WARNING! This fanfiction is not meant to include lemons. It is rated M for Mature due to brutal scenes that happen near the end of the story(as planned) and a few that may or may not appear as the story unfolds. Dark concepts are played with often and the story will deviate slightly from the show's original direction. No shipping is planned to occur with the exception of Jaune X Pyrrha and maybe one other. Not that I mind the other pairings, I don't, nor do I think lesbians/gays are evil, some of my best friends in High School were gay and/or lesbian, I would just like to get this out of the way that I have no PLANS for any sexual content in this fanfiction. Instead, the story will mainly focus on DOOMGUY, who I've called Tyler Wells to give a bit of my own style to him. I don't refuse to call Doomguy by his real name Flynn, but this is not Flynn. Easiest way to explain it is that Tyler Wells is the Doomguy on my file if we had the ability to name our character. He will NOT be shipped with anyone for any reason, DON'T ASK!

In other news, this is the next story I plan to continue writing while I play through Doom on the PS4. I've not stopped writing for Kid Icarus: Grounded Awakening, but I'd like to have something I could relate to my recently acquired games. Overwatch releases tomorrow, Doom has been out for about a week and a half, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is releasing in late June. I figured that since Doom was the FPS game that I knew I'd enjoy for years, I'd write a story that would cross that with my favorite show: RWBY. He will not be a replacement for someone on another team, but if I so desire, he will work with the other students and help them with their classes. Also, don't expect more than a bi-weekly update on stories unless I say so: it takes a lot of time and energy for me to put my ideas in a word document.

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Enough talk. Let's read a story!

The marine's mind began to swirl. He had single handedly defeated the most powerful evil in Hell: the Cyberdemon. His arsenal had been used up almost to its last few shells and energy clips. His chainsaw was out of gasoline, his rockets had all been fired, and his BFG-9000 was out of blasts. He had accomplished his mission, all except for one final task: closing the portal to Mars.

He cradled his shotgun as he ran back the way he came, stopping only to look around, pick up ammo, and make sure he had killed everything. His prior blood-lust satiated, his trek provided uneventful, thankfully. He managed to find ammunition for everything except his chainsaw and his BFG-9000. His visor showed no signs of any more lifeforms nearby, allowing him a small sense of peace.

Moments later, he reached it: the Hell's Gateway. Instantly, his suit linked with the portal and powered it up. He checked his surroundings to find that nothing was following him and he exited to the martian atmosphere. The terminal next to the gateway was still powered up, keeping the portal open for him to return. He stepped up to the terminal and slid the power switch down the panel. The Gateway closed and left the wall behind it exposed.

It was then that the marine noticed he had missed one canister of Argent Energy that he needed to take care of: the lone canister behind the portal's prior location. He walked forward and reached out his hand and grabbed the small orb. He noticed that it was a different color than the other canisters: purple instead of orange. It wasn't that he didn't trust the fact that it was Argent Energy, it glowed similarly and held some of the same readings, but the discoloration was worth noting. He eventually got over his concern and crushed the final orb in his hand.

That was his major mistake. When the purple orb shattered, violet bolts of plasma shot out of his hand and overloaded his circuits. His visor lit up with warning messages and errors with his system. The purple plasma bolts had linked his system to one of the power couplings for the portal and was surging with the transportational energy stored within the coupling.

Then came the torture. The marine shut his eyes tight as his muscles and skin tightened in pain. The energy coursed through his entire body, numbing his senses and forcing him to shout into his helmet. The pain was worse than anything else he had ever felt before. After a straight minute of the shocking experience, the marine blacked out.

The marine finally regained a sense for his surroundings. His eyes still closed, he listened to the surrounding atmosphere. Instead of the howling winds of Mars he expected, he heard birds chirping. There was a slight breeze that blew near his face. His battle-suit had powered down from the surge, so he hoped it was just a simple case of a drained battery. His eyes opened and saw that he wasn't just hearing things. He was in a clearing near a few trees. He saw tiny birds flying overhead.

