((((Author's Notes))))

Before this story starts I feel obligated to give a full reason for the M rating

First of all this story depicts incredibly gory scenes enough to make some weak stomached to feel sick.

Second this story has highly controversial subjects in it that would easily offend some people.

Third this story will have a slightly disturbing scene later on in the story.

And fourth of all a lot mention are things highly illegal in most parts of the world and I personal do not enjoy them at all.

It was a beautiful day out with the sun high in the sky as a pleasant breeze moved through the air. The day itself was a lovely seventy degrees, and was expected to stay that way all day long. It was the perfect weather to go out to a park or just to socialize with friends, but this was not the case for one little rabbit. She and a certain fox were busy dragging and carrying boxes into an apartment, along with furniture suited for their particular size.

"Well that's the last of them," exclaimed Judy, placing a small box on the floor just next to the door as she looked around the apartment. It was small, but nowhere near as small as her old one. The walls were painted a bright blue, making the room look inviting. Judy began to look around as she took in all the space she had now. A small kitchen, one bedroom, a living room and a bathroom - she couldn't be happier with it all.

"Well, that didn't take too long," said Nick as he plopped down on the small couch made for two.

"Of course not, we only have that couch, a table, three chairs, a microwave and a couple of drawers, plus all of our personal stuff that only needed a couple boxes each." Judy smiled as she sat down next to him.

They sat there for a moment while Judy leaned on Nick's shoulder as she relaxed and just took it all in. Nick looked down after a few minutes to see that Judy was looking up at him.

"I don't want to move, but I guess we should at least set everything up and go enjoy the day before we waste it," said Judy as she began to sit up, but Nick wrapped his arm around her and pulled her back in.

"It's not a wasted day when I'm with a dumb bunny like you," said Nick quickly as Judy looked up to see his big smile. She could only smile back as she accepted her fluffy prison and wrapped her own arm around him, pulling him closer. After a few minutes did she began to close her eyes. A few seconds later did she open them up to see that it was dark in the little apartment and that she was in the bedroom, tucked in comfortably. She looked around to see that she was all alone and that it was also very dark outside. She was about to get up when she noticed a little light to her left and saw that it was her alarm clock, which said 11:22.

"Cheese and crackers, I slept all day!" Judy gasped as she got up and noticed that she was still in her plain white shirt and blue jeans from earlier that day. Judy left the room and headed down the short hallway to find that everything was out of their boxes and already set up. Her picture of when she graduated from the academy, alongside the picture of Nick also in his graduation suit, were hanging up on the hallway wall. Upon seeing that, she looked around to find Nick, but saw no sign of him. She looked and looked till she finally heard his snores coming from the couch. Judy smiled as she walked over and peered over the edge to see Nick sound asleep on the brown sofa.

"Oh Nick, did you really unpack for both of us, put me in bed, and sleep on the couch?" asked Judy rhetorically to herself, her gaze falling upon the string of saliva running down his face. At her comment, Nick rolled over, now slightly hanging off the couch and still sound asleep. Judy looked around one last time before deciding to head back to bed. As Judy lay in bed trying to go back to sleep, she couldn't help but let her mind wander as she thought about her new life with Nick.

"To think I've been on the force with Nick for nearly four years, and to be dating him, a fox of all things," thought Judy as she smiled, suddenly remembering the first time she brought Nick to meet her family. Boy were they surprised! Her grin grew wider when she remembered her dad passing out when Nick stepped off the train.

"Oh dad, you made everything so awkward that day," said Judy to no one in particular. Eventually, she slowly drifted off to sleep, enjoying her life's moments as they passed before her in random order, strangely enough.

Judy woke the next morning to the smell of burnt carrots, causing her to sit up quickly. "Nick how many times have I told you, you can't cook carrots like an egg!" yelled Judy as she rushed to the small kitchen. The smell was quite powerful and nauseating, causing her to gag slightly.

"I'm sorry Judy, I can never seem to make you a good breakfast," whimpered Nick before he was pushed out of the way. With a frown, Judy began to take over and tossed the burnt carrots in the trash.

"It's ok Nick, you just need to remember that you're better with your silver tongue than your butterfingers," Judy smirked as she grabbed a couple of carrots from fridge and tossed them into a steamer.

"Well you should know, Carrots," said Nick with that well-known grin on his face, causing Judy to blush bright red. Judy turned to Nick and was about to say something when she decided against it. Instead, she pointed at him.

"I guess you deserve that one since you did unpack for both of us last night," sighed Judy in defeat after a few seconds of deep breaths.

"So how did you sleep?" asked Nick as he took his cooked eggs and sat down at the small table for two and began to eat his breakfast.

"I slept really well actually," answered Judy as she looked up and just now noticed that he was dressed for work with his badge on and everything.

