The man stared down at his radio in horror. It wasn't everyday that one received a phone call on the radio, though that isn't what bothered him. No it was that the phone call came from his best friend's seven year old daughter. Who said she had been near Tokyo, somewhere she had no business being. And she had soundedā€¦ frightened. His head snapped up painfully. Lucius Malfloy and other Death Eaters who had managed to con the Wizardmont out of a life sentence where still out there. Merlin! What if one of them had found her. Without pausing to think, he pulled on more proper attire, though with how the weather had been recently, "proper might be debatable. Regardless, he flew through his house, packing things he thought he might need into a bottomless bag and hurrying to his fireplace. Without stopping to consider anything else, he gathered rationed out a small portion of floo powder into his hands and stepped into his fireplace after throwing it down. "International Floo offices!" He yelled, and in a flash he was gone.

AN: Just checking up on the man from Harriet's phone call since according to rules this can't just be an author's note.I hope this doesn't excite you guys too much since it's not very long of an update. It's just that I've finally decided what I want to do with this story, as means of continuing it, or at any rate. I've decided that I would like to restart it, posting it a bit more like the Bond of Family series by daily-chan on here (though if you're interested in reading it in chronological order, I'd recommend going to AO3 to do so because it's just easier, great series though!). I haven't watched digimon since shortly before I started watching it and disappointingly enough now that I'm interested in getting back into the fandom I can't rewatch anywhere :/ but I digress. So it'll probably be slow going but it should hopefully feel more fulfilling than this has been for you guys. The good news for you guys is that this has become my baby again so yay! Motivation on that account maybe?

I have a lot more ideas for season two then season 1 so I'm eagerly awaiting getting to that point! So to reduce some of that longness of that I'm thinking all do all of the champion digivolving, the crest arcs, the part where they split up when Tail returns home, the part where they all return home, and the Digital Masters, and returning home at the end of season 1, as well as some Harriet focused parts. Though honestly I'm not sure how much of a focus it'll have on the actual season 2 plot points.

Speaking of Harriet, when I started this story I still identified as female and was for some reason weirded out by the idea of writing a Harry as male since Harriet/Harry is the main character of this. But I'm transmasc (suprise!) and I've decided to honor my identity and the roots of the story so in season two Harriet's going to go back to being Harry (i.e the character is also going to be transmasc) So if you're gonna have a problem with that I recommend not reading it and potentially never interacting with me again :).

I've also decided to change who I've partnered Harriet with, but you'll just have to wait and see!

I feel like I haven't answered a lot of questions that have asked some I'm just going to throw that into here as well, though I'm not always citing specific reviews because I'm lazy.

Q by Xion The XIV

I hope you don't fall into all of the traps like 95% of this crossover does. If we take into account all of the effects that The digiworld gives us. PLEASE don't allow Harriet to use Magic in the digiworld. If we take into account Season 4 Everyone even the humans became data. We see that when the humans land on the moon in Season 4 and can see all of their source code that could be absorbed.

In season 5 they show that you can fight with your own power and turn it into digisoul. So what I suggest is to turn her Magic while in the digiworld into Digisoul. Another Idea is since they were in the digiworld so long her Magic was turned into Digisoul permanently that way. Screw the Hogwarts and the school of idiots. She can go to other quadrants. Since it has been shows that all of them connect to each other. I truly don't believe the Goblet of Fire can pull someone from a different dimension and even then she no longer has Magic but digisoul.

As for the horcrux in her head you can go 2 different ways. Either she never got it(already turned Harry into a girl so doesn't matter if another thing changed) or he can be turned into an Evil Digimon. Hell Lucemon from Season 4 seems like the perfect thing for Voldemorts horcrux to become.

A: I'd already written in Harriet using magic in the digital world and it becomes a kind of important plot point that I've had in mind for the plot since basically starting this story. I've only watched season 1 and season 2 of Digital Adventure and frankly, including Tri, they're the only ones I'm interested in. I'm assuming that season 4 and 5 is referring to something like digimon data squad or something along those lines. I haven't seen them and beyond not wanting to, I have no way too at this point in time. I also while I wasn't worrying too much about using digimon from other parts of the series, I think it's unfair to people like me to pull heavily from parts of the series that aren't strictly Digital Adventure (excluding the plot of Tri since I haven't seen it and stuff).

