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Vernon Dursley was very pleased. Grunnings was sending him (and his family) to Japan for the summer business trip. He knew he couldn't leave the freak by itself and nobody would take it for that long. Vernon slammed the car door shut roughly as he stormed towards the house.

"Girl!" Uncle Vernon yelled. A young girl opened up the cupboard door and quietly slipped out.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon?" she asked quietly. Her Uncle slapped her across the face. She raised her hand and stopped. Her hand dropped dropped back to her side.

"This is your entire fault, Freak! How I am supposed to enjoy my business trip when we have to take you along, huh? You should of died like you're no good Parents." He yelled as he shoved the girl roughly into the cupboard under the stairs.


Vernon shared the news later at dinner and he forgot all about his anger from earlier. He had been chosen to go on the business trip.

"Oh Vernon, this wonderful! But what about the freak?" Aunt Petunia said.

"We'll send it to a cheap summer camp." Uncle Vernon declared. Petunia nodded.

"Will I have to go to summer camp?" Dudley asked.

"No, of course not Dudders!" Aunt Petunia cried, hugging her pig of a son. Dudley nodded. "When do we leave Dad?" Dudley asked.

"As soon as we get our passports." Uncle Vernon declared. Dudley cheered.


It didn't take long for the Dursleys and Harriet to get the passports. After a long plane ride, they arrived in Japan. Harriet gasped in wonder. Japan was beautiful. Uncle Vernon pulled up to an apartment building with red-haired woman and boy were waiting boy had a backpack and a bag strapped to his back.

"You better not embarrass us and if anything freaky happens you will be punished...severely. Now grab your crap and get out!" Uncle Vernon growled as he opened the door. Harriet grabbed her bag that was filled with some Aunt Petunia's old clothes and some from a second-hand shop and Slipped out of the car.

"Kae, it's nice to meet you in person." Vernon said, kissing the back of her hand. "This is my niece Harriet. Harriet this is Mrs. Izumi and her son Izzy." Vernon. Harriet smiled slightly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you to Vernon." Mrs. Izumi said smiling despite it.

"And you too, Harriet." She said.

"Thank you so much for taking her, I would but have a meeting and my wife wasn't feeling well when I left." Uncle Vernon said.

"Oh it's no problem. I was already taking Izzy so it's not big deal." She said. "Well I should get going. Harriet, behave." Uncle Vernon said as he gave Harriet a hug that upset one of her bruises form Dudley shoving her.

"Oh and here's her car seat." Vernon said, pulling out the seat and handing it to Mrs. Izumi, Vernon then quickly got into the car and left.

"Come on, kids, let's get this show on the road." Mrs. Izumi said opening the door for them. Izzy climbed all the way over and buckled his seatbelt. Mrs. Izumi placed Harriet's car seat and helped her buckle up.

"Here's some snacks I made incase you get hungry." Mrs. Izumi said handing them a container. Harriet sat quietly and didn't say much. Izzy on the other hand pulled out his laptop and a few gadgets and started playing solitaire. Harriet watched him play for a few minutes.

"So Harriet, how old are you, Vernon didn't mention?" asked.

"I'm 7, almost 8." Harriet said. smiled.

"Izzy's just turned ten a couple of months ago. That's when he got his laptop. Hey Izzy why don't you let Harriet help you?" Mrs. Izumi rambled.

"Mom, I don't think…" Izzy started.

"Izzy let Harriet help you." Mrs. Izumi said sternly.

"Yes, Mom." Izzy said. "Have you ever played solitaire (1) before Harriet?" Harriet nodded. Izzy pulled out his laptop cooler and placed it in middle, with laptop in on top of it. Harriet quickly finished off the round without using hints (Izzy would of had too). Izzy grinned.

"You're good at this. Where'd you learn to play?" Izzy asked curiously.

"At my Aunt Petunia's house." Harriet said as she made a move Izzy hadn't noticed yet.

"Do you spend a lot of time with your Aunt and Uncle Harriet?" Mrs. Izumi asked.

"I live with her,." Harriet mumbled.

"Oh..." Mrs. Izumi mummered. Harriet didn't answer.

"Here Harriet." Izzy said handing her some the snacks his mom made for them.

"Thanks." Harriet said, smiling. Izzy and Harriet played solitaire and eat some more of the snacks until the got to camp.