He heard a voice. Human. He couldn't make out what exactly was said, or even whether it was male or female. He reached up with his arms and grabbed his helmet. He pulled it off of his head and held it in his right hand. Getting a larger field of view, he saw the person who had found him. The individual in question was a middle aged man, maybe forties or so, with short, black hair that streaked back behind him and piercing reddish brown eyes. He was wearing a grey shirt with black cuffs and collar, black pants, and a crimson cape. What interested the marine was the sword that was clipped to his belt behind his back.

The man spoke in a suspicious tone. "What're you doing napping out here?"

The marine scoffed. "I'm still trying to get a grasp of where I am."

The middle aged man huffed. "Well, you're not in any castle or palace, if that's what you're wondering. You're on Patch, a small island off of the coast of Vale."

"Patch? Vale? I'm not on Earth, am I?"

"You're on Remnant. I'm wondering how a youth like yourself doesn't know that."

The marine groaned. He had been transported to another whole universe after saving his own. In truth, his age wasn't a major concern: he was 17 years old, last time he checked. Which begged one question: "How long was I out?"

The answer was vague. "Longer than it took for me to find you, at least an hour or so by the looks of it."

The marine sat up. "I think I should get introductions out of the way. Name's Tyler Wells."

The man extended his hand. "Qrow Branwen."

Tyler took the outstretched hand and shook it. Qrow pulled him to his feet.

Tyler picked up his helmet. "So, have any demons been spotted nearby?"

Qrow looked confused. "Demons?"

Tyler found his shotgun in his pack. "Yeah, demons. You know, hell's army? Monsters of the devil?"

Qrow coughed once. "If you think we've got demons, you clearly didn't come from this planet. We don't have any of those around."

Tyler shrugged. "Okay, what do you have?"

Qrow shook his head. "I'd better take you to the nearby village. I'm visiting my brother for the weekend, so I bet we'll be able to figure out what, and who, you really are."

Tyler shrugged once more. "Fine. Lead the way."

Qrow turned and began walking ahead as they passed into the dense forest.

After a mile or two had passed, Qrow suddenly stopped and unclipped his sword.

"Get ready. They're here."

Tyler didn't have to hear it twice. He cocked back his shotgun and held it in his firing stance. At this, a wolf-like creature lunged out at him. Tyler kicked his foot into its head and fired his shotgun at it. The shell failed to pierce the bone-like mask protecting the skull, but it left a hole in the exposed jaw as it flew back from the kick. Tyler unleashed another shell into its chest and blew another hole into it, killing it instantly.

Qrow had his sword sheathed in another of the wolf creatures. "Tyler, don't let your guard down. These things usually travel in packs, especially the Beowolves."

Tyler noted this, but he wanted an explanation later. "Hey, Qrow! Is it alright if I put on my helmet?"

Qrow huffed. "Do what you like, but I'd prefer it if you keep your ears and eyes open."

Tyler tapped on the power button on the inside of the helmet. "Don't worry. It won't dull my senses."

Qrow shrugged. Tyler watched as the helmet's visor booted up and his suit's specialized systems kicked on. Tyler's vitals were all normal, his ammo was almost fully stocked, and his shields were at maximum. What was interesting to Tyler was the energy levels of his suit: the Argent Energy had been maxed out before he grabbed the purple orb, but now they had been halved in power. The electrical damage to his system hadn't been catastrophic, but it was enough to knock his Argent Energy reserve down and drain his ammo capacity.

Tyler gave a thumbs up to Qrow, letting him know he was ready to move on. Qrow nodded, and they made their way up the last quarter mile to the cabin.

When they were in clear view of the cabin's front door, Tyler removed his helmet. "So, we're here to see your brother?"

Qrow nodded. "I'M here to see my brother, but YOU are under my supervision until you have something to do."

Tyler shook his head. "I'm just being a generalist."

Qrow and Tyler reached the door to the log cabin. Qrow opened it and let them in.

"Tai, I'm back!"

