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It was a typical Saturday in the middle of the hottest season, summer. People everywhere chose to stay home and relax beside their air conditioners, staying away from the discomfort of sweat and sunburns. However, for two unfortunate beings, they could not share the same luxury…

"This is entirely your fault, you know?" Li muttered heaving himself into another stable position upon the wall of the treacherous mountain.

Kero gaped at him. "My fault? It's my fault your girlfriend left you?" he retorted incredulously.

Li groaned as he dug his fingers into a few free holes located in one of the rocks that jutted out of the mountain. "Yes!" Li exclaimed.

Kero frowned. "What could I possibly have done? Go on, why did Sakura leave because of me?" he challenged, flapping his wings furiously beside him.

"Well, it's because... because…because you never flush the toilet!" Li exclaimed, frustrated that he couldn't find any reason why Sakura would run away because of Kero.

Kero glared at him. "HEY! That's the dumbest reason I've ever heard. If you're going to cast the blame on me, at least find a better reason! Besides, I told you to get an automatic flushing toilet you rich cheap dummy! My delicate paws should not have to endure hardships such as flushing the toilet!"

Li glared at him. "You mean the same paws you pick your nose with?" Li mocked, smirking evilly, finding a new spot on the mountain wall to support his weight for his next move.

Kero narrowed his eyes, but then smiled. "Yes, they're also the same paws that I use your toothbrush to brush every night when I'm taking a shower."

Li turned red. "WHAT! You have your own toothbrush!" he screamed.

Kero frowned. "Yuck! Why would I do that? I brush my teeth with that!" He replied, wrinkling his nose in disapproval.

Li was ready to jump of the wall and pounce on him. "What the heck do you think I do with my toothbrush!" He exclaimed, his voice echoing throughout the valley.

Kero shrug. "Your teeth are hopeless anyways. They'll always stay brown." He simply stated.

Li growled. "You know what, I'm not going to argue with you… but just for the record, I go to the dentist every month, I have perfectly white teeth, and I have never ever had a cavity in my life!" He argued.

"O really…. What's that darkish colored thing in your teeth? It has to be a filling." Kero observed, pointing into his mouth…."O wait… nope that's just spinach stuck in your teeth…"

Li took in a deep breath, and slowly let it out. He swore he needed to take anger management classes just for the sake of reassuring himself that he wouldn't kill the darn animal in the future.

"I will repeat again…. I will not sink to your level… I have to find Sakura….." Li muttered.

Kero smiled, knowing he had won this argument. He looked up, and realized just how much longer they would have to be on this mountain… "Hey Li, why are you rock climbing?"

Li frowned. "Because we're looking for Sakura?" he answered in a questioning tone.

Kero frowned. "On a mountain?"

Li almost slipped. "Yea… you told me to…"

Kero frowned. "No I didn't."

Li laughed, a laugh that not only sounded fake, but implied that Kero had better be joking or else things were about to get ugly…

Trying his very best to prevent himself to grabbing the bear and burying him alive….. "Remember that day… when you were on the porch, and I just came out of my room with Sakura's runaway note… and I asked you….. 'Hey Kero, where do you think Sakura could have possibly gone?', and you said, 'o, she probably went rock climbing?' and I asked you 'why in the world would she do that', and you said, 'she probably wanted to make it hard for you to find her, and plus, she loves heights!' …"

Kero shook his head, truly confused. Then, his face changed into an expression of recognition. "OOOO…." He simply stated. Then he laughed. "I wasn't talking to you that day…"

Li clenched another clump of dirt. "Then WHO WERE you talking to?" he asked through his gritting teeth.

Kero beamed. "Peacock!"

Li clenched harder on the clump of dirt. "And who is this Peacock!" He asked, unable to sustain himself from emphasizing the name.

"O, he's a pigeon I talk to often." Kero simply stated, smiling at the thought of his friend.

Li nodded, plastering a fake smile on his face though it was clearly boiling in rage. "Ok… I see… so you were talking to your pigeon friend… named… Peacock! … and why, might I ask, did you tell your friend to go rock climbing?" he continued asking in fake patience.

