The next day Lily was nervous, this was the day the fellowship took separate paths. The day Boromir dies! Legolas could sense something was bothering Lily but he couldn't get her to open up. But he knew when he was ready she would tell him.

Lily stared off into the trees as they continued down the river. She was determined if nothing else she would save Boromir somehow.

"My Kin!"

Lily's head snapped up, seeing the giant statues. Did she really let her mind wonder? Legolas maneuvered the boat to shore. Lily got out her eyes scanning the woods barley listening only catching words here and there.

" mater of finding... Emyn Muil... labyrinth... stinking marshland."

"Rest...strenght... Master Dwarf."

Legolas wasn't paying them attention either he knew Lily was on edge which meant something was to happen.

"We should leave now Aragorn."

"No. Orcs patrol the Eastern shores. We must wait for the cover of darkness."

Legolas motioned to Lily. "It s not the Eastern shore that worries me. Lily is uneasy, she is nervous."

Aragorn looked at his niece who indeed seemed to be scanning the forest before looking back at Legolas. "She'll be fine everyone is on edge."

Merry had just dropped some wood before looking up. "Where's Frodo!"

Aragorn looked up seeing the hobbit's blanket on the ground, that is when he also noticed another missing. "Where's Boromir?"

"Aragorn!" He turned to see Lily's bow sitting against the rock and Legolas holding her quiver. "Lily's missing too."

Lily was not missing. In fact she was rushing to stop Boromir and hopefully save him. She just had no clue where they were.

"I ask only for the strength to defend my people!"

Lily turned to the voice forcing her legs to move faster.

"They will find you they will take the ring and you will beg for death before the end."

Lily saw Boromir advancing on Frodo. Thinking quickly she tackled Boromir away before jumping to her feet pushing Frodo behind her.

"No one will hurt him!"

Boromir stood glaring at Lily. "You! How dare you?"

"How dare you? Boromir of Gondor claiming to be a man of honor, you don't even know when you've been deceived. I've told you from the beginning the ring will make you think what it wants."

"Get out of the way and give me the ring."

Lily pushed Frodo further back. "The ring stays with Frodo who will destroy it once and for all."

Boromir growled lunging for the two. Lily threw out her hand and winves shot up from the eart restraining Boromir.

"Let me go!"

Lily ignored him and turned to kneel in front of Frodo. "You know what you must do."

"I must leave... Come with me Lily."

"I'm sorry Frodo there is more for me to do. "She kissed his forehead. "Take Sam he will help you. Remember whenever you feel the darkness closing in take a moment and remember the vision it will help keep back the darkness." She hugged him. "Remember you can do this. You are stronger then you know. "She stood as Frodo ran off. Making sure he was gone she turned to Boromir. With a sigh she willed the vines to release him.

"Frodo an the ring are far from you. Now Boromir prepare there is..."

She didn't get to finish for Boromir lunged at her wrapping his hands around her throat.


"How dare you interfere!"

"You would... have hirt..."

"The ring belongs to Gondor. To my people..."

"It would... kill them... it has... already taken... your father."

His hands tightened making it harder for Lily to breathe. She knew the rings hold on him was strong. Blindly she reached for anything to help. Feeling a rock in her hand she prayed for it to work. Gritting her teeth she slammed it against the side of Boromir's head.

He groaned falling to the side gripping his head. Lily coughed tring to get her breathe.

"What have I done?"

She looked over to see Boromir staring at his hands. "Boromir?"

He moved closer helping Lily sit up. "I'm so sorry Lily I never meant... Oh goodness Frodo. Where's Frodo?"

Lily placed a hand on Boromir's cheek. "Frodo is fine. I sent him off.

Boromir sighed closing his eyes resting his forehead against Lily's. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was not strong enough to resist it's temptation."

"t's fine Boromir. I'm Alright."

He sniffed. "How could I attack you... my sister."

Lily hugged Boromir before getting up. "Come on the Uruk-Hai will be after the hobbits."

Boromir got up drawing his sword taking off Lily on his heels.


Lily looked up to see Boromir already engaging with one of the Uruk-Hai. WIth a yell Lily barged in sword slashing down cutting down every vial creature within her path.

Lily turned moving Merry and Pippin out of the way as she fought another. Boromir pulled out his horn before he made the call for backup. A scretch caught Lily's attention she turned to see three Uruk-Hai advance. Throwing out her hand she willed the vines to encase their legs holding them as Lily beheaded them.

A thud and groan caught her attention. Turning she screamed. "No!" Boromir stood an arrow in his shoulder. He would not die! Lily seeing the Uruk-Hai ready another arrow she pulled out her gun aiming the vines making sure nothing came near her. She pulled the trigger tossing the gun and running to Boromir.

SHe had been to late. he Uruk-Hai ad released the arrow before he died. Lily cried as another arrows slammed into Boromir stomach.

"Boromir! She fought hard crying out when a sword slip through ehr defenses and cutting her side. Ignoring her injury she fought toward Boromr determined to help him.

"Lily look out!"

Before she could turn something slammed into the back of her head sending her to the ground. She felt herself slipping. She looked up realizing Lurtz never fired the first arrows like he was suppose to. As her consciousness slipped she saw Lurtz ready his bow as everything went black.

Not far away Legolas raced toward the retreating Uruk-Hai group. He was late in following Aragorn, but as he neared his heard dropped. Aragorn leaned over Boromir who was struggling to breathe, three arrow protruding from his body.

"Aragorn?" Legolas moved forward, but stopped at seeing the tears on the rangers face.

Boromir gasped. "I'm sorry. I tried to save her..."

Legolas' heart dropped."No!" It couldn't be...

"They took her and the little ones..."

Legolas moved around seeing a familiar item on the ground. It was fea hun. He piked it up holding the sword close. AN there a few feet away was her strange weapn she had called a 'gun.' But as he picked up the cold item he was stunned, for there before him the item turned to sand in his hand before falling to the earth.

"Legolas help me."

Legolas turned to help Aragorn carry Boromir's body back to the river before placing him in a boat.

Aragorn sighed. "Goodbye my friend," with that he pushed the boat off shore allowing he curent to take it over the falls.

Legolas grabbed a boat moving it to the side. "Frodo and Sam have reachd the eastern shore. Though I know you wish not follow them."

Araogrn sighed. "Frodo's fate is no longer in out hands."

Gimili shouldered his axe. "Then it has all be in vain. The fellowship has failed."

Aragorn moved putting his hand on the others shoulder's. "Not if we hold true to each other. We will no abandon Lily, Merry, and Pippin to torment and death. Not while we have strength left."

Legolas and Gimli smirked grabbing their weapons. Aragorn placed his knife in his belt. "Leave all that can be spared behind we travel light." He looked to the others. "Let us hunt some orc!"

As Aragorn took off Gimli laughed following. Legolas quickly grabbed Lily's light pack before following the others.

"Worry not melin we will find you."