Tyler took a chance to look around at the interior. Off to his left was the living room. In it was a coffee table on top of a floor rug with a couch lined up parallel to it and an armchair on the far side of it. The fireplace was on the other side of the table from the couch. There wasn't much in the way of lighting, but a smaller table that was stationed next to the chair and couch housed a small lamp that could easily light the room upon nightfall.

Footsteps drew Tyler's attention to the hallway. Another man had stepped out, this one with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in tan attire with a brown collar and a silver shoulder guard. He seemed surprised to see the marine and didn't understand who he was, which was entirely justified.

"Qrow! Good to see you again, brother." The two brothers shook hands. The newcomer took a good look at Tyler. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Taiyang Xiao Long."

Tyler took Tai's outstretched hand and shook it. "Tyler Wells. I'm a marine from the UAC."

Tai looked confused by this. "Wait, UAC?"

Qrow patted his shoulder. "I found him passed out on my way here. He claims to be from 'Earth' and I think he's not from here."

Tai shrugged. "From another island no doubt."

Qrow coughed. "No, Tai. Another planet."

The next hour was spent catching up Qrow and Taiyang on who Tyler was and what happened to him. He explained everything as simple as possible, but he had to go into further depth when explaining Argent Energy and the Hell's Gateway.

When he was finished, Qrow was still mulling it over in his head. Taiyang had a few questions left to ask.

"Alright," he began. "I'm curious why Earth was trying to harness this 'Argent Energy' when Dust is such an easier energy source."

Tyler scoffed. "Think we'd be using it if we had it. Energy in my world doesn't work that way."

Qrow spoke up. "I'm pretty sure you have a few questions about the world of Remnant, right?"

Tyler nodded. "Pretty much. I haven't the foggiest idea what those creatures are or what this 'Dust' is."

Taiyang stood up. "I'll let Qrow fill you in while I get a pot of coffee brewing."

Qrow spent all of about thirty minutes explaining the world of Remnant and the Grimm. He went into detail about the separate kingdoms of Vale, Vacuo, Atlus, and Mistral. He told him about how Dust was an energy source both used to power advanced technology and as ammunition. He explained how hunters like Qrow were in place to protect the citizens of the world from the Grimm and what the Grimm were: creatures of negativity, drawn to those feelings that made up their matter.

Taiyang had returned by now with three cups of coffee, Qrow's was spiked, and he set them down on the coffee table. Qrow finished his explanations as he reached for the Irish Coffee. Tyler just crossed his arms and thought for a moment.

"So, Grimm are just as destructive as the demons I've faced on Mars?"

Qrow shook his head. "Only towards humans and their society. Most Grimm, believe it or not, actually roam around the world without destroying anything. Take Goliaths, for example: they may prowl around the fallen colony at Mountain Glenn, but they won't destroy anything or attack any civilizations, for now. Not all Grimm are mindless, or rather, not every Grimm is STILL mindless."

Tyler shrugged his shoulders. "So I should only think of them as threatening if attacked?"

Taiyang nodded. "That's a great way to look at it."

Tyler noted this along with his other notes on Remnant into his armor's built-in database. "I'll keep that in mind while I'm here on Remnant."

Qrow took another sip of his coffee. "Well, there's the matter of sleeping arrangements. I only came to spend the afternoon with my brother and then head back to the town, catching the night at the local Inn. Tai's got a guest room and unless his daughters are-"

Tai cleared his throat. "Ruby and Yang are both at Signal Academy right now. It shouldn't be a problem."

Tyler had one more concern. "Wait, daughters? You're a father of two? Who's the mother?"

It was Qrow's turn to answer. "The girls are half-sisters. Yang is the daughter of my sister, Raven Branwen, and Ruby is the daughter of our former friend, Summer Rose. Tai and I are brothers-in-law. Unfortunately, Raven vanished shortly after Yang's birth and Summer passed away after Ruby's."

Tyler was immediately sorry he asked. "I didn't know-"

Tai shook his head. "No harm done. You couldn't have known." He returned to the earlier topic quickly. "Anyway, you can spend the evening here and I'll let Qrow take you with him to Vale."

Tyler smiled. "I appreciate the offer and I accept. I'd like to know what I could do in Vale to help."

