Twin Dragon Archfiend

Chapter 1: Fortune cup

Shadow's POV…

"So that's how Jack's been… so how was it getting beaten?"

"Technically I didn't lose…"

"But you didn't win either!"

"True… Shadow I wanted to talk to you."

"Oh boy here we go AGAIN! Like I have said you are Jack's Archfiend I am John's Archfiend, you see combat every time Jack goes into a Turbo Duel, for me it's those Cyber types getting the attention… that or Black Skull Dragon."

"He has three copies of your card, he does use you… sometimes."

"Not helping big bro."

"I'm just saying give him time, besides the Fortune cup is right around the corner… and he'll need you out there to win."

"Right well I'll see you around the spirit world I guess… and tell Stardust I said hello."

"I will."

John's POV…

Knock Knock Knock


That would be Leo, ever since Jack and I got into that fight after he dueled Yusei and I found out he stole Stardust Dragon from Yusei I've been living in the same building as Leo and Luna, their parents aren't normally home, but Leo and I have been dueling a lot since I moved in.

"One minute Leo!"

"Alright please hurry!"

Why the need to hurry this late at night? I open the door and follow him into the alleyway, where I see Yusei passed out.

"The irony that he gets hurt right outside where I'm living."

"You mean you know him?"


"Is he one of Jack's friends too?"


I help get him and his runner up to their place, Leo begs me to stay and Luna asked if I could stay until Yusei wakes up, so I agree. Yusei wakes up and has amnesia and when Leo duels him to help him remember and before we knew it he was back to how he was, and left that night.


The Fortune cup rolls around and Leo tries to battle for Luna but loses and when the dust settled people were selected to duel again. What I was worried about, was dueling Akiza next turn. I look down and notice Luna was in a duel and seemed to be in a trance and Professor summons Edo the Supreme Magical Force to the field, I look to the stands with my binoculars and notice Leo doesn't look so hot. Soon Leo is rushed out to the medical, Luna and Professor Creeper both lose the duel, and I go and check on Leo. When I went down there that Bolt Tanner just glared at me, I went to leave after a "Vanguard" round was announced. A Vanguard round is when four duelists are allowed in IF they beat their opponents, if they don't their opponent moves on. I ran into Akiza on the way back to my apartment. It's been a while since I had left the Arcadia Movement but she and I still kept in touch via the web and underground duels. Only reason I left was Sayer's vision for the future, during the three years in the movement Akiza and I were in plenty of duels with each other and tag battles, the time there was different than a normal duel. Towards the end of my time in Arcadia, Akiza and I were more than just two duelists who work well together; we were friends with benefits

"Hey Akiza, shouldn't you have been heading with Sayer?"

"He said tonight was alright."

"Sayer let you off the chain tonight huh?"

We spent a few hours just talking and we did a small practice duel, we both ran out of cards just talking back and forth, she had 2100 life points left while I only had 800 so I guess you could say she won. We went back to my place and talked some more.

The next day…

I wake up in the morning to find that Akiza hadn't woken up yet, I get up and get into my normal and head out to the kitchen area and checked my messages I had gotten two from Jack, and one from Sayer.

To John Atlas

Akiza didn't come back home last night, you didn't have anything to do with that would you?


I had a feeling she lied yesterday, if anything Sayer is protective of people in Arcadia. I got my duel-disk ready and my deck, than woke Akiza, we headed out to the Tournament and just in time to get a call from Jack.

"Where are you, your match is the only one left before round two begins!?"

"Right outside I'm on my way."

"Hurry up."

I sigh as he hangs up, we split up to get to the separate sides of the duel field.

"The Vanguard facing the Black Rose is John Atlas!"

The MC never changes always making a big deal out of it.

"Let's duel!"

"Let's duel!"

"You may go first Akiza."

"You're too kind. I summon Wall of Ivy in defense mode, and end my turn with a face down."

"Alright than, I draw."