Kero laughed. "O, here's the funny part! He's going through the problem you're going through! His wife got mad at him and left, and he asked me where I thought she could have gone! I remembered how he told me how much his wife, who by the way is a rooster, loves heights and challenges, so I told him to go rock climbing."

Li faked a chuckled, and then clenched his teeth as tightly as possibly. "First of all… roosters are the male form of a chicken, second… they do not rock climb, and neither do pigeons for that matter! and third, the tallest peak a rooster has probably ever reached is the top of a barn house! So in conclusion… You're an IDIOT! You made me climbed a mountain for three hours and for no apparent reason just because of your stupidity!" He barked.

Kero laughed nervously…. "Well…maybe Peacock didn't know rooster weren't females like me… hehe…and look on the bright side…. I think the spinach in your teeth is gone, and from this angle, your teeth really do look white!"

Li glared vehemently at him "You better run when I get off this thing!" He warned, beginning to make his way down.

Another hour later

"So…. O mighty and intelligent Kero. Where do you think Sakura would have run away to?" Li muttered sarcastically as he and Kero packed their bags and stepped into his car.

Kero smiled. "Obviously a place where she knows you can find her!" He responded confidently, clearly not recognizing that Li's comment of his intelligence was said in a tone of sarcasm.

Li stared at him for a moment, confused. "Wait, why would she do that?"

Kero smiled. "Because she can't stand to stay away from me for more than a few days!" he answered triumphantly.

Li narrowed his eyes. "You definitely don't know Sakura." He muttered.

Kero laughed. "She's probably at Tomoyo's house."

Li smacked himself in the head. "Of course! God, I'm so dumb!"

Kero smiled happily. "I'm so glad I didn't have to be the one to tell you that."

Li growled

Tomoyo's house

Ding Dong

A girl with long raven hair answered the door. She smiled pleasantly. "Took you long enough…" she greeted.

Li chuckled nervously. "Yea… we took the long way."

Kero laughed. "What a dumb thing to say when you're trying to look for your girlfriend."

Li glared at Kero for the umpteenth time today.

They stepped into the house, and Tomoyo pointed to one of the doors down the hall of her apartment.

Li beamed. He walked over to the door, and knocked on it. "Sakura, my love, open the door." He urged, trying to sound as sweet as possibly.

Kero who was eavesdropping from the living room, shuddered. "If he spoke to me like that on Halloween, I would have had to pay another visit to God."

Tomoyo laughed.

"Aww, come' on Sakura. You haven't even told me what I did wrong. You can't do that! It's unfair! It's… It's…. against the law!" Li whined.

Kero narrowed his eyes. "That's it? That's all he's got? It's against the law?"

Li glared at the yellow bear, obviously hearing his comments. Finally, a girl with flaming emerald eyes opened the door. "WHAT!" she barked.

Li smiled innocently. "Hehe… Hi…"

Sakura tapped her foot against the floor impatiently. "What?" she asked again.

"Can you come back home…. I don't like eating cup noodles every night…" Li complained, putting up a puppy face.

Kero groaned. "Seriously… what a loser…"

Sakura's hair could have been lit afire from the heat that formed within her. She took in a deep breath, let it out, and then slammed the door in Li's face again.

Li gaped at the door, mouth hanging wide opened. "What's wrong with her! Wait, I know! It's her time of month isn't it?" he asked Kero hopefully.

Kero shook his head. "You're really slow… how can you not realize what's wrong with her?"

Li scowled. "Well, I can't help it! She didn't tell me!"

Tomoyo suddenly threw out a magazine onto the table.

Li stared at it. "O……She wants a dress…" he mumbled, understanding the situation. The magazine had a girl wearing a beautiful white dress.

Kero groaned and Li's oblivious expression. He pointed furiously at the magazine. "NO! She wants to get married! She's been giving you signs for the pass few months! Like… you know how every time you pass by a jewelry shop, and she would go, 'O, what pretty rings!", and you would say something stupid like, 'You mean those ugly rocks?', or like when you guys pass by a bridal shop, and she would say, 'Wow, such nice dresses!', and you would say something stupid again like, 'Hey, what a cheap shop, their manikins don't have any heads!' These are the hints that she's been giving you, all of which you obviously fail to recognize!"