This statement gave Qrow an idea. "I think I've got something you'd be interested in, but it needs to wait until tomorrow morning."

Tyler nodded. "I'll trust your judgement."

The following morning, Tyler was walking with Qrow through the streets of Vale. It was a diverse culture with different people having coffee at local cafes, walking with shopping bags in hand, or just chatting at the corner. Tyler was reminded of the life on Earth he missed out on and began to wonder if he'd ever get another chance at that life.

Qrow stopped at a small shop called 'Back-Alley Bookkeeping'. He turned to the marine.

"I need to grab something for a friend. It's also a nice shop to find some extra reading."

Tyler nodded as they stepped into the store. The sight they saw was not one they enjoyed: Blood had been sprayed all across the back wall and the body of the store owner was on the ground in front of the counter. Qrow ran up to see what he feared.

"Murdered. She's been shot through the heart."

Tyler took a look. Based on his experience, he had a pretty good idea what weapon was used in the assault.

"Seems like it's a plasma at point blank range."

Qrow frowned. "Even by that, it could be any number of weapons they used. It could be built into something like a spear, gauntlet, or sword, it may-"

Qrow's eyes lit up in shock as he turned to face the teen. "Wait, WHAT? You were able to figure out that just by looking at her?"

Tyler smiled kind of nervously. "Well, being through combat since age 13 has given its benefits, such as Crime Scene Investigation skills."

Qrow shrugged. "Well, more power to you. Look, I'm going to call the police, you make sure there isn't anyone in the immediate area."

Tyler nodded and began his patrol. He took a look between the shelves, strolling back and forth making careful sweeps back and forth. He didn't notice anything that would provoke investigation. He made rounds twice, making sure to keep his eyes and ears open.

Qrow walked back in the shop with two officers and a detective. The law enforcement team went to work immediately. Qrow motioned for Tyler to follow him outside, and lead him out front.

There were only two police cars, but there were two more officers outside watching the perimeter. Qrow tucked his right hand into his pocket as they let him pass. Tyler followed close behind him. It was then that he noticed a crimson book with golden trim carried in his left hand.

Tyler stepped forward. "What's that?"

Qrow held up the restored tome. "It's an old book."

Silence. Tyler held out his hand, gesturing for him to continue.

"It's a tome that a close colleague of mine wanted repaired. He said something about it holding the secrets of the next line of hunters and huntresses."

Tyler nodded. "And don't you have to pay for that kind of restoration?"

Qrow nodded. "I pay her in advance when I need her help, but because it was for Ozpin, she did the service free of charge."

This reminded the seasoned huntsman of his next objective. "Speaking of Ozpin, he's my next stop today. We'll meet up with him about 4:00pm."

Tyler checked his watch. It was only 1:30pm. That left two and a half hours before they were scheduled to meet him.

"So, what do we do with the spare time?"

Qrow looked back at him over his shoulder. "I'm pretty sure you'll want to get some civilian attire? There's a few shops nearby that can help. Also, if you think your weapons will need augmentations to fit with Dust, now's the time to get them to the blacksmiths and gunsmiths."

Promptly at 1:50, Dustin the Hardy had just finished polishing the scythe blades and reattaching them to the scarlet weapon. His handiwork was flawless, surpassing all other smiths in the area when it came to blades. He'd sharpened rapiers, forged separate segments of specially designed weapons, and his treasured masterpiece was the gigantic 9 foot blade on his back wall. The prized knife weighed almost 200 lbs, had a serrated edge on the reverse side, and the only person who was able to wield it was him.

Dustin tapped the button on the side and the scythe folded back up into its compact form. He placed this in the durasteel box placed on the shelf designated for the weapon. As he bent down, he heard the bell on the counter ring in a seven point chime. That specific chime was only used by two of his customers, one of which he was expecting.

"Be right there, Miss Rose!" he called.

He dusted off his apron and hung it on the peg in the wall. He exited the workshop holding a clipboard that was hung on the nail under the peg.

