John? -SH

Do you still want to go through with this? -SH

Of course! You're not going to leave me at the altar, are you? -JW

I just don't understand. You could do so much better. -SH

I don't want better, or worse. I want you, Sherlock, because I love you and you love me. -JW

People will talk. -SH

They already do. You think they don't know, with they way I look at you? -JW

This is official. This is real. -SH

I like real. We'll be fine, Sherlock, I promise. -JW

(picture attached) By the way, you look very handsome. Sheets do have their appeal, but nothing suits you like a suit. -JW

Mycroft. -SH

Please don't kill him. I don't want a murder investigation at my wedding. -JW

I can't do this. -SH

You love John, don't you? -MH

Of course I do. I wouldn't have asked him to be mine forever if I didn't love him. -SH

Then you can. Sometimes, caring is an advantage. Weddings are an excellent example. -MH

What if he doesn't want to marry me anymore? What if he stops loving me? -SH

John loves you, Sherlock. He wants this just as much as you do. -MH

He does? -SH

Yes. Now straighten up, walk down this aisle and marry him. -MH

I saw a tear. Did Sherlock Holmes, the man without feelings, cry? -JW

I do have feelings, John. I love you, for instance. -SH

That you do. -JW

And I love you too. I can't believe we actually did this. -JW

Now we only need to survive this party. Care for a dance, husband? -SH

I'd love to. -JW

John? -SH

Yes? -JW

There is a little something I need to ask you. -SH

Ask away. -JW

You're not John Watson anymore, you're John Holmes now. -SH

That's not a question. -JW

Obviously. -SH

You always end your texts with 'JW'. -SH

Still not a question. -JW

Shouldn't you end your texts with, I don't know, JH? You know, John Holmes? -SH

You're adorable. And Mycroft is right, you are the girl. -JW

John! -SH

I like the sound of it, John Holmes, JH. -JW

I just want people to know that we are together. -SH

And the holding hands and the kisses and the wedding rings and you not leaving my side do not give it away? -JW

Not obvious enough. -SH

Everybody knows we're together, Sherlock. You texted all of our friends the minute I kissed you. -JW

I want the whole world to know. -SH

I don't text the entire world, you know. I mostly just text you. -JW

Dear John, it would make me, your husband, unbelievably happy if from now on, you would sign your texts with 'JH'. -SH

Well, Sherlock, I need to think about it. -JW

John. -SH

Don't give me that look. -JW

Please? -SH

I'm so whipped. -JH

I like it. -SH

I like you. -JH

We're married. -SH

I know. -JH