I'm just sitting here in my snug, cosy egg in the middle of the Pokemon made pathway, listening to the Magmar fighting, the Charmander roaring, and the rather odd sounding flute playing...


Fighting Magmar? Roaring Charmander? And a weird flute? Did I miss something? Something's fishy, and it ain't the Magikarp...

I'm not too surprised when my egg goes flying into the air. But by Legendary's luck, I of course don't soar to the left and land on the cold, hard ground, but I'm tossed straight into the lava for a premature birth.

After fighting my way through eggshell fragments and lava for a few minutes, I burst out of the lava ready to let the human trespasser have it. After all, what Pokemon would be able to play a flute, or dare to harm a Legendary?

The weird human points a black, rectangular device at me.

I panic. Are humans so bold these days that they dare to attack a Legendary? I rise higher, intending to shake the lava off my wings and onto the human and his odd yellow vehicle.

Shrieking my fiercest warcry and colouring my language a bit, I shake my wings off the hot liquid rock that burns my beautiful feathers, straight onto the human.

The magma slides harmlessly off a clear screen.


The human is still pointing the black thing at me, and grinning his face off!

Enraged, I fly off to warn the other Pokemon on the Island. If one human's travelling through, who knows how many more will come?