Soon after they arrived, Izzy and Harriet went back to playing solitaire. But then a freak blizzard hit the camp and Izzy and Harriet rushed into the cabin.

Soon six other kids were ushered into the small cabin. Eventually the blizzard passed and they all went started to go outside.

"Needless to say the canoe races are canceled, so let's have toboggan races instead!" shouted a tall boy with goggles.

"Where are you gonna get a toboggan?" Harriet asked quietly but no one answered.

"I'm gonna build the biggest snowman!' A little boy about Harriet's age yelled.

"Hey. TK! Be careful, slow down!" An older boy said as he shouted after the boy.

"Brr...It's Freezing and I didn't bring a jacket." A tall girl with brown hair said as she stepped outside.

"Man. I was worried I'd catch a summer cold. But this is even worse!' A tall, black-haired kid complained as he he went outside.

"Ahh! Wow! Why didn't I pack my furry pink boots." A pink-clad girl squealed as she stepped outside said as she stepped outside. Izzy didn't come out.

"Are you coming Izzy?" Harriet asked as she stood by the cabin door.

"No." Izzy said.

"Why not?" Harriet asked.

"Because I need to get my computer running." Izzy said as he typed some more on to the computer. "Still not working. Bummer. This storm's making a mess of my infrared internet connection."

Harriet went outside, looking behind her. Dudley and his gang aren't here and I still can't make friends. Maybe Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia are right Harriet thought bitterly as she trudged slowly towards the other kids. She looked up when the sky caught her attention. "Whoa… look at the sky!" Harriet said looking at it.

"Hey what's your name…" Tai said.

"Izzy!" Harriet muttered.

"Izzy! Come on out here, you gotta see this!" Tai shouted.

Izzy stepped outside and ran over to where the other kids were. Colors where dancing through the sky. Harriet gasped in awe as the colors flickered through the sky.

"It's beautiful, magical even!" Mimi gasped.

"Yeah." Tai agreed. Harriet nodded.

"Yeah, but what is it?" Izzy asked.

"Maybe an Aurora?" Sora suggested unsure.

"The Aurora Borealis? The northern lights? That's impossible. You see that in Alaska. We're way too far south." Izzy explained.

"What about the Aurora Australis, the southern lights, Izzy?" Harriet asked. The other children looked at her in shock.

"Where did you learn about those Harriet?" Tai asked.

"I saw it on the Telly." Harriet mumbled.

"It's plausible but I doubt it. Those happen down over Antarctica and Oceania. We're way too far up." Izzy said.

"Tell that to that to the snow." Sora muttered.

"I think we ought to get back inside before we all come down with pneumonia!" Joe declared.

"And miss this? The sky is like, short-circuiting!" Matt challenged.

"Hey, what's that?" Tai asked.

A circle of green light appeared in the sky. Harriet covered her ears and bite her lip to keep from screaming as that awful nightmare flashed before her eyes, it being similar enough to stir up that screaming. The green light shot out beams of light at each of the children. Harriet screamed and stumbled back and fell in the snow. Izzy and Joe helped her up.

"It's okay Harriet." Izzy said.

"Do you think we need sunscreen?" Mimi asked. The beams of light landed with a small explosion at the kids' feet.

"Everyone, are you alright?" Sora asked worried.

"We're still here." Matt replied.

"That was scary." Mimi squeaked.

"What-What was it?" Joe asked stuttering.

"Meteors?" Izzy suggested unsure.

Beams of light shot up from the hole.

"Okay, so it's not meteors." Izzy said.

"Huh?" Tai said as he grabbed at the one in front of him first. The other kids soon followed. Joe had to reach up to grab his. Harriet jumped up and snagged hers out of the air. Harriet looked down at the device in her hands. It was a silverish-blue color and a man with long black hair and eyes a similar color flashed through her mind and the word Pa'foo, soon followed. The device had navy blue buttons. It was kind of a like a square with four ridges and a black antenna.

"What are these?" Sora asked.

"My guess is some sort of miniature remote digital apparatus." Izzy said.

"No instructions?" Joe asked.

"Forget the instructions, surf's up!" Tai yelled. Harriet nodded. A huge wave swelled up over them. It swept them up and pushed them into a hole of never-ending colors that flashed every which way. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia are gonna blame me for this Harriet thought as she tumbled. The last thing Harriet heard before she passed out was Mimi screaming. "I knew I should've gone to cheerleading camp!"


Harriet groaned as she woke up on the ground.