"Polishing has been finished and it's sharper than-"

He stopped himself as he looked up. Standing before him was Qrow, a seasoned fighter who would to regularly come to him for service, yet not the woman he was expecting. Beside him was a figure he hadn't seen before. The newcomer had red hair with two white streaks in it, one on each side of his head, light blue eyes, and three small scars that went through the right eyebrow. He was wearing green armor of an Atlesian design, or so Dustin thought, with a helmet hanging from a built in backpack and a few weapons sticking out, though they weren't weapons he was familiar with.

Regardless, he turned to Qrow, a smile shining on his face. "My apologies, Qrow. I was expecting your young niece."

"It's understandable: I was due out for quite some time."

The blacksmith chuckled. "Well, how goes your adventures?"

Qrow smirked. "Just finished another assignment from Ozpin. I swear, some of these are getting tough to complete."

Dustin nodded. "He is a mysterious man, I'll tell you." His eyes turned to the new face in the shop. "Is he another warrior you've had some history with?"

Qrow shook his head. "No, but he's the reason I'm here. This is Tyler Wells. Tyler, I'd like you to meet Dustin "The Hardy" Hardwick."

Dustin and Tyler both extended their hands and shook them. "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Wells."

Tyler smiled. "Please, call me Tyler. I've never been one for these intricate formalities."

Dustin gave a hearty chuckle. "I have a feeling we'll do just fine. What can I do for you?"

Tyler pulled out his weapons and laid them out on the table. In total, he had ten, battle-hardened weapons, each with a different type of ammo. There was a small plasma pistol that had an infinite battery life, two types of shotguns with both a double barrel and a single barrel being part of the arsenal, a plasma rifle powered by energy cells that Dustin had never seen before, a chainsaw that ran on gasoline, a gauss cannon that ran on the same energy cells as the plasma rifle, a large rocket launcher, a heavy assault rifle that used cone-shaped bullets, a chaingun that was fed its bullets on a belt, and a huge cannon that puzzled Dustin as to what it did.

Tyler explained his idea. "I use a diverse arsenal when I fight so that I can switch to the weapon that I need for the given situation. Now that I don't have the ammunition options as open as I used to, I'd like to modify as many of these as I can to function with Dust, if we can manage."

Dustin crossed his arms. "Why see the blacksmith? I'm sure Gunther would be more help than I would with guns."

Tyler picked up the chainsaw. "I was referring to this, my gas-powered chainsaw. It's blade is a belt that runs over a stationary rounded edge. I was wondering if you could find something that could replace it."

Dustin chuckled. "I make these kind of things all of the time. I do have a question though. Do you want the same design, or would you like something with a different shape, like a sword or lance?"

Tyler looked puzzled. "In a different shape? Like have a chainsaw sword?"

Dustin gave a hearty laugh. "It's a fairly easy task for me to do, don't worry about it."

Tyler gathered up his guns and left the chainsaw with Dustin. "I'll leave this up to you. How much do I owe you?"

The blacksmith held up his hand. "First time's free for you, but I'm only doing this because I still owe Qrow for last month."

Qrow smirked. "This seems like the perfect time to cash it in and call us even."

"Absolutely! I'll have this ready by tomorrow afternoon around 4pm."

Tyler smiled. "I'll see you then."

Qrow lead Tyler down the street to another shop set in a large shack. There was a chimney sticking out of the roof and clouds of thin, gray smoke were trickling out into the atmosphere.

It was about 2:10pm now, so they had enough time before meeting Ozpin. Qrow lead Tyler inside and tapped the bell on the table in the same rhythm that he had at the blacksmith.

"Be right there!" a feminine voice called from the back. The door to the back opened and a young woman stepped out with a small rag in her hands. She was about 6 feet tall, with lime green hair that came down to her shoulders. She wore a black leather jacket, azure polo shirt underneath, black leather boots, and black jeans. Immediately, she noticed the huntsman and stepped forward to shake his hand.

"Qrow!" she exclaimed, excited to see him. "It's been far too long!"

Qrow smirked in response. "It sure has, Jade."

