me over with these," she said, holding the papers out to Perry, who took them without looking at them.

"Great. More stuff to do before I can go home."

Perry must have looked very tired because Patty asked, "Are you okay?"

"I really want to be at home with Priya," Perry sighed. "It's our first Christmas together as mates and we want to celebrate it but I have to finish this report."

"Did ripping up your poster make you feel better?" Patty inquired.

Perry blushed a bit. "Actually, yeah. It was taunting me."

Patty smiled. "Well, Major Monogram thought you might be like this," she said. "I spoke to him earlier and he said he'll extend the deadline to Friday if you want to go home now."

Perry leapt up. "Hallelujah!"

In a new record, he reached his house in five minutes. He burst through the door and into the living room, where there were some decorations already up, though the Christmas tree in the corner was bare.

Priya came to greet him. "Perry, I'm glad you're here. We were about to get started without you!"

Perry scanned her briefly. She had some tinsel on her head but other than that, she looked exactly the same as when she had left work two hours previously. "You have tinsel on your head."

Priya laughed and pulled it off. "Your boys are going a bit crazy," she said.

As if on cue, Phineas and Ferb ran through the living room, chasing each other with bits of tinsel and yelling at each other. Phineas caught sight of Perry and stopped dead, causing Ferb to run into him and knock both boys over.

"Hey, Perry's home!" shouted Phineas.

"Well spotted, genius," Ferb said dryly, who was lying on top of him. "Was it the fact that he's standing right there that gave it away?"

"Shut up."

Perry laughed as the two boys untangled themselves from each other. "How was work?" Phineas asked.

"Mind-numbingly dull," Perry replied, sighing. "I swear, the days keep getting longer and longer."

"Well, at least for us-." Phineas began singing. "There are two wondrous weeks for our winter vacation before new year's and school come to end iiiiit!"

"So the holiday challenge for kids of all nations, is finding a good way to spend iiiiit!" Ferb finished.

Everyone laughed. "So where's everybody else?" Perry asked.

"Mom and Dad are still at the antiques store," Phineas replied.

Perry frowned. "This late?"

Phineas shrugged. "I think they have some kind of special delivery that hasn't come yet that they need to be there for. They phoned about half an hour ago to say they would be home late."

"And Candace?"

"She and Jeremy went to see a movie," Ferb replied this time. "I think it's the new Grievance movie."

"Those are terrifying," shuddered Perry. "I tried watching the first one once. Didn't end well."

"He hid behind the sofa and threw popcorn at the TV every time the Grievance girl came on screen," Priya translated with a grin. "I was there."

"Thanks, Priy," grumbled Perry, making the boys laugh again.

"So how about we get to work on this tree so it's done by the time Mom and Dad get home?" Phineas suggested.

"That sounds like a plan," smiled Priya.

Perry knew how brave she was being. Her host, Janet, had recently been in a heavy car crash and was living with her son down in New Orleans. It had broken both of their hearts, but the doctor had told Janet that she wouldn't be able to look after Priya anymore. Because of this, Priya had been allowed to live with Phineas and Ferb's family.

Perry switched on the CD player and began playing the Christmas CD.

The song Danville for Niceness came on. "You guys made an extended version of this?" Priya asked as she put a bauble on the tree.

"Yeah," Phineas replied. "We really liked the song, though it was born out of a difficult time for us."

"Yeah, because losing Christmas would have killed us," Ferb said sarcastically, earning him a smack on the shoulder from Phineas.

"Never mind that," Perry interrupted. "Where's the normal Christmas CD?"

"It was boring," answered Ferb. "So we made a new one."

"But where is it?" Perry persisted.

"Don't you like our music?" Phineas asked dramatically.

"I love your music," Perry grinned. "But that Christmas CD was mine. Where is it?"

"Ah," Phineas said, hiding his face behind a box of Christmas decorations.

"Phineas?" Perry said warningly. "I want my CD back."

"Well then, I hope you like Alaska," Ferb grinned. "Would you like to tell Perry why his CD's in Alaska?"

They received a whine from Phineas as an answer.

"Well, let's just say it involves a sleigh and a flight to Alaska," Ferb said, his grin broadening. "And Phineas getting a fright from a snow wolf while holding the aforementioned CD."

"I really liked that CD," Perry said, bending down to retrieve a bauble that he dropped. "So I hope Phineas still has that sleigh because I'm certainly not going to Alaska to get it."

