Addendum - Interpretation 1

Okay, it's been two months, so time for me to reveal one interpretation of the story:

- Judy represents a portion of the Zootopia fanbase, particularly the WildeHopps shipper types that want to see some romantic fox/bunny action.

- Nick represents canon/source material.

- Judy getting turned on by fox statues represents the WildeHopps shippers desires for aforementioned romantic fox/bunny action.

- Nick being away back in Zootopia represents canon material not fulfilling that desire.

- Judy "self-servicing" represents said WildeHopps shippers consuming heaps of fanfiction/fanart/fan-comics etc to satiate their desire.

- Judy using the fox toys instead of her paw represents said shippers moving from consuming fan created works, to more hands on action i.e. creating their own.

- Bonnie and Stu finding out, represents your family/friends/less hardcore fans finding out your shipper obsession and thinking that you're weird.

So, what do you think? Is your mind blown?

Love it? Hate it?

Got another interpretation?

Do you want to hug me for telling you this? Or cave in my face and steal my bike?

No need to be shy. I'm willing to wager most of us here are sailing the good S.S. WildeHopps ship. So fight it out in the reviews. Don't be a stranger.

- DigitalInfamy