Chapter 1: The Island of Fire and Ice - Punk Hazard!

Finally...the New World. It had taken so long to reach this point, the final sea of our journey towards Raftel...and One Piece. Only from here on out...things were gonna get a lot tougher.

"The ocean is on fire, for hell's sake!"

...And there's that.

As soon as we emerged from underwater, we were immediately tossed around by violent, unrelenting waves and battered by fierce rain. Also, as previously mentioned by Usopp, the sea was on fire, with the floating skeletons of dead fish empasising that.

"Yeeeaaaaah! New World, baby!" I cheered, fists pumped.

"Ellix has gone mad!" Usopp screamed.

"It's New World ocean sickness!" Chopper screamed.

"We're practically in the ocean from hell, guys! We can afford to be a bit mad!" I replied enthusiastically.

"Bring back our voice-of-reason-Ellix!" The duo sobbed.

'I can't help but be excited! A sea in which anything and everything can happen!' I was grinning from ear to ear like an idiot, a.k.a Luffy. 'This is undeniably a merciless challenge! Oren! Marcus! I made it! For both of you!'

My thoughts were interrupted as the sound of crying somehow pierced through the wind, rain and waves. "What the-?" I looked over to see our resident communication snail blubbering. "The Den-Den Mushi is crying?"

"What's wrong, little guy? Your stomach hurt or something?" Luffy sked, trying to relate.

"Don't be stupid. That's a distress signal! Somebody's calling out for help!" Sanji told him.

"Then...if I pick it up, can we talk to them?" The captain wondered.

"That's what a Den-Den Mushi is for." I said with half-lidded eyes.

"Hold on, Luffy!" Robin stopped him. "The chances of that distress signal being genuine are under 50%! It's more likely to be a trap set by the Marines. If we answer the call and they're listening in, they'll know that we're in that area!"

'He's gonna pick it up.' I realised, turning my head back to Luffy to see him already picking the responder up. 'Crap!'

"Hello!? This is Monkey D. Luffy! I'm gonna be the Pirate King!" He declared as painfully, stupidly truthfully as possible.

"You moron! Don't announce everything about yourself!" I raged.

"Help! Please! Anyone!" The distressed voice of a male rang down the line as the snail cried in a panic. "It's that you, Boss!?"

"I'm not your boss! Did you say it was cold!?" Luffy shouted.

"My comrades are being sliced down one after another!" The voice continued. "We're all gonna be killed by the samurai!"

'Samurai?' I thought.

"Hey! Who are you!? What's your name!? Where are you right now!?" Luffy yelled.

"Whoever you have to help us, please!" He begged. "We're at a place called..."


There was a slicing sound, a cry of pain, and then the line went dead.

"Aaaaahhhhh! He got sliced up, too!" Usopp, Chopper and Brook screamed.

Luffy looked like he was in deep thought. "...Something bad must've happened!"

"No shit, Sherlock Lumes." I sighed as our sniper and doctor screamed at him.

"We don't know that, it all could have been an act to lure us in." Robin pointed out.

"Such a calm beauty! C'mon!" Brook sang, albeit fearfully.

"The scream sure sounded real." I rebuked. "There was genuine panic in that call. He gave us the name of his location without specifying as well."

"I heard the word 'samurai'..." Zoro said. "Brook, isn't that-?"

"Indeed. 'Samurai' is the name given to the swordsman of the Wano Country." The skeleton said. "The Wano Country is a sealed-off nation whose people do not take kindly to outsiders, they are not even part of the World Government. They say the country's swordsmen, the samurai, are so terrifyingly strong, that even the Marines dare not venture too close."

"You've gotta be kidding me..." Usopp gaped.

"Samurai's...sound awesome!" I thought aloud.

"Wrong reaction!" The sniper shouted.

"But that guy didn't say anything about the Wano Country. He said he was at 'Punk Hazard'." Franky pointed out. "You think that's the flaming island?"

"Assuming he was using a baby Den-Den Mushi, that would be the only place from which communications would be likely to reach." Robin said.

"Alright! Let's go save him, then!" Luffy declared.

"Nooooo!" The cowardly quartet screamed in horror.

"C'mon, guys." I said. "We can't just abandon someone who pleads for help, I wouldn't live with myself! And if it is a ruse, we'll punch our way out! That's my Justice!"

"Whyyyyy!?" Usopp cried in anguish.

We sailed closer to the flaming land, and decided to draw straws to see who would go over.

"Ah, crud." I muttered, seeing my straw wasn't marked, as Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and Usopp held up their red-tipped straws.

"Ellix! Please trade with me!" Usopp pleaded.

"Okay!" I enthusiastically agreed.

