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In the control room of the Resistance base, everyone was currently shocked. The Resistance and the First Order had been in another battle, but unfortunately, the Resistance had been outnumbered. They hadn't been expecting the First Order to have so many people in the area. From the intelligence they'd received, they thought it'd only be a small force there. They were seriously wrong.

Just as it looked like the battle was lost, several squadrons of fighters that nobody recognized had appeared and started attacking the First Order ships. Within minutes,, every last First Order ship had been destroyed. No one knew what to make of it.

Right then, an unfamiliar female voice came over the communication frequency. But it wasn't for anyone on the base.

"Poe Dameron? Commander Poe Dameron? Are you there?" She asked.

"Yes, Master." He immediately replied.

Whatever she was about to say wascut off as Leia interrupted. "This is General Organa of the Resistanace. Please identify yourself immediately."

"My name is Asoka Tano, Grand Master of the New Jedi Order."

Leia couldn't believe what she'd heard. How could there be a new Jedi Order? As far as she knew her brother, Luke, was the only Jedi left. She was about to question the woman further, but was interrupted by Poe.

"I know this is a surprise General, but Master Asoka is actually telling the truth."

"And how exactly do you know this?"

"Because I'm a Jedi as well."