The Faceman Chronicles…. the Next Day

By Peppe1951

AN: This is the second in the series featuring Templeton P. Smith (Face); and it takes place the next day after the recovery of the diamond and sapphire ring.

I know that I said that the next story would be dealing with school but I decided to delay it for now.

Warning: Corporal punishment of a teenager.

Summary: Little did Face know that in saving a runaway boy he would come face to face with an evil that could scar him for life. It is based loosely on The Children of Jamestown episode.

Chapter 1

It was after lunch the following day that the adults in the family decided to talk to Face about the options now opened for the fifteen-year-old. They knew to expect a battle with some of the options that Face would now have to deal with. "You know kid, with your current age on file there will have to be changes in your life…right?"

"Like what?" Face had thought to pick up where he left off only this time he had a father, brothers and a loving mother in his life. In his mind's eye things couldn't be better.

"Well, for one thing you can't drink. Remember the legal drinking age is twenty-one and you're fifteen."

"I can't even have a beer?"

"Only if it is a root beer."

"That's not the same thing."

"Sorry kid, that is your only choice for the next six years."

"Being fifteen really sucks!"

"Watch your mouth, young man. I will not have cussing in this house or in my presence."

"Yes, Mama."

"You also can't smoke!"

"That's not fair…you smoke."

"I am your father, an adult. You are underage. So no smoking!"

"I won't give up my cigars and you can't make me!"

"You will if you know what is good for you, young man!"

"Or what?" Face recklessly asked Mrs. B.

"Face don't challenge her…. just trust me and obey her. You will not like her consequences of you disobey her. Trust me I did once and still remember her punishment!" BA spoke with such conviction that Face only nodded.

"Is there anything else that my being fifteen is going to screw up?"

Hannibal glanced at BA and Murdock before quickly saying, "You will have a curfew and bedtime."


"But I am and you must be in bed by 10:30 on school nights and Sunday nights. I will allow you to stay up until 12:00 on Saturdays."

"10:30?...wait did you mention school nights?" and at Hannibal's nod Face added

"You can't mean that I have to go to school?"

"Yep…that is the law in California. All children must attend school until they graduate or turn eighteen. Sorry kid but starting the day after Labor Day you will be attending school once again."

Face was speechless but for only a moment as his brain started to seek excuses to keep from going. "I can't go to school…I'm exempt because I served in the army and went to war."

"I'm afraid that isn't going to work, Face."

"You mean there isn't a law that says that if you served your country then you don't have to go to school?"

"Nope…good try, kid but that excuse is not going to work. If the truant officer catches you out of school, he will arrest you and then you will be in real trouble."

"I will use my fake ID and it will keep the truant officers away; anyway after running from the military for two years what can a truant officer do to me?"

"Do you really want to find out…like Mrs. B consequences that BA warned you about you might not like what punishments they have in mind."

"And son, if I hear that the truant officer has picked you up sitting comfortable will be long time coming." Mrs. B threatened her surrogate son.

Face's eyes got big as he visualized exactly what she had in mind. He turned back to Hannibal and grumbled. "But I don't want to go back to school. Wasn't Vietnam good enough teacher?"

"In certain areas, it was but not in others. You might as well accept the fact that you will be going back to school."

"No! I won't give up protesting," and then as a thought occurred to him Face added calmly. "Hannibal, I can't go to school."

"Why not?"

"I'm a member of the A-Team and we have cases throughout the year. School would just get in the way." He sounded so triumphant as he surveyed his teammates eyes.

"I'm sorry, kid, but school and a good education comes first. If a case comes up, you will just have to stay in school while we tackle the case without you."

"You would leave me behind? You don't want me on the team any longer?" Face was crushed and couldn't prevent the tears from running down his face.

Hannibal pulled the kid into his arms all the while trying to get him to understand.

"No you will always be a member of this team. You earned that right in the jungles of Vietnam. That is something that won't ever change, however then we thought you were nineteen and not the twelve we now know. If we had known your true age, you would have been shipped home. But now as your parent I can't endanger your life. So while you will be our scammer and supply officer you will step back out of the line of fire and stay safe."

"Nooooo…please don't do this to me…. please." Face pleaded.

"We love you too much to endanger your life. I always wanted to keep you and your brothers safe even when we thought you were an adult and could make that decision yourself but you aren't an adult and as your parent that decision rests completely on me. It is my decision that you will not be in danger and if you won't accept it from your father than you will from your commander as I order you to, Lieutenant!"

Face struggled until he broke away and ran not only from the room but the house as they heard a resounding slam of the door. All to soon they heard Face drive away with the squeal of his tires.