"Wait, what time is it Nick?" asked Judy as she frantically looked around to find a clock.

"It's 5:23 in the morning. Don't worry, I just have to head in early. You still have another hour before you go in," answered Nick, seeing her dart her head this way and that. Judy quickly calmed down and pulled her carrots out of the steamer before taking a seat next to Nick at the table and eating with him. They sat quietly for a few minutes, sating their hunger before Nick ended the silence.

"So Judy, you happy to be out of that apartment of yours now?" asked Nick after taking a drink from his cup of coffee.

"To be honest, I'm going to miss it. I mean, I lived there the entire time I've lived out here, even when I came back after leaving and quitting ZPD. Sure, the neighbors were horrible and loud, but they just grew on me," reminisced Judy as she leaned back and placed a finger on her chin.

"What about you? I can't imagine what it's like, living under that bridge for so long, but at least Mr. Big was able to pull some strings so you could at least live in that motel just on the border of Tundra Town and Sahara Square," asked Judy right before taking a bite from one of her steamed carrots.

"To be honest, I can't really describe it. All I know is that for once my life doesn't look so dark, cruel, and ugly. Ever since I met you, my entire world was turned upside down, and my life was already heading downward to begin with," Nick rubbed his eye as a tear showed up before continuing. "Judy my life was nothing but cons and taking advantage of good-hearted people for my own gain. But now, I am with the police, helping those people I've hurt in some way. It is certainly a strange but relieving feeling. I love you Carrots," finished Nick as he ate the rest of his eggs and got up.

"Nick you've told me this at least a dozen times and still you cry every time. Come here Nick," said Judy as she got up and headed over to Nick, looking up at him. Nick looked down at Judy before she grabbed his tie, pulling him closer and planting a quick kiss on his lips before speaking up again. "Go get them you sly fox. I'll see you at work in an hour!" With a smile she waved Nick goodbye as did he just before leaving the apartment and closing the door behind him.

Judy stood there for about a minute before her stomach growled, letting her know that she was still hungry. She looked to see that she had only taken a few bites from her breakfast before she decided to sit back down and finish it. After finishing her breakfast, Judy began to get ready by finding a clean blue shirt, pants, and underwear before she placed them on the bed and headed off to take a shower. Judy decided to take her time in the shower as this was literally the only time she had the chance in her whole life to enjoy one. She made sure that she thoroughly cleaned her fur so it would be extra soft today.

Judy finally got out of the shower and dried herself off with a towel before covering herself with said towel and making her way to the bedroom to get dressed. After she got dressed, she looked over at the clock and saw that it said 6:16 AM, causing her to panic. "I was in the shower for nearly twenty minutes!" cried out Judy as she had never taken a shower over ten minutes, let alone even get past that. She quickly grabbed her phone and carrot pen before she ran out the door. Judy slammed the door behind her as she left her apartment. Running down the hallway, she enjoyed the feeling of the breeze of the cool morning air flow through her fur. She could see the parking lot out the window as she ran down a small flight of stairs, seeing as she was on the third floor. Within moments, she was down them and next to her cruiser.

Ever since Nick and Judy started dating each other two years ago, Chief Bogo immediately put them on different shifts and had them partner up with someone else or just go solo for the day. The only times they ever worked together was when a massive case came in, such as a mass murderer or large-scale drug bust. Because of this, they had each gotten their own vehicle, allowing them to get to and from work.

Judy fumbled with the keys for a moment before she could unlock her car, allowing her to hop right in and start it up. She did her usual routine check of her surroundings before backing up as she was always by the books about everything, especially when it came to laws and safe driving. As she pulled out of the parking lot and began to leave the apartment complex, she wondered if she could make it, as she only had ten minutes to drive five miles in morning rush hour. Judy was extra thankful as the traffic was actually pretty tame this morning; she was able to make it to work in time. Scanning the parking lot, she quickly found a place to park and ran as fast as she could inside and down the hallways. She ran into the bullpen for role call just as Bogo came into the room as well.

He glared at her as she quickly took her seat next to Wolford, the wolf way in the back as it was the only open seat left. "Ok now that we have EVERYONE, we can get down to business. Officer Hopps, you're on patrol in Sahara Square today," said Bogo as Judy jumped down from her chair and saluted him. He ignored her as he continued with assignments. Judy left the room and headed back to the main hall where she found Nick walking in with McHorn behind him, whom was escorting a handcuffed camel.

"Nick! Seems like you're already having a busy day," said Judy as she walked up to them and gesturing towards the camel.

"Yeah, we caught him pickpocketing a polar bear just as we drove by. I'll talk to you later Carrots, gotta go fill out the paperwork," said Nick as he walked past, but blew her a kiss just before losing sight of her as McHorn blocked their views of each other. Judy reached her hand out and caught the "kiss," even though she knew he didn't see it. She then turned around to leave the building.

