Chapter 2

Ravenettes, Blondes,

Silverettes, and Scarlets.

Sacré Bleu!

Part one;

Le Noir Minou.

"Remy takes that back, Remy fuckin' hates it here." The young man said as he woke up on the floor after the girls had taken the only four beds in the room, getting up Remy went to the desk in the corner and began to infuse refine Dust powder into a few spare decks he had packed away, and even polished his Croupier cards. After polishing and making more trick cards, he went on to time tune Zanne and Lupo, since he found the aim was off by a few degrees on Zanne, and Lupo had to be calibrated for the 45mm rounds he bought and replaced the trigger for a hair Trigger and the handles for a more stable grip since the weapons could transform from a gun into a tonga with the barrel of the gun unfolding with a large blade coming out.

Going from the twin weapons to the spear; Vrontí-Apegríe, he changed the blade tip into a more elegant design, a smooth straight leaf blade and added a finger loop at the handle for a quick draw.

The only weapon he did not touch or even change was Kinzhal-Zmeya. He kept that weapon the same as the day he met her, the pure black silk wrapping for the handle, the golden studs that kept the whole thing in place, heck he even shined the tungsten titanium steel that made up both the Dagger and the chains. The 7x4 inch cross he clipped around his neck was one of the three most treasured items he held onto.

The reminders of his happiest moments and his greatest failure.

"Morning Gambit." He heard a tired voice, looking over he saw Ruby awake and went to the bathroom to get ready.

"Mornin' petite." He greeted as he put the weapons away, and placed his trick and Croupier decks into their respective slots. After 10 minutes or so Ruby came out dressed and ready to go.

Seeing his arsenal of weaponry, Ruby was ecstatic at seeing the new weapons she only caught glimpse of.

"Tonga bladed guns, a collapsible combative knife spear, a Dust Deck, and retractable blade chain whip Dagger!" The leader of RYBLS squeal in excitement as her eyes sparkled in wonder at the different weapon styles, before she remembered that students normally carried only one kind of weapon. "Um Gambit, why do you carry so many weapons?"

While he appeared to be thinking over her question, he was actually trying to suppress his haunting memories.

"Same as to why a some carry an item of a past love one... to remember." He said with a sorrow filled smile. "They were Remy's former teammates weapons before they were killed... Remy carries them so Remy will always remember that Remy was part of RNGD, before he became a member of RYBLS."

"Why do you talk in the third person?" She asked curious of her new teammates speech habits.

"Haha, Remy been taking like this for a while petite. Remy was found and taken to the hospital close to 4 years ago. I had no memory of the time before that... not even my real name. The docs and nurses were worried about me, but over time they kept referring me to as No Name. but one day, while I was walking through the streets of Glenharbor, Remy found a comic book store, being like any other kid, I looking in side. The first comic I picked up had a team of unique kids, ranging from faunus to humans with semblance that are almost impossible. But one character stood out." He said pulling out a plain deck of cards, and began to shuffle them. "He had this Seblance mutation, a power so awesome I wish it was mine. He didn't need dust to make his powers work, heck he all he need was something he could throw, and with a simple toss he can turn any object into an bomb. His weapon of choice... a simple deck of cards."

He said flipping a card up into the air and letting it fall back to the deck, and facing Ruby was the Ace of Spades.

"His name and moniker I took." Remy said as he had a small smile. "One of his character flaws was that he talked in the third person, something I gained over three years, hell Remy even seemed to fallow his foot steps in becoming a pickpocket. One day Remy picked the wrong pocket and wham! Remy was asked to join Haven academy. From there remy became leader of team RNGD... until 6 months ago when my team was killed, and remy being the sole survivor."

"Is that why you seem so sad?" She asked seeing how he changed his tone from upbeat and happy to sad and regretful.

"Qui petite, qui." Remy said as he got up, and left the dorm. "Remy has to go for a bit... see you in class."

Remy found himself a quite area that over looked the school grounds, but his peaceful morning was rudely interrupted when a gold and red spear came flying towards him.

"Hello, Pyrrah." Remy greeted sadly, knowing the girl still had resentment towards him for Diana's death.

"Bastard." The girl growled out at him in anger, her grip tightened around her blade and shield.

Remy stood still waiting for her to make her move.

'If Remy dies here... Remy will die a happy man.' He thought to himself as he held his arms out to the side as if accepting his death. instead a stinging slap across his face was his reward. Looking down to the girl that was just a few inches shorter than himself, emerald green met demonic red.

