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A ten-year-old Hiccup ran into the forest, not looking back. An eleven-year-old Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut were chasing him. They were yelling mean things to him and were trying to beat him up.

"Prepare to die, Useless," Snotlout shouted.

"Yo Useless, what's the rush," Ruffnut questioned.

"Yeah, stop, we just wanna punch you," Tuffnut yelled out.

Hiccup looked behind him to see his three bullies chasing him. Because of this, he didn't see the root sticking out of the ground. Hiccup tripped and fell forward. Hiccup cried out when he hit the ground. Laughter behind him made him freeze.

"Ha Ha! Useless fell to the ground," Snotlout laughed. Hiccup looked behind him at Snotlout. Snotlout then sneered at Hiccup. "Where he belongs."

Tuffnut runs at Hiccup, a fist aiming for Hiccups face. Hiccup gasped and rolls out of the way. Tuffnuts fist hits the ground, right on a rock.

"Ow! I am very much hurt! I am very much hurt," Tuffnut shouted as he held his fist. Hiccup got up and ran off. Ruffnut hit her twin.

"You blockhead! You let him get away," Ruffnut yelled

Tuffnut hit Ruffnut back.

Snotlout growled at them. "Come on! Don't let him get away!"

The twins looked at him.

"No way! I'm not chasing him anymore," Tuffnut exclaimed as Ruffnut looks up.

"Yeah, and it's getting late. If Tuffnut and I get home late we are going to be in trouble again by our parents. And you know what happened last time we got in trouble," Ruffnut said. Both twins shuddered.

Snotlout growled.

"Fine! I'll do it myself," Snotlout said, raising his hands in the air before running after Hiccup.

A ten-year-old Night Scale flew as fast as he could. He could still hear his father's words and his own yells.

"One day, Night Scale, you'll lead the rest of the Night Furies."

"But I don't want to be Alpha! Pick Nightcore! He's older than me and stronger!"

Night Scale whipped his eyes, tears falling down his face. He started to weep as more tears fall down his face. He then started to shake in the air. Deciding that it was too dangerous to fly, Night Scale descended into the trees, landing on a branch and sitting down. Night Scale hugged himself as he cried. Sniffing, Night Scale wiped his eyes, trying to get the tears to stop.

Suddenly, he stilled. Night Scale heard something moving underneath him. Looking down, Night Scale saw a figure running towards the tree he was in. Curious, Night Scale jumped down a couple branches to get a closer look. The figure ran until they were right under the tree he as in.

The figure breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath. Night Scale watched the figure curiously when a voice suddenly spoke up.

"Oh, Hiccup. Where are you," the voice sing-songed. The figure, Hiccup, gasped and turned around.

"Snotlout," Hiccup said in fear. Hiccup looked around, looking for a place to hide. He ran to the bush under Night Scale's hiding place.

Night Scale saw that Hiccup was afraid and climbed down a bit lower. His attention was drawn open the bushes Hiccup ran out of. A boy, Night Scale assumed to be Snotlout, ran out. Snotlout stopped right next the bush Hiccup was hiding in. He looked around for a bit before smirking.

"Oh, Hiccup. I know you can hear me." Night Scale saw Hiccup shake in his hiding spot. Snotlout walked forward a bit.

"There's dragon's out here Hiccup. Dragon hybrid's too." Snotlout turned to the side a bit. "They'll do worse than what I'm going to do to you. It's just a beating, that's all."

Night Scale looked down at Hiccup and growled when Hiccup shakes even more. Obviously, the beating was worse than running into a Dragon or Dragon hybrid.

"Where are you hiding, Hiccup? Are you hiding-" Snotlout suddenly turned to the bush. "In the bush!"

Hiccup yelped and fell out of the bushes. Snotlout ran forward and grabbed Hiccup by the hair and pulled him up.

"How did you know I was hiding in the bush," Hiccup yelled. Snotlout pulled on his hair

Snotlout laughed. "It was easy! Like, how else would a bush shake like that? Pathetic."

Night Scale growled. He started climbing slowly down the branches. Snotlout held Hiccup higher in the air by his hair. Hiccup cried out and tried not to let the tears show.

"Cry all you want Useless. No will hear you. In fact, even if they did, they would have done nothing. You may be the son of the Cheif, but no one wants a boy like you as a leader. They would want someone like me, not someone who all he does is cause destruction. Not someone who isn't a mistake. Not someone who doesn't have muscles. Not someone who isn't a real Viking. Face it Hiccup, no one cares about you and no one will ever care about a runt like you!"

Hiccup had tried to keep his tears in throughout what Snotlout said, but when Snotlout got to the part about no one caring about him, he couldn't help but let the tears fall because what Snotlout said was true. Hiccup had tears falling down his face at Snotlout's words.

Night Scale, however, was done with the insults being thrown at Hiccup, especially the runt insult. He hissed, loud and clear, making both boys jump, through Hiccup's was more like a wince because the hand in his hair jerked when Snotlout jumped.

Snotlout paled at the sight of Night Scale. Hiccup just let out a whimper, not knowing what's worse: Snotlout or the Dragon Hybrid.

