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BRING Him Home – Written in Bella's POV

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and this is my story, the story of how I was happy and content with my world until I literally walked into Edward Cullen and it altered my life forever.

I am still in my twenties, young I know to have lived the life I have, but I am a quick learner and have a voracious appetite for business. I've done everything in my life to the best of my ability, usually to the detriment of my family and private life.

I graduated high school a full year early, got my degree and Masters in record time and as soon as I was out in the real world I used every contact I had ever made to help in the setup of my new business. Every person I have ever crossed paths with was logged into my hundreds of old addresses books and later onto the latest technology as I could afford it. I kept a note of everybody I had ever encountered, starting with the kids from my preschool class in Forks right through to the guy who serviced my water heater last week. Social media made it a lot easier to keep in touch with everyone now, mainly from afar, but I had thousands of 'friends' on Facebook, twitter, Instagram you name it. You never knew when one of them could be useful.

It's hard to imagine a pre-schooler being aware of her future, but while the other kids were playing with Barbie and crayons, I was logging names, addresses, family connections, family occupations and their favourite toys. I could always buy my friends the right birthday and Christmas presents because I knew them inside out and most importantly I listened. As we all hit our teens, I knew who had a crush on whom, who could get the best alcohol for parties and where to get the best weed. Not bad for the only daughter of the Chief of Police.

My focus was taken to another level when I lost my Dad, he was killed in a shooting whilst on duty. I was just sixteen and left totally alone. He loved being the Big Chief', it was his life and as Chief of Police in his home town he took his role as a protector very seriously. The crime rate was practically zero because he knew everyone and the local teens knew just how far too push him before things got out of hand. He was shot when some out of Towner's decided to raid the local bank. Everyone rallied and I was taken in by my neighbours, they were registered foster parents and also the local pastor and his wife, their daughter Angela was also my best friend. I was very lucky I suppose in some ways, instead of disappearing into the foster system god knows where, I was able to move a few houses down and carry on as normal, just without my dad.

After the memorial service, commendation for bravery and funeral service I set about with a few of the local women sorting out the house and his belongings. I didn't want to be sentimental, it was too painful, so I gave everything to goodwill and just packed my books, clothes and a few personal items, my address books, diaries, photos and one lone Forks PD sweatshirt.

The move to the Webbers sharpened my focus and I ploughed everything into finishing school. I was able to graduate early and even though it meant leaving Angela behind, I didn't want to inconvenience the Webber's any longer than necessary so I applied to every college I could think of for entry onto a combined business degree and PR course. My SAT's scores and the references from my teachers got me several acceptances and the offer of full scholarships. It seemed that the prestige of having young over achievers on their books made them very generous.

The Police pay out and Dad's life insurance left me more than comfortable. I was able to focus on my work without having to worry about working part time somewhere, so whilst everyone was out partying and having the normal college experience, I was buried in text books, essays and projects. In four years I had my Undergraduate and Master's Degree and every professor was carefully logged and noted so I could turn to them for advice if I needed to. Looking back the only time I was prized away from my books was if I was invited to any kind of social event that would open up an opportunity for me to network.

I left college aged 22, with seven hundred and twenty six new acquaintances….. but in reality no friends or anyone special in my life. I had been to visit the Webbers several times, mainly at Christmas or Thanksgiving and I had been there when Angela married Ben. I wasn't in the wedding party though because Angela needed someone she could rely onto help her with the all the organising and she knew I wouldn't or couldn't so we drifted apart a little. Her priority was Ben and mine was moving onto the next stage of my life.

It took me three months to get my first client for my PR business, a' friend of a friend' got me through the door and once I was in there I landed a huge account that was days away from being signed up by one of the top businesses in the city. I never forget they gave me a chance and that it was my connections that got me in the door so both were rewarded , the company got preferential rates for the next two campaigns and 'the friend' a 25 year old imported single malt whisky (his favourite of course). The campaign was a huge success and they were never even aware that everything was run from the basement of my apartment building. I did a deal with my landlord and after I cleaned up and redecorated part of the storage area down there, he let me use it as a work space free of charge. I was receptionist, press secretary, accountant and CEO and depending on who I was talking to, I also even pretended to be my own secretary at times. That one campaign led to other opportunities and soon I had a body of work I could show to new clients.

It took me eight months to finally employ an assistant, a receptionist/book keeper and a part time experienced PR consultant. Kate was a first time new Mum in her late 30's who had been forced out of her job after her maternity leave because the company she had worked at since leaving college would not offer her part time working. Their loss was my gain and together we were able to mix her experience with my new ideas and drive. At this point we could no longer function in my basement office so we set about looking for offices. Addresses are everything but instead of taking space in the business district as everyone would have expected, we went for cheaper larger offices in an up and coming area. My contacts paid off again as we got a whisper that some loft space was coming up before it even hit the market.

One year in and I was making a healthy profit and cultivating a solid reputation for listening to my clients and understanding them. I was on my way.



This is going to be a little different I think, Bella is very focused, almost abrasive in her manner unless she is with a client and at the beginning unable to form any sort of personal attachment.

It is an Edward and Bella story but he won't appear for a while so don't worry, when he does show it will alter her carefully constructed world.