"Ow…Er…Hello?" Harriet said as she woke up and noticed a half green half blue seahorse creature with black red red horns sitting on her chest.

"Hiya, Harriet!" the small creature chirped.

"Hi. What's your name? And how do you know my name?" Harriet asked.

"I am Babydmon. I know you're name because we are partners. I've been waiting for you!" Babydmon (2) said as it blew itself into the air and hovered there.

"Cool!" Harriet shouted.

"What are you though? You're no creature I've ever seen before?" Harriet asked hesitantly.

"I am a Digimon." Babydmon said as it landed on Harriet's shoulder.

"Harriet?" Izzy called. Harriet spun around and Babydmon flew off her shoulder.

"Izzy!" Harriet shouted as she run over to the older boy. He had a little pink blob that reminded Harriet of an octopus that had arms. Harriet looked down at him.

"Who are you?" Harriet asked the small creature.

"I am Motimon." The creature said.

"I'm Harriet and this Babydmon." Harriet said introducing herself and her Digimon.

"I'm Izzy." The older boy said introducing himself to Harriet's Digimon.

"Come on, let's go find the others." Izzy said as he held out his hand to Harriet. Harriet hesitantly took his hand and started walking with him. Maybe we're friends now? Harriet thought.

"Tai?" Izzy called out as he and Harriet stumbled into the clearing.

"Hmm? Izzy, that you?" Tai asked.

"It's me and Harriet. And I've got this little pink thing following me everywhere. And Harriet has this green thing." Izzy said.

"Oh other ones? What are they?" Tai asked

"His name is Babydmon!' Harriet said quietly pointing to the green Digimon.

"Oh. Allow me to introduce myself. My friends call me Motimon. Everyone does, actually." Motimon said.

"I believe those miniature remote digital gadgets have taken on an actual life form." Izzy explained.

"I don't remember anything like this in the camp brochure." Harriet nodded. Of course she hadn't read the brochure but Izzy had said so.

"Y'think? It's weird." Tai said.

"The vegetation is lush, but the soil is rather common." Izzy said kneeling down to look at the soil. Harriet plopped down next to him.

"No. See right here." Harriet said pointing to some of the darker soil. "That's phosphorus. It helps make big flower's and strong roots. It doesn't normally come in soil this much naturally. At least not back home in England."(3).

"Besides, nothing's common in the Digiworld." Motimon said.

"That's right, Tai! You're in the Digiworld!" Koromon yelled happily.

"And just where is the Digiworld?" Tai asked.

"I don't care so much about where it is. I wanna know what it is!" Izzy exclaimed.

"Guess I'll take a look around for myself." Tai muttered as he started climbing a big tree. Koromon started up after him.

"Harriet, how did you know that about the soil?" Izzy asked.

"I help my Aunt with her Garden." Harriet said.

"Why do you help your Aunt with the Garden?" Izzy asked.

"I'm bored and it looks kind of fun." Harriet lied easily, and Izzy bought it. Harriet looked up as a red screeching bug came hurtling towards the tree in that Tai was sitting in. He and Koromon ducked to the underside of the limb they had been sitting on. The bug sheared off the top few feet of the tree.

"I can't watch! That's one bad digimon, even when he's in a good mood." Motimon said.

"That's just great!" Izzy yelled, fearing for his new friend. Harriet whimpered slightly slightly and buried her face in her hands.

"It's okay Harriet. Tai will be fine." Izzy said.

"Promise?" Harriet asked.

"Of course." Izzy said, watching Tai.

"Watch out! His name is Kuwagamon. He's an insectoid digimon. Vicious and ruthless, with teeth like knives and hands that can chop through anything!" Koromon exclaimed.

"Well, he's a gardener!" Tai yelled as the digimon made a second pass and Koromon jumped at him, shooting pink bubbles at him. The creature dogged out of the way from the bubbles. It missed Tai but it caused him to fall. Harriet tuned and buried her face into Izzy's chest again. Izzy awkwardly placing a hand on her shoulder. To Tai, the fall seemed to slow and it barely hurt when he hit the ground. Izzy and Harriet rushed towards Tai.

"Tai, are you okay?" Izzy asked.

"Are you?" Harriet echoed.

"Well, I've had better days." Tai replied as he got up.

"It felt like I fell too slowly." Tai said. "Maybe. Your fall did seem a bit too slow to me too. Maybe Gravity is different where we are?" Tai asked.