Night Scale pounced on Snotlout, making him let go of Hiccup. Snotlout fell to his back, one of Night Scale's around his throat, the other held in the air, claws out. Hiccup took this as his chance to run off and hide.

Night Scale growled. He really wanted to say what he wanted to say, but he didn't want Hiccup to be hurt, even if he didn't know him. So, he did the alternative.

"If you dare step into my territory again, I'll make you pay severely. You tell anyone about what happened and I'll hurt you, badly. Is that understood?"

Snotlout whimpered and nodded his head.

Night Scale scoffed. "Pathetic."

Night Scale let Snotlout go and watched him ran off, gone in two seconds flat. Night Scale got up, glaring in Snotlout's direction. He then looked around. Hiccup was nowhere to be seen. Night Scale raised an eyebrow. He came to the only logical conclusion.

Hiccup ran off and hid.

It figures. If Night Scale was in the position Hiccup was in, he would run to. But still, Night Scale wanted to find him. Night Scale sniffed the air and smirked. He turned in a certain direction.

"Nice place to run to hide for a Viking," he said. Night Scale walked in the direction Hiccup had run.

Hiccup breathed deeply in the hollow of the tree he was hiding in.

He didn't want the Dragon Hybrid to find him. He thought that it would jump on him when he ran off, but it left him alone like it was only interested in Snotlout. He thought that the Dragon Hybrid had seen what Snotlout was doing to him and decided to help him out came to his mind, and no matter how much Hiccup tried to get out of his head, it wouldn't leave.

He was broken out of his thoughts when he heard a voice. "I know your hiding here," the voice called out playful.

Hiccup froze. It was the Dragon Hybrid. Hiccup looked out the hole in the wood and sucked in a breath.

The Dragon Hybrid was right next to his hiding spot! It's back was turned to the hole while it looked left and right. Hiccup didn't need anyone to tell him that the Dragon Hybrid was looking for him.

"I know you ran this way. Your scent clearly went this way," it said playfully.

It chuckled. "Your scent is all around here and is it goes nowhere else in any direction."

Hiccup whimpered. He forgot that Hybrids have Dragon-like senses!

Unseen to Hiccup, the Hybrid had smirked and glanced behind him. The Hybrid then suddenly jumped up.

Hiccup gasped and looked up from the hole, also looking left and right. Why did they Hybrid suddenly jump?

Hiccup froze. He sensed something behind him, and if glancing at the shadow that suddenly blocked off the sunlight was any help made he know where the Hybrid was. Hiccup quickly turned around and-

"Boo," the Hybrid yelled.

The Hybrid raised it's arms like it was going to grab him. Hiccup gave a little scream and jumped back, hitting the bark behind him.

The Hybrid laughed, holding its chest and hunching in in itself. Hiccup breathed heavily at the jump scare and that the fact that the Hybrid had found him. Hiccup glanced behind the Hybrid, who was blocking the only way to freedom. When the Hybrid stopped laughing, Hiccup looked back at it, not wanting it to see where he was looking.

But, to his luck, it did.

The Hybrid smirked and said, "Looking behind me at the outside aren't ya?"

When Hiccup's eyes widen, the Hybrid chuckled and tilted it's head back and forth in glee. "My names Night Scale. Yours is Hiccup, right? I heard that other boy say your name."

The Hybrid then took a step forward Hiccup, making Hiccup gasp and press against the bark. At that moment, the Hybrid's mood seemed to change.

Its wings and tail drooped, the smile on its face became a frown, and its eyes seemed to lose their playfulness.

Night Scale hated himself. By saving Hiccup from Snotlout, he had forgotten that Vikings didn't like Dragons and Hybrids. Night Scale had tears starting to form in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Hiccup watched the change with his eyes. He watched how the Hybrid, Night Scale, changed from playful to upset in a couple seconds. When Hiccup saw the tears, his eyes widen at the emotion. He was told that Dragons and Hybrid didn't have emotions, but this one clearly was starting to tear up. A feeling of guilt came to his chest. He didn't know why but he knew one thing:

He was the cause of Night Scales tears.

Night Scale stepped back and spoke up, upset. "Right. Vikings and Dragons don't get along, including Dragon Hybrids."

Hiccup opened his mouth to say something but before he could say anything, Night Scale turned and ran off.

Slowly, Hiccup left the hollow hole in the tree and looked in Night Scale direction.

He could chase after Night Scale and apologize, or he could try and get to know him. After all, Hiccup now sees that Night Scale only wanted to play or get to know him. He didn't mean him any harm, Hiccup's ten-year-old mind just didn't see that.

He then looked the direction of his Village. Back and forth, he looked at the opposite directions.

But he could go home like nothing happened, or tell the other Vikings what had happened. But Night Scale would run off before they got him. Plus, he saved Hiccup from getting beat up by Snotlout. And most likely scared the world out of him.

But doing that to Night Scale seemed wrong somehow. To a being capable of...feeling emotions.

A being who looked...

...just as lonely...

...he does.

Finally, Hiccup made up his mind. Setting his jaw, he turned and ran...

...right in the direction where Night Scale ran off.

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