The song Thank You Santa came on the CD.

"I love this song," Priya said, happily twirling across the room to get another box of decorations.

"A song for all the things you do." The group sang along to the song as they decorated the tree. "Santa Claus, we're thanking you!"

"I love that song," Priya said as the song finished.

"You've already said that," Perry pointed out as he put the little Merry Christmas sign decoration on the tree where it could be seen by everyone in the living room.

Christmas Is Starting Now began. Phineas and Ferb danced along to it while Perry and Priya carried on with the tree. After that, I Really Don't Hate Christmas played.

"You even got Doof to record his song about how he doesn't hate Christmas for the CD?" Perry said incredulously. "Guys, he says in the song that he's evil."

"I honestly think that nobody'll know who he is," Ferb said, holding the angel above Phineas's head while the redhead jumped up to try and get it.

"But won't his friends hear his voice saying that he's evil?"

"What friends?"

"OOH SHOTS FIRED!" Phineas hollered.

"Ouch," Priya commented with a grin.

"That was really harsh, Ferb," said Perry.

Ferb smirked and bowed. "Thank you."

Perry snatched the angel from Ferb and put it at the top of the tree. "So what were you doing in Alaska?" he asked conversationally.

"Ferb bet that we couldn't fly to Alaska in the sleigh and be back in time for dinner." Phineas grinned at the memory. "As it turned out, Mom and Dad hadn't made dinner because they were still at the store. So that bet kinda fizzled out."

"Phineas still made me pay out the ten dollars," Ferb said, shaking his head.

"There," Perry said, stepping back to admire the tree. "Now all that's left is some tinsel and lights and the tree will be ready for Christmas."

"Yeah, about that…" Everyone looked at Phineas. "I kinda dropped the lights in Alaska too," the redhead admitted sheepishly.

"What on Earth were the Christmas tree lights doing in Alaska with you and the sleigh?" Perry asked. "Which is a question I never thought I would ever ask."

Phineas turned away. "No comment."

Ferb leapt on his brother and started tickling him. "Tell us!"

Phineas wriggled and screeched but Ferb would not let him go. Priya took Perry's hand and lead him away from the two boys. "Leave them to calm down," she said. "Let's go make some cookies."

"Okay," Perry said, following her into the kitchen.

As they got all the ingredients and equipment out of the various cupboards, Priya turned to look at Perry.

"I need to tell you something," she said.

Perry had started mixing the butter and sugar together. "Okay, shoot."

"I-I'm pregnant."

Perry's hand jerked and the wooden spoon went flying. Perry ignored the clatter as it hit the ground and he stared at his mate. "W-what?"

"The egg will come in about two weeks," she said.

"That's great, Priy! So…why didn't you tell me before?" Perry asked.

"I was scared," Priya confessed. "I didn't have a mother or even a mother figure and I was worried that I wouldn't be a good parent."

"Priya, you're going to be an amazing mother," Perry said, putting his sugar-covered arm around his mate. "It doesn't matter that you didn't have a mom growing up. We're going to be the best parents any child could ever ask for."

Priya smiled. "So what should we call it?"

"You want to think of names already?" Perry retrieved the wooden spoon and cleaned it, before going back to mixing.

"Why not?"

"Why not indeed." Perry thought for a moment. "If it's a girl, let's call her Hazel."


"After the colour of your eyes."

Priya blushed. "Alright. And if it's a boy, let's call him Teddy, after Theodore."

"Where is that bear?" Perry asked, casually adding more sugar. "I haven't seen him since the retreat five months ago."

"I think I left him at Janet's place," Priya answered. "She still owns the apartment so she didn't have anything moved out. We can get him later, if you want."

"Nah, he's probably giving life to that old apartment."

"You haven't even been there before," Priya pointed out.

"Touché. Oh look, it's snowing!"

Perry and Priya ran to look out the window. As he did, Perry accidentally knocked over the sugar container. "That's awesome! We're going to have a white Christmas!"

"That's if it settles," Perry said cynically.

Priya threw the roll of paper towel at him. "Clean up your mess, Mr Cynical."

"Why do you keep changing my name?" Perry grinned as he ducked a second missile. He picked up the cloth and began cleaning up the spilt sugar.

But despite his comment, he knew it would settle. It always did. Their first Christmas together was going to be absolutely perfect.