"What's gravity?" Harriet asked.

"You know about the southern lights but not gravity?" Tai asked.

"She also knows about soil." Izzy remarked.

"Yup!" Harriet said.

"Gravity is what keeps you from floating about. Like in outer space you float all over the place." Tai tried to explain. Koromon fell in a similar manner. Tai rushed over to him

"Hey little guy! You should pick on bugs your own size! What's your name? Koromon?" Tai said as he picked the little guy up.

"That's me." Koromon said blushing.

"You're pretty brave. For a little guy. I'm impressed." Tai praised.

"Me too." Harriet said looking at the small digimon.

"It was nothing." Koromon said blushing more.

"It's coming back!" Harriet shouted as she saw the giant red beetle heading their way.

"Oh, dear, oh dear! Quickly everyone, this way." Motimon said ushering them towards him.

"Come on!" Tai yelled following him.

"Hurry up! For having two long legs, you boys are awfully slow. Inside this tree!" Motimon yelled. Harriet and Babydmon were right next to him as Tai, Izzy and by extent Koromon where lagging behind.

Harriet looked at the inside of the tree. It looked like metal plates ran all the way to the sky, which was visible.

"Whoa…What kind of tree is this?" Tai asked.

"It's a hiding tree, silly." Motimon said.

"Quiet now. Don't make a sound." Koromon whispered. Harriet clamped her hands over her ears. Finally, the monster's shrieks subsided.

"All clear. No need to hide anymore!" Sora called.

"Sora!" Tai yelled as he climbed. "Uh,… we were just planning the trap we were gonna set for that big bug...And...Uh protecting Harriet. Huh?" Tai said embarrassed.

"I don't need to protected! And w-…" Harriet started but Tai slapped his hand over Harriet's mouth. Harriet tried to bite him but it didn't work very well. Harriet kicked his leg. Tai yelped and Harriet ran behind Sora and hid behind her. Babydmon went with her.

"What I do?" Tai asked.

"I don't think she appreciated you covering her mouth with your hand, glove or no glove. Though it wasn't very nice, Harriet." Izzy said looking at Harriet.

"Sorry." Harriet said looking at her feet.

"Enchanted to meet you, friends of Sora." A little pink flower like digimon said.

"Tai, Izzy, Harriet meet Yokomon. My own personal something- or-other." Sora said.

"Hello I am Tokomon." The creature said. Looking back the way he came. "Hey TK, over here!" Tokomon called.

"Coming!" TK yelled. A few minutes later TK crashed through into the clearing. "Tokomon there you are!" TK yelled. Matt followed him a minute later.

"TK!" Matt yelled holding an orange fluffy ball with a large horn.

"Hey, Matt you too?" Tai asked.

"Yeah, I'm here too." Matt replied.

"No I meant that under your arm." Tai said pointing to the orange creature.

"Oh this guy? Yeah, well…" Matt said.

"Hello you appear pleasant. Tsunomon is my name and I am quite pleased to meet you." He said.

"I'm Harriet, Tsunomon. The pleasure is mine." Harriet said smiling. "

Hey Harriet, why don't you come play with us?" TK suggested.

"Okay!" Harriet said smiling widely as she went to play with TK, Tokomon, and Babydmon.

A few minutes later Joe came screaming from the forest with a brown seal-like creature with a tuft of orange hair flying after him. "Ahh! Help!" Joe yelled as he stopped running and started panting.

"Joe?" Tai asked.

"Help! This thing...This thing….It won't leave me alone!" Joe said. The creature landed on Joe's shoulder.

"Hey, who're you calling a thing? I'm no stuffed animal, you know. The name is Bukamon." The creature said.

"Hi Bukamon. I'm Harriet." Harriet said.

"See, that's how one outta be treated!" Bukamon said.

"Wha-What's wrong with you guys? Don't you see this creatures standing right there? They're… They're everywhere! What are they." Joe asked panickedly.

"We're Digimon! Digital monsters!" All of the monsters yelled.

"Digital monsters?" Tai asked confused.

"Yeah, Digimon." they all confirmed.

"We're not just digital monsters. We're much more than that. We're...kinda cute!" Koromon said.

"And very loyal." Tsunomon supplied.

"And some of us can fly!" Babydmon yelled, jumping in and flying in to the air.

"With beautiful hair." Yokomon said.

"Or maybe no hair at all." Motimon added.