Jade took a look at the soldier. "And who's this handsome warrior?"

Tyler extended his hand. "Tyler Wells. I'm currently a freelance hero."

Jade took his hand and shook it with a surprising amount of force. "Jasmine Jade. I prefer to go by my last name." She let go and took her place behind the oak counter. "So, what brings you two here?"

Tyler took out his guns again and surprised her with his range of weaponry. "I carry enough firepower to level armies, but the ammunition isn't going to last longer than a week. I was wondering if you could help me convert these to work with Dust-based projectiles and fuel cells."

Now it was Jade's turn to smirk. "I'd like to point out that those shotguns will work with Dust shells, provided you have the right gauge."

Qrow nudged Tyler. "I should probably have mentioned that the shotguns use shells that are sold nearby. I'll take you there next."

Tyler promptly put away his shotgun and super shotgun. "What about the others?"

Jade scanned the remaining six guns as Tyler explained what each did. "Well, this won't be too difficult, considering what you've got here. This here functions like a standard rifle used in the atlesian military, so converting it won't be an issue. A cannon like this one was ordered last week, and I believe I still have the blueprints for it. I've got a few Dust rockets that could replace the ammo for the launcher, but I'll still need to alter the weapon slightly. The BFG-9000's cells are plasma based, making Gravity Dust as an easy replacement. I'd like to see if I can modify the last two guns further: Coco's Gatling Gun is similar to the chaingun, and your heavy assault rifle is close to another weapon I've made within the last month."

She took a pause from her analysis to ask the marine another question. "Would you like to modify these, or would it be easier to fuse them and make them able to switch ammo types on the fly?"

Tyler thought about it. "I suppose it would make more sense to fuse them into one weapon with interchangeable ammunition, but there's something about each weapon separately that fills me with joy while switching to different weapons."

Jade nodded. "Separate weapons it is, then. I should be able to get the chaingun, heavy assault rifle, plasma rifle, and Gauss Cannon finished by tomorrow around 3pm, but the BFG-9000 and rocket launcher may not be ready until the following morning. I'll try to get them finished sooner, but don't be surprised if it's not ready until then."

Tyler saluted with his right hand. "I'll be sure to check in about 4pm tomorrow. I won't expect everything finished, so take what time you may need to get the work done. How much do I owe you?"

Jade laughed a little. "Don't worry about it. Plus, I owe Qrow about twelve favors or so."

Qrow coughed. "Ten. The two times I chased out rowdy gangs I expect no favors in return for."

Jade sighed. "Still, this one's on the house! I'll have a little more fun than I usually do."

"Slow business this week?"

Jade's face fell slightly. "Since Signal Academy's Graduation Ceremony last week, all of my normal clients have been out hunting Grimm or flying off to other schools in Vacuo or Atlas."

Tyler gave her a thumbs up. "Well, have fun! Don't be too rough with them."

The smile returned to Jade's face. "I'll be careful!" She started loading the guns onto a trolley behind the counter. "You gentlemen have yourselves a good afternoon."

Tyler and Qrow took their leave. "We will," they called back.

Qrow pointed at the next store: Ammo For All.

"Shells will be in there. Let's grab some and then get some better clothes for you."

It was now 4:45pm. Tyler was dressed in a nice green polo, khaki pants, nice shoes, and dark socks. He had his armor stowed away in a mobile trunk that also held his three guns and a few other sets of clothing. As it turns out, Qrow owed a lot of favors, so the trunk was another freebie, but Qrow paid for the wardrobe articles purchased.

The two were now standing in front of a five story building which resembled a large office complex. Qrow had lead them there based on where his friend Ozpin had asked him to meet.

Tyler looked up at the five different floors. "Where exactly are we headed?"

Qrow looked back over his shoulder as he made his entry. "We're going to the fifth floor, room 535. Ozpin usually likes to meet up there."

The ride up was uneventful and the walk to the room was too short for Tyler to get a good look at the facility. The room they entered was a 30ft by 40ft room with a large table in the center of it. Two black chairs were stationed on the side closest to the door and two on the opposite side. The chairs closer to the wall were occupied by two people: a man in green with white hair and dark glasses, and a woman in purple and black with white hair and clear glasses.

