Perry exited the medical bay and stretched, feeling refreshed. It had been only 24 hours since the attack and Apollo had just given him the all-clear to go back on active duty. All agents had been required to have a physical check-up, just in case.

He walked past Artemis on his way down the hall. The counsellor gave Perry a quick smile. Her shoulder was still in a sling but was healing nicely, according to her brother.

"Hey Perry," called a voice behind him.

He turned to see the brown platypus tip his hat to Artemis and run to catch up with Perry. "Dude, you should be resting," Perry told him.

Ohio shrugged. "I'll have plenty of time to rest when I'm dead."

"Technically, you did actually die," Perry pointed out.

"Eh, potato potahto."

Perry and Ohio came into the lobby of the OWCA building, where a familiar purple platypus was waiting. Priya flung herself into Perry's arms and the two mates embraced warmly. It was a bit of an awkward hug, however, because Priya was holding the small platypus in one of her arms. Perry made a fuss over Teddy for a moment before he realised something.

"Hey Priya, you haven't met Ohio, have you?"

Ohio shook Priya's hand. "Nice to meet you," he said.


Ohio let go of Priya's hand but the purple platypus held onto his wrist. "You actually sacrificed your life for Perry's," she said solemnly. "And for that I am forever grateful."

Ohio smiled and tipped his hat to her. "I'll admit the experience was a little shocking, but-."

"Seriously?" Perry stared at his friend with disbelief. "You seriously just made that pun?"

"What?" Then Ohio seemed to realise. "Oh. Haha, that was actually entirely unintentional."

"Sure it was."

Perry nudged Ohio good-humorously. "So, you going to stick around a bit?"

Ohio shrugged again. "I guess I could stick around for a while."

"By the way," Priya said, breaking the two apart. "I think there's someone who wants to see you. Four someones, actually."

Perry looked over Priya's shoulder and saw four platypuses walking through the doorway. The tallest one was clearly an adult and she had light pink fur. She was holding the right hand of a fairly small red-furred platypus and the left hand of a slightly bigger dark brown platypus, who looked like a smaller version of Ohio, just without the hat or tool belt. Perched on her shoulders was a smaller, light brown platypus.

Ohio turned and spotted them. His face turned to an expression of part-delight, part-shock. "India!"

The pink platypus had a similar look on her own face. "Ohio!"

"Daddy!" screeched the two larger platypus children.

They let go of their mother's hands and hurtled at Ohio, who scooped the two children into his arms. "Hey boys!" he said.

India took the one-year-old platypus off her shoulders and put her on the ground, where she stumbled towards Ohio too. Ohio gave all three of his children a massive hug, before standing up and happily embracing India while their kids hugged them.

Perry and Priya linked hands and happily watched. Ohio turned with India towards them. "India, these are my new friends. Perry and Priya, and their kid Terry."

India shook hands with both Perry and Priya. "Great to meet you," she said warmly. Like Ohio, she also had a Scottish accent. "Kids, why don't you introduce yourselves?"

The mini-Ohio grinned and held out a hand. "I'm Sam," he said.

"I'm Luke," piped up the red platypus. "And this is our little sister Piper."

"I can talk for myself, Luke," the little light brown platypus snapped furiously at her brother, her cute little voice making everyone laugh.

Just then, Major Monogram strode into the lobby and spoke to the receptionist. Perry couldn't hear what was said but Monogram looked very serious. The major turned away and caught sight of the group of platypuses. "Ah, Agent P. I see you're all rested up."

"Yes, sir," Perry said, giving a salute. "And I'll be back on active duty soon."

To his surprise, Monogram waved him down. "There's no need for that, Perry."

Perry registered this use of his proper name. It made him feel confused. Monogram hardly ever referred to him as "Perry". It was always "Agent P".

"Is everything okay, sir?" Priya asked.

Monogram looked gravely at Priya. "Rodney and a small group of LOVEMUFFIN scientists are still out there," he said. "And Rodney got his hands on a leaked list of all the names of OWCA's agents."

"Wh-what?" gasped Priya, clutching Teddy more tightly to her.

"I'm afraid it gets worse," Monogram said. "He's read the list of names on TV, during a television program that almost everybody in Danville watches. Every single agent of OWCA has had their cover blown."