My first hand was Cyber Dragon Drei, Cyber Dragon, Dust Tornado, Call of the Haunted, Silver Wing, and Summoned Skull.

"I special summon Cyber Dragon to the field in attack mode, than I normal summon Cyber Dragon Drei in attack mode, now that I think of this, isn't this just how our first duel started?"

"If memory serves you lost that duel."

"I ran out of cards, my life points were still above half, I end my turn with a facedown, your move."

"Alright I draw. I play the field spell Black Garden."

"I remember that card, if memory serves it gave me quite the scare the first time we dueled. But not this time, I play the trap card Dust Tornado to destroy your Black Garden Field spell."

"Seems you made improvements to your deck since last time."

"And I see your deck is just as dangerous as ever."

6 turns later…

Things aren't looking good I'm down to just 1000 LP while Akiza has 3000, and she summoned Black Rose Dragon, the only monster I have on the field is Sinister Sprocket, but just one move and this duels over.

"I remove from play one plant type monster to switch your Sinister Sprocket to attack mode and reducing it's attack to zero. Now Black Rose Dragon attack!"

"Well than good game Akiza."

Black Rose Dragon destroys Sinister Sprocket and the duel ends.


I start to walk off before Akiza notices my face down I removed from my duel-disk.

"You had Mirror Force down and didn't use it?!"


"Yeah, even if I had used it I wouldn't have won though, so there was no point."

She looked a bit frustrated as she left the field I went into the stands to where Leo and Luna were, much to Tanners dislike. Yusei wins over Greiger and things look like its smooth than Koda and Akiza duel.

"When she dueled Randsborg she almost blew this building down!"

"I know, but I'm not scared. In fact, it'd be great if that happened!"

"Don't go saying things like that kid, if I know anything about her from my past duels it's don't get her mad… unless you WANT to get hurt."

The duel starts with Akiza summoning Violet Witch, and using Black Garden again and ends her turn with a facedown. He puts a facedown and ends his turn. The more this duel goes the more I notice Koda pressing EVERY one of her buttons. If this keeps up… well… not good. And I was right she summons Black Rose Dragon and the thing in her hair falls out and well he gets out with the card I had given her for her deck.

"The irony she used the card I gave her last time we dueled."

"You gave her that card?!"


"Are you sure you didn't hit your head or something?"

"Don't question me, now if you excuse me I have a person to duel."

"Wait where…"

"Leo, I get that you idol Jack, but I am not like him, have fun watching the duel kid."

I head outside and notice the Arcadia Movement trucks. And walk over just in time to see Roy turn towards me.

"Well well, if it isn't John Atlas, why are you here?"

"Tell Sayer I challenge him to a duel."

"Sayer has better things to do than duel you!"

"Fine than, take his place than Roy, let's see if your Ancient Gears can battle my Crimson-eyes Requiem Dragon."

"Fine than, grab your duel-disk."

Akiza exits the truck and heads off ignoring Roy and I.

"Let's duel!"

"You go first Atlas!"

"Fine than, I draw."

First hand doesn't look so hot, Cyber Dragon Drei, Dark Resonator, Call of the Haunted, Monster Reborn, Scrap Iron Scarecrow and Silver Wing.

"I summon Cyber dragon Drei in attack mode, and because it was normal summoned it's level goes up to 5, and I end my turn with two face downs."

"Fine than I draw. I play the field spell Geartown, and summon Ancient Knight in attack mode. Now Ancient Gear Knight attack!"

"I play my facedown Scrap Iron Scarecrow negating the attack and saving my monster."

"Well played, but that won't save you. I end my turn with a facedown of my own."

"It will do for now. I draw."

I drew sinister Sprocket, just the card I needed.

"I summon Dark Resonator in attack mode, than I Tune my Dark Resonator with my Cyber Dragon Drei to Synchro summon Red Dragon Archfiend. Then I end my turn."

"What you scared you didn't even attack! I draw. I summon Ancient Gear Knight in attack mode. Now I play the spell card Ancient Gear Explosive and use it on Ancient gear Knight meaning you take 900 points of damage."