"We can be funny. Ha!" Bukamon yelled.

"And adorable." Tokomon said.

"It's a pleasure to meet each of you. My name's Tai, and these are my friends from camp. I'd like to meet Sora." Tai said smiling.

"Nice place you got here. Except for the bugs." Sora remarked. Harriet giggled at the remark.

"And the self-proclaimed cool one over there is Matt."Tai said

. "No autographs, please." Matt quipped. Harriet set off in another peal of giggles.

"And this is Joe." Tai said and gestured to the older boy.

"I'd shake hands if had any." Joe said nervously.

"Izzy here, is our computer expert." Tai said.

"Do you have internet access?" Izzy asked.

"And this is…" Tai started.

"Harriet Lilith James Potter. It's a pleasure." Harriet said interrupting him.

"Isn't James a boys' name? And how come you have to middle names?" I only have one!" T.K. asked.

"Yep! But I like it. It w… is my daddy's name!" Harriet said grinning.

"And this little guy is…" Tai started only to be cut off again.

"T.K.! Call me T.K.! And I'm not as small as I look." T.K. said.

"There now. Is that everybody?" Tai asked.

"Hey, what happened to that girl with funny pink hat?" Sora asked.

"Now, now. Her name is Mimi." Tai snapped.

"Well perhaps she's picking flowers, or going on a nature hike." Izzy suggested.

"AH! Somebody help me!" Mimi screamed. "

Come on!" Tai group set of running, Harriet easily taking the lead.

"Okay so she's not picking flowers." Izzy said.

"Mimi, where are you?" Tai yelled looking around. They bursted into a clearing just as Mimi was running into it followed by a leafy Digimon.

"There she is!" Harriet said, pointing.

"Mimi, it's okay!" Tai shouted thinking that she was afraid of the leafy digimon. "

Guys, it's that beetle, Kuwagamon again!" Harriet shouted. The Kuwagamon dived low to the ground and Harriet flung herself onto the ground to get out of the way.

"Mimi, are you alright?" the leafy digimon asked concerned.

"I think so." Mimi said shakily.

"Don't worry, Tanemon here to protect you." the little digimon said.

"It's okay now." Sora said comfortingly.

"Mmhmm!" Harriet agreed.

"Oh, Sora!" Mimi cried.

"Watch it, here he comes!" Tai yelled.

"Run!" Sora and Harriet yelled. Harriet easily kept in front, all the years of running from her cousin paying off. The Kuwagamon chases them, tearing through the trees and making an awful shrieking noise.

"Man, he's persistent!" Harriet yelled.

"Down!" Matt yelled and everybody dived to the Kuwagamon swoops down at them but misses again, thankfully.

"Will this nightmare never end! My mom is gonna want a complete and total refund!" Joe whined.

Harriet opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by Tanemon. " Here he comes again!" the small digimon shouted.

"Okay, that's it no more running away!" Tai shouted.

"What else can we do Tai?" Sora asked.

"Fight." Harriet said.

"She's right. There's no way we can fight that thing." Matt said.

"Yes we can!" Harriet cried, angry at being ignored.

"Not and win anyway." Izzy said.

"How would you know, we haven't even tried!"Harriet shouted.

"Harriet hush up this a conversation for the big kids!" Matt snapped. Harriet bolted off to the right with Babydmon following her.

"Harriet!" Izzy shouted but Harriet kept on running. Izzy looked like he was going to chase after.

"The best thing we can do is stick together, Izzy." Joe said.

"Wouldn't that mean we follow Harriet?" Izzy countered.

"If Harriet wants to storm off like a spoiled brat, let her." Matt said. The sound of the Kuwagamon's shrieks send the children off running again. Izzy split off from the group and ran after Harriet.

"Harriet perhaps we should go back to the others?" Babydmon suggested.

"Why? They're mean." Harriet said quietly and wiped at her eyes.

"Harriet…" Izzy started.

"Go away." Harriet said.

"Harriet, I just want to talk…" Izzy said. Harriet wiped her eyes again.

"L-Leave me alone Izzy." Harriet said weakly.

"No." Izzy said. "Now come on, we should get back to the others." Izzy said.

"No." Harriet said crossing her arms. "

Harriet come on." Izzy said, trying to coax her.

"No!" Harriet said.

"What would your parents say if something happened to you because you ran off by yourself!" Izzy shouted.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back and Harriet started crying.