Li frowned indignantly. "She could have just asked…"

Kero smirked. "You're lucky she didn't hear that, or else she would have probably gone to the desert and hid there."

It was Li's turn to sigh. He stared at the door that had just been slammed in his face. How could he have been so dumb not to see it… He took a few moments just to reflect on all the things he had been through with Sakura, and he couldn't help but smile.

Suddenly, Li jumped out of his seat on the couch and said "Alright… let's start planning shall we?"

Kero and Tomoyo looked at each other inquiringly, and then back at Li. Then they both smiled, nodding their heads in agreement.

Two nights later

"KEROBEROS! This game you want had better be the best game in the world! Kero, stop going to fast!" Sakura whined as Kero's human form dragged her across the streets, passing multitudes of crowds at racing speeds.

Kero shook his head. "NOOOOOOOO! The stores going to close! Look at what time it is!"

Sakura growled. "This is crazy, you said the store closes at 8:00m! It's 7:50! We'll get it tomorrow!"

Kero shook his head again. "NOOOO! It'll be sold out by tomorrow! Do you know how special this game is? Everyone wants it!"

"What's the game about?" Sakura asked, while maneuvering her body through another pack of people.

"O! It's about people going through life threatening situations to get exotic foods!" Kero answered in an eager tone.

Sakura narrowed her eyes. "I highly doubt there will be anyone as enthusiastic about this game as you are."

Kero frowned. "You'll see. I bet there'll be a line!"

Sakura groaned. "I should've just given you the money so that you can get it alone." She complained. She look up from the crowds of people and realized where she was. "Kero, we're not heading to the direction of the mall. Where are you bringing me?"

Kero smiled. "This game is so special that even malls don't have it!"

Sakura frowned. "Then where are we go—" She stopped short of her sentence, realizing that Kero had just brought her into a large fancy building. "Kero….. please don't tell me you're going to buy your game in a hotel."

Kero beamed. "I told you this game's special!"

Sakura frowned. "What? Do you see any stores here?"

Kero smiled. "Well……..It's not that simple. You have to go uh…. see this guy for a ticket and then go to the store to get the game. The instructions were posted all over the internet."

"Are you sure the website wasn't lying to idiots like you?" Sakura asked.

Kero ignored her and dragged her to the elevators.

"Wait! Kero, you have to go asked the receptionist for the room number!" Sakura beckoned, watching hopelessly as the elevator doors closed before her.


"Wow…. He's located on the last floor?" Sakura asked.

Kero nodded. "Yep. Don't worry, how can anything bad happen in a nice hotel like this?"

Sakura frowned. "What if the guy wants to rob you?"

Kero laughed. Then he pointed to the room ahead. "He's in there." He ran to the door, and opened it. Sakura stood next to him and stared at him confused. "How did you—" before she could finish her question, Kero pushed her into the room and locked the door behind her.

Inside the Room

Sakura's POV


I turned and faced the door abruptly. "Kero….. Kero!" I yelled, banging on the door. I glared at vehemently at the door. I should have known better than to trust him.

"What are you up to……" I mumbled to myself, walking deeper into the dimly lit room. There wasn't anything unusual about the room; just a table, two beds, a television, and a bathroom. I frowned.

"Ok……" I muttered. "Will this stupid trick start anytime soon?"

"What makes you think this is a trick Sakura….."

I looked up, trying to find where the voice was coming from. I frowned. "LI SYOARAN! If this is your attempt to make me happy, I can tell you its not working!" I yelled.

Then, I heard him do something that made me even angrier, he laughed. I could feel my body heating up.

"You mustn't say that until you've seen my plan…." he responded in a mysterious tone.

I frowned again. I heard him sigh contently.

"You know Sakura. You really are something." He said wistfully.

I raised an eyebrow, beckoning him to continue.

"How long have we been together, Sakura?" I heard him ask, again in a wistful tone.

"I don't know." I grumbled. I knew I was lying, and I knew he knew as well, which is probably why he laughed again.

"You know, constantly laughing at me isn't really helping you." I retorted, disdainfully.

He laughed again! "How did we meet, again?"

