It wasn't fair, it just wasn't. Rose Tyler bitterly thought to herself adjusting her purse strap letting her flats march down the hallway floors.

Just saying it was a bad day was only putting it mildly in fact she could think of a lot more words to describe her day, better words, words she probably shouldn't use, after all she was the best journalist in her class or so she thought until Professor Lake gave the college newspaper editor's job to Jimmy Saxon.

She groaned under her breath just thinking about that twit. How did this even happen? He had only been there a month! Still she knew it wasn't going to be easy but Rose was never the type to give up on a dream and her dream was to be a newspaper editor and she was proud of herself for getting out of her comfort zone being the first girl in her family to go to college and even deciding to live in apartment on campus, which her mum, Jackie wasn't too thrilled about. It took a lot of convincing to let her move out.

She sighed heavily checking her watch. All she wanted to do was go home, play some records and maybe scream obscenities into her pillow.

She was halfway out the building when she heard guitar music playing. It sounded a Beatles song but it wasn't a radio still it was really good. Curious Rose followed the sound to the music room.

Rose peeked inside and found a young man wearing sunglasses sitting on Professor Smith's desk playing guitar. She slowly walked in and stood there intrigued watching him play. He was really talented.

She almost got lost in the music when he glanced up smirking. "Oh, I've got an audience, huh?" She nearly blushed seeing how cute he was, he had messy brown hair and the sweetest smile and an adorable Scottish accent.

She smiled. "Sorry, didn't mean to disturb you." He shrugged. "It's alright, sorry I didn't notice ya' standing there sooner." "It's okay, I enjoyed hearing you play. You're really good." She said shyly.

He grinned. "Thanks been playing since I was ten," He sighed. "So what can I do for you Miss?" "Um, I'm Rose Tyler." She said tucking a strand of her short blond hair behind her ear.

He repeated the name his mind like it was a song and smiled thoughtfully. "Lovely name. I'm David Smith, don't think I remember you. Are you new here?" He asked.

She shook her head. "No, I've been here awhile, actually." He nodded. "Ah, I guess I just didn't recognize the voice then." Rose glanced at him strangely at his comment but didn't say anything. "Are you a student?"

He smiled. "Yeah, I'm a music major, studying to become a music teacher." Rose smiled at that. "So where'd you learn to play like that?"

"Uh, my step-dad, Peter taught me. He even bought me this guitar when I thirteen." He replied carefully placing the instrument into the case. She looked at him curious. "Professor Smith is your step-father?" "Yeah." David nodded.

She then arched her eyebrows surprised. "And he taught you how to play rock music?" "Yes, among other different kinds of music." He replied simply.

Rose let out a snicker.

"What's so funny?" He smirked. She shook her head. "Nothing, it's just I've met Professor Smith and I never figured him a huge fan of rock n' roll." He smiled. "Ah, in the classroom, yes because it's the rules but at home he actually likes it," David leaned a little a little closer. "It's almost like the Twilight Zone, huh?" He started doing the Twilight Zone theme song making her laugh.

"Thanks, I needed a good laugh." She replied. He tilted his head swinging his long legs over the desk. "Oh, rough day?"

Rose groaned. "Tell me about it." David gave a sympathetic nod. "Yeah, bad days are the worst kind of days to have." "Yeah, guess they are." She said softly. "Can I sit?" Rose asked. "Yeah, sure." He smiled shifting over a little. She smiled and sat next to him.

"So what happened, if I can ask?" He said. She shook her head embarrassed. "It's daft. I don't want to bother you with it." "Aw, you going to keep me in suspense." He mock pouted. Rose had to giggle he was so adorable.

"Okay, okay, well, I'm a journalist major." She replied. He arched his eyebrows impressed. "Are ya' now, that's important, isn't?"

She playfully nudged his shoulder. "What you're doing is important, too, you know?" He smiled sheepishly. "Thanks so what happened, then?" Rose sighed tugging her earring. "Well, I've been working so hard to get this campus newspaper editor's job and this twit, Jimmy Saxon got it instead."

David nodded. "I see and take it he's no good, then?" She scoffed rolling her eyes. "Please, you should read his stuff…if you can, that is."

He cocked his head. "That bad, eh?" David replied. Rose gave him a look. "My three month old cousin's handwriting is easier to understand." He chuckled. "Wow, maybe I should get a copy and have my roommate Matt read it to me; I could use a good chuckle every now and then."

Rose looked at him questionably. Did he say read it to him? "Um, sorry…read it to you?" He smirked. "Well, I can't think any other way unless their making the campus newspaper print in braille."

She swallowed realizing what he meant. "You're…blind?" He nodded lifting his sunglasses revealing his eyes; they were dark brown but looked different and almost blank. Rose suppressed a gasp and could barely speak. She tried not to be shocked but she couldn't help it. He never gave any sign he was blind but then what kind of hint was she expecting?

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," She smiled nervously. "I just didn't know." He sighed. "Yeah, a lot of people don't," He smirked. "Guess I'm a good actor or something."

"Um, how long have you been blind? If I can ask that?" She asked carefully.

"Oh, since birth." He casually shrugged placing his sunglasses back on. Rose couldn't believe how nonchalant he was about it. David sighed. "By the way could you tell me what time it says on the clock?"

Rose glanced at the clock on the wall. "Uh, 4:15 P.M." "Ooh, my ride will be here soon," He unfolded his blind walking cane. "Lovely talking to you." David said.

She smiled slightly secretly wishing they could talk longer. "Yeah, it was."

"Well, until we meet again, Rose Tyler!" He smiled and walked out the room his walking cane clicking on the tile floor.

Rose watched David from the door, tugging her earring and mentally scolding herself and feeling self-conscious.