"You are such a bastard!" The girl yelled at him before breaking down and cried her eyes out, not even carrying that she was crying into the chest of her sister's would-be-killer.

"It's alright." Remy said as he petted the girl's head, knowing she didn't get her licks in when her father and mother fought... no beating would be the right word, him after the funeral.

"Why did you leave?" She asked through quite sobs.

"Remy is haunted by ghosts, sœur." He said looking down at the girl. "If you wish.. kill me."

His answer was another slap across the face.

"This is why I call you a Bastard." She said glaring up at him. "You run from you problems, I thought you were cool, but all I see is at broke coward of a man that would rather runaway and hide-"

nicking her in the head, Remy glared at the girl.

"Hey, Remy's motto is 'Remy may run and hide, but he never tells a lie.' So it is part of Remy. But... after what happen at Haven... I couldn't bare to be there if all I see is their faces. So that why Remy ran sœur." He said as he made his way over to the veranda fence that over looked the school yard.

What he saw made him smile a little, seven teens running across the grounds to the main building.

"Say Remy might be mistaken, but are those guy our teammates?" He said painted down to them kids.

"Aaaah! It's 8:55! Classes start in five minutes!" The girl said in a panic and took off running through the the dorms.

Remy just sat ther laughing at seeing his deceased friend's younger sister run off. "Well Ms. Diana Nikos, your little sister is much like you. Remy has no doubt about it."

Jumping off the veranda, Remy utilizes his summons semblance and brought forth a Griffin. And rode it until he reached the main gate of the school.

"You must be slow Sœur." He said to the girl as she rounding the corner to see him standing there with a deck of cards in hand.

"..." Pyrrah didn't know what to say, she thought he would be late, instead he got there before she did. "How?"

"Remy always trust in the heart of the cards." He said putting the deck away and walked to his first class of the day.

the day came and went, and days became weeks, And Remy had become bored after the first few days, after three weeks of boring classes he had already taken back in haven, but it was during the lunch hours where Remy made a few extra lein from the students... mostly from team CDNL, thank the gods for egotistical rich kids with no Poker skills. To tie over the boredom he felt.

"Al'ight, name of da game is draw poker, nuttin wild. Need a pair to win." Remy said dealing out card among himself and team CDNL, it took about four minutes for the inflated egos of Team CDNL to deflate as they took their last cards. "'kay lay down your cards."

"straight" Russell Thrush said as he laid down 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Of a mix of hearts, clubs, and spades.

"Full house." Dove Brownzewing as he had thee 8s and two aces.

"Low ball." Sky Lark said somewhat depressed.

"Four of a kind, all 9s." Cardin said with a smug look, as he looked over his team, he had them beat, but his smug look turned nervous as he looked to the Mistral's former resident.

"Royal flush, all hearts." Remy said laying down all five cards. "Dealer wins."

Pulling the money off the table, 400 lein worth.

"Been a pleasure." Remy said as he pocketed the cash, and placed his deck away.

"Hey Remy!" Yang yelled out earning his attention, from over by her team and their fellow team friends team JNPR.

Walking over, Remy too the only open seat which was beside Yang, while Le Minou sat across from him reading a book, Weiss sat beside her and Ruby beside her sister. While team JNPR sat further down.

"So what is up, Belle? Any reason to call Remy over?" He asked quickly picking a chicken nugget from Weiss's plate.


"Just wondering where you've been lately. You just disappeared from the dorm." She asked, while the others nodded in agreement.

"Quate girls and Une boy in one room? Remy may be adventurous but he ain't stupid." Remy said as he flipped the nugget like a coin and caught it in his mouth and ate it. "'Sides Remy wouldn't like to cause a misunderstanding to get him in trouble."

"How would that get you in trouble?" Ruby asked not sure what he ment by that.

"Petite, Remy asks would you go into da men's locker room?" Said the young lad as he had a cunning smile on his face.

"No, haha that silly."

"D'en why would Remy stay in a room full of girls, if D'ere is a possibility of them changing?" Remy asked as he quickly stole a few fries from Yang.

"... ooh." Was Ruby said as her face became red when she thought of Remy seeing her change.

This was also shared by the other girls, while Yang and Blake had a little bit of blush it was bad compared to the other two where their faces could make Ruby's red hood jealous.

