It's not all sunshine and carrots

Chapter 1 – A friend found

The light brown doe bolted through the undergrowth, her bright green eyes flashing panic and fear, only pausing for a few seconds to check for pursuers. After running for what seemed like hours she was satisfied there was no immediate threat, she stopped and decided that it was a good time to take cover for the night, as dusk was fast approaching. She had started to hear the occasional hoot of an owl coming out to hunt and she quickly realised she had no actual plan to survive in the open. All she knew was that she only had the one chance to escape, there was no time to plan. Ducking quickly under a hedge she sat and caught her breath.

"Well Skylar you've done it now, you're finally free." She whispered to herself. What she did not expect was a voice to come out of the shrubbery inquisitively asking "free from what?" panicking Skylar spun around and saw a young female, pale grey squirrel halfway down a tree, her brown eyes looking intently at her. Skylar relaxed and said "my pursuers and old warren" upon receiving a confused look from the squirrel Skylar elaborated, "I have left and they were not very happy with my decision to leave" the squirrel looked at her and said "are you looking for Hazel and his warren then?" it was Skylar's turn to look confused as she asked "who is Hazel?" the squirrel laughed and said "he and his friends live in the high hills, their warren is safe and they are looking for new members to join them, I can take you to them."

Skylar pondered this for a few seconds but ultimately said "no thanks I think I will be ok as my last warren was promised to be safe, fair and free. But it most defiantly was not fair and it was certainly not free" a slight bitter edge creeping into her voice. The squirrel looked disappointed and as Skylar looked at her face she decided to ask a question for a change "what is your name?" the squirrel answered eagerly "my name is Selene, as I am very pale, as pale as the moon, my mom said" Skylar then pondered and replied "well it's a very nice name and it does fit you well, but where is your family as I am guessing they wouldn't want you out on your own at night" Selene looked sad and replied "the weasel got my mom and I don't know my dad and I never had any siblings" Skylar looked at her and decided to say "I'm sorry about that" Selene just shrugged her shoulders and she continued "well would you like to come with me as I have no family left ether" Selene looked thoughtful for a moment and then said "yes please it would be nice to not be alone anymore and have a friend" Skylar giggled and said "well we can spend the night here and move on in the morning, I will take the first watch as I am not very tired"

Selene looked like she was going to make an argument to take the first watch but she yawned and whispered "ok wake me when it is my turn" before jumping down beside my and curling up to go to sleep. Skylar sat by the entrance to the hedge to keep a watch over the woods, she listened to the gentle sounds of bugs moving around the undergrowth, trees gently swaying in the breeze and the sounds of crickets chirping in the moonlight. It was a very peaceful night, but she could not help but wonder what the morning would bring.