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"Three years have passed since the Big Seven defeated the Dark Four. Three years since the saved the world," a female voice said.

The Big Seven danced around each other at the party of their success.

Flash forward to three years later, to an older looking Big Seven.

"But that doesn't mean evil has rested."

The Big Seven screamed as their shadows came alive, attacking them as a caped man laughed.

"Now, a challenge as risen. But this time, the Big Seven won't be going to journey alone."

Jack and Rapunzel stood together.

"A new hero has risen," Rapunzel exclaimed.

She showed her friends the letter.

"Someone they never meet before."

"They call him the Hero of Twilight," Jack says.

"A place where they never been before."

"Where does he live," Toothless asked.

"Someplace that has a shield over it that spirits don't go in. A land called Hyrule," Rapunzel explains.

"A whole new world coming through their eyes."

The Big Seven gasped as they looked around at the beautiful spring, bright pink glowing fairies flying around in the middle of it.

"There's something magical about this spring," Eugene says.

"And a Hero, they know nothing about."

"I am the Hero of Twilight."

The Big Seven looked at a teenage blonde boy in front of them, who had pointy ears, wore a green tunic with chainmail underneath, tan pants, brown boots, brown leather gauntlets, and a sword and shield strapped to his back.

The boy smiled at them.

"My name is Link. Nice to finally meet the Big Seven who Hyrule heard about for the past three years."

"The Big Seven will meet someone who is far more talented than them in battle."

Link grabbed Toothless's and flipped him over his head, Toothless landing on Eugene and Jamie. Link then ducked under the arrow Merida at him, taking out his own bow and firing at her, destroying the arrow in her hand. Grabbing a bomb from his pouch, Link attached it to the arrow before firing at Jack, the explosion making Jack fall on Merida. Putting his bow away to pull out his shield away, Link blocks Hiccup's flaming sword attack, kicks him in the chest before grabbing Hiccup and spinning him to bump into Rapunzel, them both of them falling over.

The Big Seven looked at Link in shock as he puts his shield away. Link looks at them.

"Your attacks are good, but you count on each other more then you count on yourselves," Link says.

"They learn new things they haven't before."

"Some battles you fight, you'll have to fight alone. So knowing how to fight alone without any help will give you more skill. Not only that, you need to learn to fight without calling each other names or any heads up. You need to become one," Link says.

The Big Seven looked at Link in confusion.

"How do we do that," Jamie asked.

Link smiled.

"I'll help you."

"Uncover lies and truths."

"The reason Spirits don't come in here is that they can be defeated. My ancestor, the Hero of the Sky proved that when he defeated the Guardians of Childhood in battle," Link explained.

"What? why," Merida asked.

Link chuckled.

"Well, let's just say it was for their own good. And we don't need them here in order to believe in them," Link said.

"Discover things they never knew."

"Princess Zelda, how is Link so powerful," Hiccup asked.

Princess Zelda turns to them.

"Link and I are vessels. I am the vessel of the Triforce of Wisdom while Link is the vessel of Triforce of Courage. We can feel the wisdom or courage of those around us and even use it to get us stronger. I knew how to do it, but Link didn't during his quest to save Hyrule," Zelda explained.

The Big Seven blinked at this information before Rapunzel gasped.

"Wait, you mean Link saved Hyrule by himself," Rapunzel exclaimed.

"No. Myself and another helped Link. The another is Princess Midna of the Twilight Realm, someone who broke the mirror who Link was close to. That was the only thing connecting our worlds and she broke it to prevent another war. Midna and Link loved each other, it was clear in their eyes. They just never got to tell each other," Zelda said.

"Face new enemies."

Jokul Frosti yelled out as he broke free of his ice prison.

"I am Jokul Frosti! I will take back my power and plunge this world into another Ice Age!"

The caped man laughed as the shadows twisted behind them.

"As long as I wear the crown, the shadows will listen to me!"

A man with a metal arm grinned at them, Dragons and Hybrids wearing amour behind them.

"I alone can control Dragons and Hybrids!"

"But find not all things can be saved."

"Link," Toothless calls out.

Link turns from where he stood at the cliff, looking at the approaching Big Seven. They looked frantic and worried.

"There has to be some way we can save you! Some way we can break the curse," Eugene says.

Link smiled sadly and shakes his head.

"I'm sorry, but this is something you can't put your hands together and solve. My ancestors fell to this curse, and so shall I. The only thing I can hope for, is that I have enough time," Link says.

"Time for what," Jamie asked.

"And while they can..."

A Twili, beautiful and tall, looked at Link with tears in her eyes.

"Link," she screamed.

"Midna," Link shouted.

Link and Midna run towards each other and hugged, tears falling down their faces.

" what they can to do what's right."

"Look at that Wolf! It looks hurt," Rapunzel yelled.

She pointed to a large wolf that had a deep looking gash on its side, a broken chain on its foot, blue earrings on his ears. It was leaning against a rock, looking at them with wariness and slight shock.

Rapunzel started walking up to it.

"I have to help it! I can't just sit here," Rapunzel exclaimed.

"Hey, wait for us," Merida said.

The Six followed her. The Wolf kept looking at them like he expected them to attack, so he growled in warning. When they didn't attack, only lift their hands up to show they meant no harm, he stopped growling in shock.

"There will be a price to pay. And one will have to pay. With their life."

Silence. Dead silence that was broken by voices crying out.


"The Hero of Twilight and the Big Seven meet. But will the evil coming defeat them?"

Link looked at the Big Seven. They are doing their hand pile up, but space is open for him to join in.

"Or will they be able to defeat the evil coming together?"

Link walks up and joins his hand in the pile, smiling at the Big Seven.

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