Part 2 of the Be Steele My Heart Series.

Picks up directly where Holting Steele leaves off: after the lights go out at Ashford Castle.

Many, many thanks to my beta reader, friend and fellow Steele Watcher who volunteered hours upon hours of her time proofing round one of this story. As the characters and their story have evolved across Season's 4 and 5, so, too has Holting Steele and Be Steele My Heart.

It is my profound hope, you enjoy the many tweaks and many additions that were requested.

For the most effective reading, my work should be read in chronological order as many of my one off's are spun into the history of the characters later on down the line. The chronological order of what I've written are as follows:

Steele Torn & Trying to Holt On
Cannes Steele be Trusted (co-written with the super-talented SuzySteele)
Steele Mending
Steele Working out the Details
Steele Settling In
Steele Finding Comfort
Steele Holting on To Christmas
Steele Holting on To The Holidays
Holting on to the Moments
Steele Cold Relief
Steele Cloned
Steele Hurdling Obstacles
Steeling the Big Apple
Steele Dying to Get it Right
Holting Steele - (Part 1 of Be Steele My Heart)
Be Steele My Heart (Book 1)


Anthony Roselli lay reclining against the backboard of a double sized bed, contemplating his next move. In his mind, there were three matters to which to attend.

First, make Steele pay for turning him over to the local constabulary. He didn't give a rat's ass if Steele's plan had worked out exactly as intended: He was cleared of all charges of espionage, Finch arrested for those same charges and Kemadov, the key to both his freedom and Finch's conviction, safely ensconced under the watchful eyes of the U.S. Government after defecting. The bottom line was this: the double crossing piece of crap had served him up to the authorities with a great deal of enjoyment. It was an act for which he would pay.

Second, Roselli vowed, he would take away everything that Steele gave a damn about before he was done with him and would make sure the man watched him do it. While Steele had been an important part of his first plan – acting as a pawn to deliver top secret documents to a presumed spy, which in turn would allow Roselli to take back his place in MI5 while being exalted a hero – the man's use had come to an end. That Steele had proved to be a veritable pain in his ass, not buckling when faced with blackmail but instead making demands, only served to further his hatred. That Steele had managed to escape unscathed from his carefully laid trap, only increased his fury. Luck had been on Steele's side for far too long as far as he was concerned.

Third, there was Laura. He couldn't figure out what sway Steele held over Laura, but one thing was certain: he didn't believe the tripe she'd tried to sell him on the street in Galway, not for an instant. In his experience, no one held on for four years to see if something might work out. Then there was the fact that Laura had clearly said 'I can't walk away now.' Not won't. Not I don't want to. But can't. As if something or someone was preventing her from doing so.

He needed to get Laura alone, to find out what Steele had on her. Together they could eliminate him from her life. But have no doubt, at the end of the day, Laura would be his. He'd cast aside Conchita, after years of work knocking her into shape, just for the potential of what he might have with Laura. He remembered the kiss on the train, her hunger for him; the kiss on the streets of Galway, her admission that she too felt what was between them.

First things first – once Laura was his, then he'd deal with Steele. After all, as the saying goes, he could kill two birds with one stone. Steele had made it more than apparent that in his eyes Laura was his. By freeing her from Steele, he'd not only get Laura but take a serious blow at the man at the same time.

With a smile, he picked up the receiver of the phone next to bed and dialed in a series of numbers.

"Hello?" a voice answered on the other end of the line.

"Well, they finally released me…."

Roselli bounded off the bed and ripping the phone off the cord that attached it to the wall, threw it into the wall across from him, gouging a hole into the drywall in the process.

"Damn him!" he screamed. He paced the room, his eyes reflecting the near insanity of his fury.

There he'd been, laying on the charm, thick, and she'd hung up on him! Twice! And clearly had now taken the phone off the hook.

Oh, he'd heard the loser Limey calling to her in the background. Clearly she'd decided that with him locked up, Steele would have to do. Out of sight out of mind, as the old saying goes.

Taking a deep breath, he opened and closed the fists held clenched to his side and tried to reel in his emotions. Panting in his anger, he concentrated on slowing his breathing. He reminded himself that Laura was left alone with Steele now, with no one to run interference on her behalf. Of course, she'd have to do whatever the man asked of her. No matter what else the man held over her, she'd be well aware that if their deception was confirmed by the INS, she could lose everything. She had no choice but to keep the man happy.

If he could only get to her, he reminded himself as he calmed, he'd be able to convince her that together they could free her from Steele's hold and then they could be together as he knew she wanted to be. He'd have to keep his anger under control, at least for a little while longer. Right now, what mattered was rescuing Laura.

Now, all he needed was a plan.