"Sorry…" Izzy said meekly. Harriet just kept crying. Izzy moved to pick her up it Harriet started kicking and screaming and flaring fists around. When Harriet became too tried to keep it up, Izzy scooped her up and Harriet buried her face in his shoulder and fell a asleep.

"Another way where?" Sora asked as Izzy ran to rejoin the group.

"I see you went and got the brat after all." Matt shouted bitterly causing Harriet to wake up.

"She's not a brat, Matt. You...We were all being mean to her." Izzy said. The Kuwagamon burst from the forest and soared over the cliff before turning back for another swipe.

"Watch out, Tai!" Sora yelled.

"Here I go." Koromon cried. Tai ran forward and Koromon leaped over Tai to face the giant Kuwagamon.

"Koromon, you can do it!" Harriet cheered. Koromon shot pink bubbles into Kuwagamon, but he wasn't bothered by them.

"Not again!" Tai yelled.

"Digimon attack!" Yokomon yelled. All the digimon jumped blowing bubbles into Kuwagamon's face.

"Hot Steam!" Babydmon yelled blowing hot air into the Kuwagamon's eye. It roared and flew to the side it nicked Harriet and she almost fell into the water below but Matt grabbed her arm to keep her upright instinctively.

"Yokomon!" Sora yelled racing forward to her digimon.

"Koromon! Are you crazy? Why'd you do it?" Tai yelled.

"Sorry...It's just...I'm trying to make a good impression…" Koromon said. "

You made a good impression on me, Koromon." Harriet said as she cuddled Babydmon.

"Crazy guy…" Tai muttered. All the kids arrived by they're slightly hurt Digimon.

"Yokomon…" Sora cried.

"Tanemon speak to me!" Mimi yelled.

"They must be programmed for courage." Izzy commented.

"Tokomon, what's wrong?" T.K. asked upset. "

Hey, Tsunomon, wake up!" Matt yelled.

"I'm proud of you, Babydmon." Harriet mumbled to her digimon.

"Bukamon, wake up! Huh! Oh, no!" Joe hollered as the sound of the Kuwagamon screeching again and emerged from the forest, clashing it's pincers.

"Get back!" Matt yelled tugging T.K. and Harriet back. Harriet stumbled and fell.

"Omph." Harriet said as she landed. Babydmon flew up into the air. Harriet climbed back to her feet and Babydmon perched on her shoulder.

"Sorry, Harriet…" Matt said.

"It's fine." Harriet muttered, talking about both making her fall and when he was just being rude.

"I was hoping we'd seen the last of him." Sora sighed.

"Me too! I guess he had other plans, huh?" Tai asked. "Ugh...I knew I should've brought my bug spray…" Matt remarked.

"Okay, get ready to run!" Tai yelled. Harriet bite her lip and was about to say something but Koromon beat her to it.

"No, we fight! That's right! It's the only way! Stand and fight!" Koromon yelled.

"Give it, up will ya?" Tai yelled.

"No, Koromon's right! It's time that we showed what we're made of!" Motimon challenged

"No, Don't!" Izzy said holding Motimon to his chest.

"They're right!" Yokomon yelled as Sora held her in similar position that everybody else copied.

"No way! It's hopeless! You're no match for him, Yokomon!" Sora replied.

"We can do it! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" Tsunomon yelled as he wiggled in Matt's grip.

"Yes! We can do it! We can do it!" Tokomon cheered.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Bukamon shouted. "

Good luck! Be careful!" Harriet told Babydmon as she kissed his head and let him go. He flew off and hovered 15 feet ahead.

"Tanemon? You too?" Mimi asked her digimon.

"Uh-huh!" Tanemon said.

"I'm sorry, Tai! Let's go!" Koromon cried. And everybody else's digimon flew from their arms to join Babydmon in the fight.

"Come on Digimon!" Koromon cheered.

"It's useless! Yokomon!" Sora yelled.

"Don't go! Motimon!" Izzy cried.

"No wait! Don't do it, Tsunomon!" Matt yelled.

"Don't go!" T.K. begged.

"Eaaaah!" Tokomon said.

"Turn around! Come back, Bukamon!" Joe called.

"Tanemon! Be careful!" Mimi cried.

"No don't, Koromon, come back!" Tai yelled.

"You can do it guys!" Harriet shouted to all the digimon.

As the digimon started rushing the Kuwagamon, the gadgets started to glow. A Spiral formed in the air and beams of light come down to land on the digimon.

