The night air felt so good against her skin. She breathed in deeply through her nose as she ran through the forest.

It was something so freeing being about being the predator instead of the prey. Sango enjoyed it very much. Growing up in an incredibly religious town, it was known that women were prey and men were the predators. Sango knew from an early age that her life would consist of being married, having a child, and then cleaning and cooking for the rest of her life.

It was something she deeply hated.

She wanted to be free as a bird. To spread her wings and live life to the fullest. As soon as she was able to, she left her town, never returning.

She landed a wonderful job and used her free time to explore activities she would be forbidden from doing had she been back in her hometown. Those activities were martial arts, sword fighting, and hunting. They taught her not only how to defend herself, but how to hunt and kill others.

The first time she had successfully hunted a deer, it was the first time in her life that she had ever truly felt alive. The rush of the wind, the adrenaline pumping through her veins, and finally the scream as her boomerang found itself buried deeply into the deer's neck was thrilling to her.

She remembered walking up to the injured animal and watching it twitch and jerk helplessly as the wound oozed blood. The terror was clear in it's eyes and Sango was so entranced by it. Finally, the deer died and the spell on Sango was broken.

In it's wake, it left a longing, a need to experience this sort of thing over and over and over. She had hunted many animals since then. Birds, boar, and even wolves but nothing could have prepared her for the pure and utter joy she received from killing a person. The animals made pitiful sounds as they died, or some were killed instantly that no sounds were made at all.

Hunting a human was different.

Sango could understand them and communicate with them. Sango always injured them in the belly. She didn't want to kill them quickly, she wanted to hear the screams, the shouts, the begging. It sent chills down her spine. The tears would fall from their eyes, the look of disbelief and utter sorrow would drive the human to do whatever they needed to do to survive. Their pride be damned, they pleaded with her, promised her the world, told her that they would never tell a soul if she let them go.

Regardless of what they said, it all ended the same exact way. She would kneel close to their face and look them square in the eyes. She loved seeing the exact moment the life left out of their eyes. The moment their body stopped jerking and went completely still. Sometimes they closed their eyes in the moment of death, other times they continued looking at her, even as their hearts stopped, and they left the living world.

This hunt would be no different.

Sango pulled out a flashlight and looked at the ground, closely examining the leaves and dirt, looking for foot prints. She found many which didn't surprise her. Most of the people they hunted were unfamiliar with hunting. They didn't know how to cover their tracks or how to confuse the predator.

Even though Sango was a fairly good hunter, she still made sure to be cautious. Smart people would stay together instead of splitting up. Sango always made sure to never be too cocky. While people may not know about hunting, they could possibly set traps and it wouldn't do good to find herself one against four, regardless of the training the people had.

She put her flashlight away and headed west.

The people had come from the west, so it made sense that they would head that way as well. Fortunately, they were very far from a town but who knows what other travelers could come down this road. It would be very bad to have other people intervene.

The less people missing the less suspicions would be thrown their way.

Moving lightly on her feet so as not to make any noise, she continued in her trek. It wasn't long before she heard whispering voices. So, she was right. They had decided to stay together. How smart.

But this just made finding them and killing them easier. Stopping in her tracks, Sango hid behind a tree before slowly climbing on top of it. She did her best to breathe as little as possible so as not to give away her position. Once reaching the top, she looked down.

It was four of them. They were arguing about where they were. One girl had sworn they had run past this spot four times. Another believed they had been running in circles.

The best thing about this forest was that it looked so similar. It was easy to think you had run in circles when you had not.

She closely examined them. They were all carrying weapons. Some had swords while the others had axes and hammers. She would have to be careful.

Being outnumbered by armed people would not do her well if she attacked carelessly.

Forming a plan, she slowly moved away from the tree trunk and towards the branches until one of the men was standing directly under her.

Sango reached into the small black bag she carried and grabbed one of the throwing knives in her right hand. In her left hand, she reached for her axe. Her poor boomerang would drink no blood tonight.

Weapons ready, she closed her eyes and listened to the voices.

Male underneath her, male on her 9 o'clock, female to the right of her, and female at her 12 o'clock.

Deep breath, body tense, she threw the knife at the female to the right of her before jumping off the tree and burying her axe into the man who was underneath her.

Screams rang out in harmony and Sango felt warmth splatter across her face, some of it even got into her mouth and she relished in the metallic taste. She heard a body screaming in pain hit the floor before she placed her hand on top of the man's brain and dug her axe out. The woman to her 12 o'clock had backed up while the man to her 9 o'clock had lifted his axe. Sango easily ducked the first blow that would have taken her head off. She jumped back, getting some distance between the man and her, making sure not to trip on the other man's corpse.

From the corner of her eye she could see one of the woman screaming on the ground, Sango's knife implanted in her belly. The woman was holding her hands to her stomach, trying to stop the slimy entrails from coming out. Her sobbing was music and Sango danced to it.

"Why are you doing this?" The man with the axe shouted at her.

Sango licked her blood-stained lips. "Because it's fun." Dropping her axe, Sango grabbed some more knives and lunged at the man. He swung again at her, and she managed to dodge the blow before slicing his arm, causing blood to spray out.

It wasn't that deep of a cut, not at all life threatening but that was the point. She didn't want to kill him immediately, she wanted to dance with him. To walk on the line between life and death.

Sango knew she wasn't going to live forever so if she was to die, she wanted to die covered in gore, with a weapon in her hand, and blood in her mouth.

Instead of waiting for her to attack again, the man charged at her with rage in his eyes.

His rage would be his downfall. Losing himself to anger would cause him to not think smartly. That and his belief that he could use brute force to beat her. She dodged each and everyone of his blows, laughing all the while. The forest spun around them and time itself seemed to stop.

As their fight went on and on, Sango could tell the man was getting tired. Attacking her had caused him to exhaust his own strength. That is what Sango was waiting for. His attacks got slower and slower, meanwhile Sango was still full of energy. She decided to end her fight with him.

Preparing to slice him in the belly and watch his organs spill out, Sango was shocked when she found her ankle being grabbed by the woman on the ground, while the other woman had a sword and was preparing to stab Sango in the back.

Quickly, Sango used her other leg to kick the woman on the ground full in the face before ducking just as the woman with the sword sung at her.

Sango managed to free herself and dodge the blow, but she had forgotten about the man with the axe. She turned to him and watched in horror as his axe was lifted high. Having no time to dodge or block the blow, Sango truly thought this was the end for her.

As his axe rained down, a sword sprouted from his chest where his heart was.

His blood flew onto Sango's face and she wiped it away before taking in the scene. The axe fell from his hands as his eyes widened before he too fell.

Behind him, Inuyasha stood smiling.

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