"I threw a pencil at you." I reminded him candidly.

"O, that's right! We met under the strangest circumstances didn't we? I mean, I almost ran over you that day right?" He said happily, and chuckled right after.

I frowned. "Is that funny to you too?"

I knew Li was grinning, I could feel it. "You know Sakura, I can never forget the way you looked that day right before we went into the elderly home……. your rosy cheeks… and the bundles of snow that perched lightly on your hair. To think about it, you looked like you had a bad case of lice….."

I growled. "LI SYOARAN!"

He chuckle. "I'm kidding. You were very pretty Sakura….. you always are…."

I blushed despite my efforts to keep an angry composure.

He began to speak again in a lulling tone. "Sometimes I wonder how lucky I am that you're with me. Sometimes I worry if it'll all come to an end and you'll leave me… but just one look at your face and I'll forget about everything in the world except that you and I are together…"

His tone was so sincere… I felt my eyes tear up…

"I've never really paid much attention to people until you came along, Sakura. I learned so much from you even though you're not the brightest person…" He continued.

I couldn't help but smile even at that….

"I learned to see the world under a different light, I learned to look at people's positive sides instead of their negatives… this excludes Kero of course…"

I laughed, wiping my teary eyes.

"…but of all the things you've showed me and after learning everything about who you are… I learned the most important thing of all… to love, Sakura…"

I grinned again…..

"I love you Sakura…… and I just want to say…."

I froze…… the lights had suddenly gone out, and I was standing in the room in the dark.

I stared at the large window before me as the curtains that had been down just a moment ago start to roll up……

I felt myself gasp at the sight that was suddenly revealed before me… the city…. But it wasn't just that… aside from the fireworks that suddenly appeared as well, at the heart of the city-view there was large billboard glowing in beautiful light that lit up the words……


I felt the tears pour, and I laughed…. I sniffled wiping the tears from my face, and I was still grinning, I quickly turned around to find Li… but I didn't have to… he was already there…kneeling before me on one knee and holding up a diamond ring….

I gasped…


Li smirked. "Well…"

Sakura laughed. She loved it when he gave her that childish smirk. He had dressed himself in a nice suit today… He looked earnestly at her, and Sakura felt her hands sweat…

She nodded finally….

Li smiled, and clasped her hand… gently inserting the ring onto the appropriate finger.

Sakura watched, her body still… inside her heart, she felt her love soaring to limits never reached before….. the warmth was so grand that it made her speechless…

Li stared at the ring on her finger… it fit perfectly. He stood up, and stared into Sakura's teary eyes…..he was about to wipe away a tear that was gliding off her face, when surprisingly, Sakura jumped into his arms, clinging tightly around his neck. He chuckled, wrapping his arms around her waist firmly.

"I know you'll probably complain about how I shouldn't have made this event so glamorous… you probably wanted me to propose to you at like mcdonalds and give you a ring from one of those 25 cents machine….. but I couldn't help myself… you deserve better…." Li murmured into her ears, as she felt her squeeze tighter.

Sakura laughed at his joke. She pulled away from the hug, and looked contently into Li's eyes. "I love you too, Li…"

Li smirked. He leaned into her face, and took her lips in his.

Sakura felt herself smiling from within, even as they broke away from their kiss…

"So, how did Kero bring you here?" Li asked curiously.

Sakura frowned, and explained the whole scenario to him. Li narrowed his eyes… "So you believed that you had to go to a hotel before you could go to a store to buy a game?"

Sakura blushed. "What! Who would have thought that Kero would lie!"

"Everyone!" Li responded almost immediately.

Li laughed as Sakura started to ramble about how he'll teach Kero a lesson.

"Let's go out for dinner, Sakura." Li suggested, interrupting her thoughts. "We have a wedding to plan…"

Sakura beamed. Li wrapped an arm around her, and began to lead her to the door. Suddenly, Li stopped.

He smiled slyly. He stared at the bed. "I can't wait for what we do after the wedding…" He suddenly said in an immature tone. He winked at Sakura, who blushed madly, and glared at him.

Li laughed.

As the couple walked out of the room together, they knew within their hearts, that they would share this memory forever… just as their love… would be forever…

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