"Filles espirt sale (dirty minded girls)" Remy said to himself shacking his head, while sneaking his arm around Yang's waist, making the girl go 'eep' when he rested his arm around her. "juste dire le mot Mon Cher, et Remy fera tous ces fantasmes ce soir."

While Yang, Ruby, and Weiss had no clue of what he had just said, it was Blake who had fainted as blood shot from her nose.

"Oh goddess!" Was all Blake said as she fainted from her mind playing a dirty fantasy of her and Remy going at it like wild beasts on her bed.

Chuckling to himself, Remy stood up and took Blade's Salmon salad sandwich.

"Later Belle, Petite, and ... Glaces." Remy said giving Weiss her own nickname, as he left the cafeteria, it was only a few minutes before Blake came to with blood still dripping from her nose.

"Ugh, what happened?" She asked soothing the light headed feeling she had.

"Hey Blake, what did he say in French?" Yang asked curious of what Remy had said to her.

"Um.. he said "just say the word My Dear, and Remy will make all your fantasies come true tonight.' At least that's what I think he said." Blake said as her face grew so red it was just a shade or two lighter than Ruby's cloak.

"Oh he is good." Yang said as she herself was just ass red, while her mind went wild of what Remy would do to Her.

They didn't see that Ruby was laying her head on the table drooling as her innocent mind had went to somewhere it should have never gone.

Weiss simple schooled her features so she would look as embarrassed as her teammates.

"Hey where did my sandwich go?" Blake asked looking around for it.

"He took it." Was assured the white themed girl said, before the hidden faunus took off after him growling out threats as she left.


As the amnesia victim ate the sandwich to which had stolen, he couldn't help but feel the claws of Death gunning for him.

"Remy must be paranoid." He said to himself as he finished the sandwich only to jump out of the way by a pair of treating hands. "Oh! Le Minou, finally up and around Remy sees."

"Asshole! You stolen my lunch!" Black yelled using her shadow to jump and swipe at the young man.

"Remy is a theft! Remy told you all this!" He said swanging side to side avoiding her punches and kicks. Until he tripped over a raised title falling on to his back with black falling over top of him.

"Umphf!" The two said, as they fell together onto the ground.

"Sacré Bleu, d'at hurts." Remy said as he reached forward to help himself up until his had landed on something soft and springy. Giving an automatic test squeeze, his result was a soft and pleased moan from above. 'remy touché ses seins, il est tellement putain morts!"

"Remy LeBeau, I hope what you did wasn't intentional." Blake said as she picked herself up, covering her breasts with her arm, while the other reached for her gambol shroud her, as she did this her face was red as the blazes of hell, her eyes showed by her raven locks.

And if Remy didn't feel the fear he has he would say Blake looked like a divine raven of heaven.

"Accidentally Qui, on purpose Non." Remy said standing up and dusting himself off. Looking down at his offending hand he couldn't help but say out loud. "So.. soft."

Realising his error, Remy took a large step back, followed by another before he ran back to the dorms, with Blake hot on his heels.

"Remy sorry!" Was all everyone headed as the two ran across campus.


Slamming the door behind him close, the card user thought or at least believed himself to be safe.

"All this over a sandwich?" Remy asked himself almost regretting taking the small meal.

"No, it was for touching me." Said a sickly sweet voice from the window, we're Blake sat with her legs crossed with an elegant and lady-like poise.

Before he could open the door to free himself of his impending doom, the gambol shroud was lodged into the door keeping it shut tight.

"Remy really fucked up." He muttered as he turned to see Blake was with an added sway in her step as she moved her hips back and forth. 'Remy is somewhat happy to see a round ass like that before death.'

Bracing himself for a painful punch or anything that would say he would live in pain, he was instead met by a gentle hand to his cheek.

"Is the big strong man afraid." Blake spoke again in that all to sweet voice, as she stoked his chin, the light scruff of his goatee was played with as Blake was now standing so close that he breasts were now pressing against his chest. "Just relax..."

Acting solely instinctively Remy wrapped his an arm around Blakes waist and his other limb around her back pulling her in on a kiss. One which she was hesitant to return but did so after she herself relaxed into his arms.