"Babydmon digivolve to...Dracomon! Koromon digivolve to...Agumon! Yokomon digivolve to...Biyomon! Motimon digivolve to...Tentomon! Tsunomon digivolve to...Gabumon! Tokomon digivolve to...Patamon! Bukamon digivolve to...Gomamon! Tanemon digivolve to...Palmon!" They digimon yelled in turn. And when the light vanished in place of their little friends were more grown up looking digimon. Babydmon had digivolved into a blue dragon like creature with small red wings and a white under belly.

"What in the- Look at them! What's happened to the little guys?" Sora asked.

"They're... bigger." Tai said astonished. The digimon leaped at the Kuwagamon but were easily tossed to to the said.

"Babyd-Dracomon!" Harriet cried and tried to rush forward but Matt caught her and picked her up.

"Let me down!" Harriet cried as she squirmed but she couldn't get down.

"No." Matt told her. "But he could be hurt!" Harriet yelled as she struggled against Matt.

"And so could you!" Matt changed.

"I'm not afraid!" Harriet said.

"It doesn't have anything to do with courage." Matt snapped, repost ion in get her.

"I'm alright, Harriet!" Dracomon yelled as he got up. Harriet finally quit struggling to get down.

"Alright, then, you asked for it!" Agumon yelled.

"Poison Ivy!" Palmon yelled and long vines sprung from Palmon's hands, wrapping themselves around the insect digimon, making it so unable to fly away.

"Boom Bubble!" Patamon said landing on the back of the Kuwagamon's head.

"Super Shocker!" Tentomon shouted and the electrical attack made the digimon step back. Gomamon slides under his foot causing the Kuwagamon to fall to his knees. Dracomon flew up by his eyes when he was distracted.

"Baby Breath!" Dracomon yelled and steam stung his eyes and fire hit his eyes. The creature roared and Dracomon flew out of there.

"Stand back everyone! Pepper breath!" Agumon yelled and his fireball hits the giant bug on his head.

"Blue blaster!" Gabumon yelled, hitting the Kuwagamon on the same spot.

"Spiral twister!" Biyomon yelled. All three hit the bug on his head and he became more enraged.

"All together now!" Agumon shouted and all of the digimon hit him. The Kuwagamon falls back into the forest, defeated.

"They made vaporware out of him." Izzy commented in awe.

"Amazing." Tai mumbled.

"I told you we could do it!" Agumon cheered. Dracomon cried happily. All the digivolved digimon crowded around their partners.

"Bab-Dracomon! I knew you could do it!" Harriet cheered hugging her friend.

"Ah-Huh!" Dracomon agreed.

"Koromon or Agumon, or whoever you are! You did it, you did it you did it!" Tai shouted hugging the orange dinosaur like creature.

"How about that super shocker? Pretty wizarred, huh?" Tentomon asked Izzy. "Ah-Huh!" Harriet agreed, nodding her head.

The Kuwagamon screams and reemerges.

"Watch out!" Sora shouted.

"Huh?" Tai asked.

"Get out of there!" Harriet yelled beckoning Tai back to them with her hands back to them. Tai started running back to them just as the Kuwagamon buried his pinchers right where Tai and Agumon had been standing.

"I guess we celebrated too soon." Tai said. The spot where the Kuwagamon buried his pincers broke off and the kids and their digimon plunged towards the river below.

A.N.: So what do you think? It's a lot longer than I was expecting it to be. I'm just glad it's over. I know there's not a whole lot of Harriet in there but as the story progresses they'll be a lot more of Harriet in there and she'll have a few chapters purely for her. Please let me know if there's anything I missed or any spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes and I'll do my best to fix them.

In the Harry Potter Wiki he's said to have spent time playing solitaire. Assumingly that means playing with cards so he wouldn't of had the option of playing with hints which is why Harriet is so good at it.

Babydmon is a real digimon just not from the Digimon Adventure one. I know that none of the other characters have Digimon that are the opposite sex but I think that it works for Harriet.

Phosphorus is a real thing and it does do what Harriet says. I thought it worked for that scene considering the faint trees and flowers. I'm just not sure if I've used it right. Just wanted to show that Harriet knows some absurds facts.

Published date: 5/23/2016

Edited: 7/12/2016

I've put the dates in because I've always wanted to know when people updated the story so I figured other people might and if not, well then I'll know.