Judy was thankful her cruiser had a really good air conditioning unit as the heat was insane today in Sahara Square. Nothing interesting had happened at all so far, except a speeding elephant, but she let him off the hook as his wife was about to give birth in the car. She had spent her whole time after that thinking what life could be like with kids. She then remembered her home and how crowded and crazy it was, and she was a child at the time. "No thanks, I don't need kids now," Judy thought as a terrified look swept over her face.

Judy had spent a good portion of the day patrolling with nothing to report and was soon called back in to report her day and fill out paperwork. The day cooled off a bit and was just comfortable enough for Judy to roll the window down and enjoy the surprisingly warm breeze that made her feel like she was wrapped in Nick's warm tail.

Suddenly, she smelled something rotten and was about to turn around when she realized she was on the highway that was overlooking the industrial section of Sahara Square; she played it off as one of the fumes from one of the many factories. Judy yawned at the thought of all the paperwork she had to do despite the very slow day.

Little did Judy know was that she had smelled was the beginning of a terrifying ordeal for Zootopia.

Meanwhile, in a dark warehouse…

"Shhh, shhh, don't whine. You deserve this, especially after what you have done to me," spoke a low, rough voice followed by the whining of a wolf in the dark,

desolate building. The wolf was tied down to a metal table and blindfolded, but not gagged in the slightest.

"What do you want? What did I ever do to you? Please let me go! I promise I won't tell anyone!" screamed the wolf as he struggled against the ropes that held him in place.

"You're making too much noise. Guess we will have to do something about that, won't we?" said the voice again. Before the wolf could respond, he was silenced by a large ball of some kind of clothing.

"Now, I guess we should begin," chuckled the terrifying voice once again before the wolf heard the sound of rubber slapping against fur as though the source of the voice was putting on some kind of glove. "Don't want your blood on my fur. Besides, these rubber gloves have special nubs on the finger tips that will give me a better grip as I peel the fur off of your body!" screamed the voice, followed by laughter and the sound of metal scraping against metal. The wolf began to shake and fight with all his might as he felt the presence of someone next to him. Everything went silent.

He stopped moving as nothing happened for nearly a minute and no longer felt anyone around him. This did not stop him from straining against his restraints as he tried with all his might to break free. Suddenly and without warning, he felt pain he has never felt before spring to life in his left hind paw as the attacker started to slice him up. He tried to pull his foot away, causing more pain as he repeatedly impaled himself on the knife. The assailant continued as he began humming a tune familiar to the wolf, causing him to whine purely on instinct as he wanted to escape.

After what felt like an eternity did the unknown animal stop and speak up. "No, no, no, you are causing a problem. I have ruined the foot. Guess I should find some kind of muscle relaxant to make my art stop moving, yet feel all my glory. Oh well, guess I'll just have to fix this and try with the next one," whispered the voice as it drew closer and closer to the wolf's ears. The wolf turned his head as much as he could toward the sound and listened carefully with complete horror as he realize that he was about to die.

Nothing was said as the wolf felt the blade slowly apply pressure to his skull. The wolf was now crying as he knew it was all over. "Don't worry. Let me hum you a lullaby so the baby can sleep peacefully," said the sinister voice as he attempted to hold back a laugh.

After a moment did the wolf hear the hum from earlier, and now he realized what it was. It was the song he hummed when he bullied all the other kids in his hometown. At this thought did he know who the voice belonged to, and suddenly he could no longer think as the blade once again began to apply increasing pressure. The wolf could feel the blade break the skin as blood began to pour down his head, cheeks, and eyes. The sound of the blade scraping bone filled his ears as the knife was driven even deeper. The wolf could smell the blood as it filled his nostrils with its sickly, sweet scent. Suddenly, without warning, he no longer felt anything as the knife was rammed with all the attacker's might into his head.

"Now that's done I can return to my work," snarled the voice as he withdrew the blade and went back to the paw he had originally started.

He looked around one last time to see that the dark building had a few more bodies in it, but they were not alive as the fur of all three had been hung next to each one of them, all of which were on hooks. He looked over to a large painted canvas. He stared at it for a moment before smiling. "Guess it's about time Zootopia saw my work. Besides, this place is starting to stink. Time to move. Also, lets see how my precious Judy likes my work!" chuckled the voice as he went back to peeling the fur off of the now-dead solid-grey wolf. No longer looking at the portrait of Judy Hopps, the killer began to hum the lullaby once again.

((((Author's Notes))))

Judy has driven past the biggest case Zootopia will probably see for nearly 100 years as a wolf had just been murdered and now being skinned as

though they were mere sport and a trophy, the killer it seems he has an obsession with Judy Hopps for some reason.

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