It wasn't until the need for air stopped them, looking down into her golden eyes, as she looked up to his red and black demonic eyes. The two understood the other's need, Remy understood Blake's need for Solis in an others arms. Just like Blake understood he needed someone to comfort his aching heart beneath his juvenile behavior.

picking the girl up and walking her to her bed, Remy laid Blake down and was leaning over top of her. Gazing down into the golden amber pools that looked up to him with hidden last and submissiviness. Causing an unknown part of him to take her lips again with renewed valour.

"Remy." She moaned out as he kissed and sacked upon her neck, his hand went and stroked her hair only to find her hidden faunus ear. Making Blake freeze in fear only for him to scratch and rub the feline ear making Blake purr as he took her lips once again. "Remy... Remy."

Hearing her moan his name made him push onward, until he regained himself from his last-induced mind.

Pulling back, and standing up. He had a look of regret and shame, regret for the hurt look he cause her to wear, and shame for losing himself like that.

"I'm sorry." He said jumping out of the window, not once realising he stopped talking like he normally does.

Laying back on her bed Blake felt tears welling up, she didn't know why by the look he had hurt her. It was anger for her being a faunus but shame... maybe she assumed. 'Maybe he's a shamed of me...'

-on top of the dorms.-

"Jesus fuck Remy! Why did you do d'at!" Remy yelled at himself in anger, it wasn't because of her being a faunus. No, it was because they moved to fast. It was the heat of the moment that spurred them into making out and almost going somewhere he wasn't read to go. "Now Le Minou will hate Remy, for being an imbecile."

Seeing the night had fallen, and the girls had returned a while ago. Remy waited until they were all a sleep. Once he was sure they were under the sandman's spell.

The card dealing hunter slipped into the room, being quite enough that even Blade's sensitive hearing would have troubles picking him up.

Laying a note by her bed, Remy was just a few feet out from the door, was when Ruby saw him.

"Hey Gambit!" She whispered loud enough so he could hear but quite enough that the other three girls slept peacefully.

"Hey petite, go to sleep. We have combat classes tomorrow." Remy said trying to stop the girl from waking the others.

To which he thanked the gods when Ruby turned off her light and went to sleep.

-next morning-

Remy was sitting in class, listening to Miss. Good witch's lecture of proper aura monitoring and use. He he knew he should be paying attention but the looks from Blake have had him on edge. They were not looks of hurt like they had been the night before. But now had a look and feel of admiration and love in her amber eyes.

'Maybe she misinterpreted Remy's apology?' He thought to himself when, only to correct that statement when Blake gave him a wink and an air kiss his direction. 'No maybe she did... fuck me sideways.'

-mini flashback: This morning-

Waking up from one of the most terrible sleeps she had since she left the White Fang, Blake was feeling depressed by what happened yesterday with her teammate. She knew they moved a little to fast, but she can't deny she enjoy how tender he was with her. Making her inner kitty purr with excitement and in anticipation. Only for him to leave her high and not so dry by his actions.

Sitting up, Blake felt a crumple of paper beneath her hand as she picked it up and found it to be a note.

Dear Le Minou,

I am sorry for my behavior, I have done something most unforgivable by forcing myself upon you.

I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

You are an amazing young woman, someone I know would make anyone a very lucky person to be with you.

Again I am truly and deeply sorry.

Remy Philíp LeBeau.

To say she was touched by his consideration, would be an understatement. She was moved by how he cared.

And though she only knew him for little over three weeks, she felt that they bonded more so outside of classes than in them since he was teaching them how to play all kinds of poker games. But after what happen yesterday she felt her heart warm her chest and still remembering the Pandora's touch from his smooth yet callised covered has as they Romeo her agile frame. Just that alone made her purr in memory alone.

-end of mini flashback-

Remy could see he was prey in the eyes of Blake Belladonna.

'Remy don feel so safe. Non sir, Remy don feel safe at all.' He thought to himself as he looked at the class clock seeing that it was just minutes away from the end of class.

At the sound of the bell Remy was about to make a run for it if not for the Belle of his team.

"Hey Remy, let's hit the bars after school, it's the weekend so may as well unwind, ya'know?" The blond beauty asked as she gave him a flirty wink.

While the others didn't hear it or just ignored it, Remy heared a pissed off cat growl from beside him... he knew Blake was casting poised daggers at Yang for flirting with him.

'Why Remy, God? Why is it always Remy?' He whined in self pity.

He knew his weekend was going to hell in a hand basket.

To be Continued-

Chapter 3

Ravenettes, Blondes,

Silverettes, and Scarlets.

Part two;

Belle Blond-shell.