The man motioned for them to take their seats. "Well, Qrow. This is a first. You're usually not this early to a meeting like this."

Qrow scoffed. "I just wanted to take care of the newbie here and fill you in before you ask too many questions."

The man looked to the marine. "I should properly introduce myself. I am Professor Ozpin, headmaster at Beacon Academy. This here is Glynda Goodwitch, Dean of Students and Combat Instructor at Beacon."

Tyler extended his right hand. "Tyler Wells, marine from UAC's Mars division."

Ozpin shook his hand. "Perhaps you should explain what you mean, but first," He turned to face Qrow. "How was your trip to Patch?"

Qrow held out a small chip, similar in size and shape to a usb-flash drive. "This was the data that she had shared with me. Unfortunately, I was unable to figure out what it was while I was out there."

Ozpin took the memory drive. "I'll examine it later and fill you in on what we find."

Qrow nodded. "Now we'd like to fill you in on who Tyler is as well as how he got here."

The next hour was spent explaining everything about Earth, Mars, his war against hell, his predicament upon victory, etc. Ozpin looked to take in all of the information quite well, but Glynda had a mixture of emotions from surprise to terror.

Once he finished, Tyler held out his hand, showing his scarred skin. "Most of my wounds were from my countless fights against hell's forces. My armor also took some damage in the process."

Ozpin looked deep into the marine's eyes with his own brown ones. "You're telling the truth, I see. I don't have any idea the amount of pain you've suffered, nor would I be able to get you back so soon."

Tyler frowned at this. "Isn't there anything you can do for me?"

Ozpin nodded. "There are two things that I could do for you. I'd like to offer you either a position at Beacon Academy, or ask you to attend our school. Admittedly, there isn't much for you to learn, but the students may be able to benefit from your experience on the battlefield, or you could get a deeper knowledge of this world. Either is open if you wish to accept."

Tyler nodded. "May I have some time to think about this?"

Ozpin smiled. "Surely you may. The airship I'm taking back to Beacon will leave at 11am four days from now. Qrow let me know you were coming, so I've prepared this."

Ozpin pulled out a cellular device from his jacket. It was folded in its compact form for easy storage. "This scroll is a gift from me to you. It already has my contact information in it and places marked on your map of Vale. We've marked the Gunsmith, Blacksmith, Hotel I've reserved a room for you in, Airship docks, and this office where I'll be here from 8am to 8pm for the next few days. The hotel room will help you relax for the next few nights and it's under my name. Take some time to think and relax a little bit before you make your decision."

Tyler took the scroll and opened it up into cellular form. It wouldn't take too long to figure out how to use it. "Thank you, Professor Ozpin. I'll definitely think hard over your offer."

Glynda handed Tyler a brown leather, bifold wallet. "I've taken the liberty of setting aside some Lien for you to use for the next few days. I've left enough Lien to pay for food for seven days and some extra spending money. Please exercise some self control and don't spend it all at once."

Tyler took the wallet and immediately put it away. "Don't worry, I usually don't like to spend money on unneeded items."

Ozpin stood up as the others followed suit. "Whatever you choose is up to you, but I would like to hear your response before I return to Beacon."

Tyler shook his hand before moving to leave. "I'll let you know what I decide. Let you know before takeoff."

Once Tyler and Qrow left the office building, Qrow brought up his final question. "So," Qrow asked. "You gonna take him up on his offer?"

Tyler shrugged. "I might, but I'd still like to think about his offer."

Qrow nodded. "Ozpin's a great friend of mine, but this is your choice. I'll leave the rest up to you: I've got a few more missions to attend to."

Tyler watched as he began to walk off in a different direction than the hotel. "Take care, Qrow! And Thanks!"

Qrow turned back. "I'll see ya 'round, Tyler!"

Tyler made his way over to the hotel to think about his options for the future.

See you around indeed! Qrow will jump back into the story around Volume 3, so don't be sad he's leaving.

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