Harriet will eventually end up at Hogwarts but then back in Japan, because for a multitude of reasons it wouldn't make sense for her to stay there, a tad bit of which will become a plot point at the very end of the season 1 bits.

Harriet's horcrux was already implied to have existed in the chapter about dracomon evolving (her screaming when dark attacks touched her and her scar bleeding), so neither of those ideas really work, plus I'm really excited to deal with it in season 2 or later so it's simply not possible.

Thank you for your interest and concern, unfortunately it just doesn't fit into my plans for the story, but please do feel free to run with them! I'll even try to scrounge up the original chapter files for you to be able to use them as a base for your own story if you like.

Q Argonaut986

[In chapter 3, with Seadramon] Did Harriet accidentally speak in snake language?

A: yes that's absolutely what happened, while nobody in the story is really aware of it (except Dracomon I guess). It's one of the reasons I'm set on keeping magic in the digital because I loved that scene, lol. I figure it's just a nice bit to throw in as foreshadowing for Harry Potter related events.

Q jonnywolfchapter 3

the parents are divorced tk live with the mom matt with the dad they are full brothers the divorce was around the time tk was around 4 or5 not sure there was an episode that shows a memory of the parents arguing when a digimon tries to corrupt matt if i remember correctly

A: Yep! As I explained in my author's note for that chapter, in the english dub, they make a mistake and call them half brothers, which makes sense. Since at the time I was doing a lot of word for word typing of the episode scripts, I wanted to clarify that point for anyone who didn't know that originally so there was no confusion. I don't remember what episode that's explained in either. I don't know it always bugged me that they called them half brothers in the dub and I just wanted to fix it.

Q Awesomeness3013chapter 6 . Jul 7, 2017

Great chapter! I like Harri's attachment to Izzy, the fangirl inside of me ships them haha.

A: I just figure that Izzy's her first proper friend so she'd be extra attached to him. Plus like a lot of the other characters have just been like complete jerks to her. I don't know what younger me was thinking but you know younger me was also like wackadoodle about writing (I'm honestly surprised it wasn't to cringey to reread this myself).

Q Elfin69chapter 1 . Jan 14, 2017

Maybe when they leave she will stay in Japan and away from the Dursleys.

A: Unfortunately for in story legal reasons and plot points, Harriet will have to return home with the Dursleys. Rip Harriet.

Q Yuu101cutie chapter 6

Update soon please... Lol it's nearly the year and half you joked about at the end of this chapter.
I would like to see where you are going with this and if you'll give Harri a crest or not.
Also when has she meet digimon in the past? After all she did make the comment earlier about digivolving. Also... It's funny how the kids don't pick up on stuff she's saying. Is she speaking Jap or Eng?
UPDATE PLEASE! With sugar on top.

A: Big oof lol. sorry I wasn't watching or reading either of these things, or really interested in either, as time went on with this buut your review in particular kind of inspired me to come back to me, with the help of the plot bunnies.

Harri will be receiving a crest (that I made up, though I currently don't remember what I settled on for her, yikes) with the other kids. That's gonna be a fun part to write!

It was explained at some point that the other kids are all DigiDestined because the saw the Digimon in the real world when they were small logically, Harriet would of had to see them as well and i decided for the plot sake that it should just be the same battle, which had an Agumon digivolving into Greymon. I reckon that if Harry canonical remembers his parents murder to an existent, and I can remember parts of being two that Harriet should be allowed to remember something like what Agumon said.

Technically I explained that I said in the story that Harriet just learned Japanese before coming (I had never taken too much of a foreign language class and figure and still do think that her being a parselmouth makes it a lot easier for her to learn new languages). I'm not changing it so that the language barrier is properly displayed, as I've always found that distracting and taking away from the story instead of adding to it. My offered explanations:

real childish explanation that Harriet just knows Japanese through the power of parseltongue and deus ex machina.

2. All the kids just speaks English becauseā€¦ deus ex machina?

3. A select few like Mimi (who I will say I feel like makes a lot of since cannonicaly since she moves to America? For season 2) and like Izzy and maybe a couple more just translate everything for her from English to Japanese even when she's being ignored in the story.

4. Number 3 but that only applies to when their still in the real world, but in the digital world everyone just speaks the same language which still deus ex machina? Probably but I feel like it's a canonical thing from season 2.

5. Harriet is an unreliable narrator and just pretends she knows what the heck the other characters are saying. You don't know.