"900 is lower than what I have planned for you Roy."

"I play a facedown and end my turn."

"I draw."

Mystical Space Typhoon just what I needed.

"I play the spell Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy your first Facedown."

"What NO!"

"Oh yes, than I use the trap card Call of the Haunted to bring Cyber Dragon Drei out to the field, than I play Monster Reborn to bring back Dark Resonator. And you already know what happens now don't you?"

"You're bluffing, when you left you gave that card you got from those "friends" of yours to Sayer!"

"Am I, than I guess you forgot that Akiza and I traded cards around yesterday, I tune level 3 Dark Resonator with level 4 Cyber Dragon Drei to Synchro summon, Black Rose Dragon! Now I normal summon Sinister Sprocket to the field, and tune Sinister Sprocket with Red Dragon Archfiend and Black Rose Dragon to Synchro summon, Crimson-Eyes Requiem Dragon. And because it was Synchro summoned I can change it's attribute to match a monster's attribute that was used to summon it, so it changes to fire attribute. Now I activate its special effect, because it's a Fire type monster I can summon any Fire attribute monster from my Extra Deck or graveyard. So say hello to Black Rose Dragon again. But because I summoned it Crimon-eyes changes to Defense and it's defense Value goes to Zero. Then I play the equip spell Silver wing and attach it to Crimson-Eyes Requiem Dragon. Now Black Rose Dragon attack his Acient Gear Knight."

He loses 600 life points, and sneers at me.

"I end my turn Roy."

"I draw, and summon Ancient Gear Chimera in attack mode! Now Ancient gear Chimera attack his Crimson-Eyes Requiem Dragon!"

The attack lands but the spell prevents my dragon from being destroyed.

"What why isn't it gone!?"

"Silver Wing protects it from to attacks and if a card effect were to destroy it I can send Silver Wing to the Graveyard instead."

"Fine than, I end my turn with a facedown."

"I draw."

X-Head cannon, nice but if my gut is right that's Trap Hole one of the things he just loves to use.

"I end my turn Roy."

"Not attacking again? What are you up to? Whatever it is it won't save your life points. I draw, and I release Ancient Gear Chimera to summon Ancient Gear Golem in attack mode! Now Attack Black Rose Dragon!"

Black Rose Dragon is destroyed and I take 600 points of damage.

"Next is your Crimson-Eyes. I end my turn."

"Very well Roy, I draw."

White Elephants Gift, nice.

"I summon X-head Cannon in attack mode, than I play the spell card White Elephants gift allowing me to tribute X-head cannon to draw two cards."

Summoned Skull and Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

"I change Crimson-Eyes Requeim Dragon to attack mode, and use it to attack your Anceint gear Golem!"

"I activate the trap Mirror Force destroying your Dragon!"

"I activate Silver Wing's ability allowing me to send it to the Graveyard instead of my dragon."

"Fine is that all?"

"I end my turn."

"I draw, and I play a facedown and end my turn."

"I draw."

Polymerization! Just what I needed.

"I play the spell card Polymerization and Fuse my Summoned Skull and Red-Eyes Black Dragon to Fusion Summon Black Skull Dragon."

"Even with that card I have the advantage."

"True but look at the field and your life points. My Crimson-Eyes gains 500 attack for each dragon Synchro monster in my Graveyard or on my field, and it's base attack was 4000 so do the math."

A look of shook appears on his face.

"Now Crimson-Eyes Requiem Dragon Attack with Crimson Judgment!"

He loses his Golem and 2000 life points.

"Now Black Skull Dragon attack him directly!"

His health points drop to zero as he takes the hit and he looks to the ground in defeat.

"You still have much to learn Roy."

"Good job you two."

I turn and look at Sayer, he was watching the entire time!

"And how long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to see the duel end."

"Then you know why I'm here."

"Yes, Welcome back to the Movement John."

To be continued…