"Oh no you don't, Usopp." Nami hooked her arm around mine and pulled me back. "Our lookout is staying her with me, thank you."

"Awwwwww, Namiiiiiiiii!" I whined.

"You've taken away my one chance!" The sniper weeped.

"There you go; a deep-sea fish lunchbox." Sanji said, handing the four voyagers a wrapped lunchbox each.

"Milky Road!" Nami held out her Clima-Tact, as bubbly clouds spewed forth and stretched out into the air, making a road over the top of the flames.

"Whooooooaaaaaa!" Me and my captain marvelled. "That's awesome! It's a road made of cloud! It's just like the stuff we saw back on Sky Island!"

"Your amazing, Nami!" I praised her.

"Ehehehe..." She giggled whilst blushing. "Hurry on across whilst the clouds are still stable!"

The group took the Mini-Merry, whilst eating their lunches. "Here goes the scouting party! Go, Mini-Merry!" Luffy said.

"Good luck, you guys!" Chopper waved.

"You guys have all the luck..." Franky mumbled.

"We'll be able to go too, later." Sanji pointed out.

"Yohohoho! Bon voyage!" Brook sang.

"Chin up, Usopp!" Nami encouraged him.

"You'd better let us come over quickly! I wanna explore too!" I called.

"Somebody take my place!" Usopp begged, even though he was already on.

As we watched them travel up, I leaned over towards Nami. "Those clouds reach all the way to the island, right?"

"Who knows?" She shrugged, making my eyes widen.

"Ahhh, I'm so glad I didn't draw one of the go-with-Luffy straws, I can't stand hot places..." Chopper panted, melting.

"Well, we couldn't exactly let him go alone. Once he sees there's nothing there, he'll come straight back." Nami said as she tied up her hair.

"Right! Wait right there, Nami-san, and I'll whip up a nice cold deepsea fish dessert!" Sanji declared.

"Awesome!" Me, Franky and Brook cheered. At least there was an upside. Still a bit sour, though.


Even though we were a considerable distance from the island, the heat reached the Sunny, and I had to take my jacket off as we sat down and ate some nice, cold fish dessert. I looked over at Nami, and saw she was looking up with a perplexed look.

"Is something wrong, Nami?" I asked.

"'s the clouds." She told me. "There's something strange...about the sky above this island. On the far side, it looks almost like an arctic climate." I looked over to where she was looking, but all I could see was clouds, only proving that she was the navigator.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Franky laughed, still eating.

"No need to be so rude!" I gaped in shock.

Just then, I perked up. "Hm?"

"Huh? What is it, Ellix?" Chopper asked.

"I thought I heard something..." I walked over to the edge of the ship, where I supposedly heard a creak.

Only to find what was like a bulbous, glass eyes staring back at me.

"What the-!?" Suddenly a gas hit me in the face.

"Ellix!" I heard everyone gasped.

"Crap..." I cursed, as my weak will, courtesy of my Devil Fruit, caused me to fall asleep.


"E...ix...ll...Ellix! Wake up, Ellix!"

"Huwha?" My eyes lazily opened, to see Nami looking down at me. "Oh...morning, Nami..."

She sighed. "Finally, I thought you were never going to wake up."

"Eh?" It was then that I remembered what happened, and I sprang to my feet. "Ah! That guy in the suit! He used my main weakness against me!" I looked around to find myself in some kind of steel room, with 'DECK-102' engraved on one of the walls. "Is this...a holding cell?"

"We were all captured after being knocked out by the gas." I just realised that Sanji, Chopper and Franky were here as well.

"What if we're gonna be sold as slaves!?" Chopper panicked.

"Hang on, what about Brook? He was on the Sunny as well." Franky pointed out, and there was indeed no skeleton with an afro to be seen.

"We don't know. When we woke up, it was just the four of us." Nami said.

"If they're trading in humans, maybe they're not interested in skeletons!" Chopper thought aloud.

"Uh, you're not exactly human yourself." Franky pointed out.

"And neither are you!" Sanji yelled.

"Maybe they thought he was dead and left him." I suggested.

"Oh, forget it!" Sanji cried in annoyance, as Franky posed.

"Say, friends. Do you enjoy the art of Hanjimono? Or 'Puzzles' as they say in foreign languages?" An unfamiliar voice spoke up.

"Huh? Did someone just talk?" Nami wondered.

"Well, it sure wasn't any of us!" Franky said.

"I think the voice came from these!" Chopper called us over to the corner of the room, and I raised a quizzical eyebrow at what I saw.

They seemed to be...pieces of a face. A mouth, eyes, nose, ears, chin and hair, all moving, alive it was weird. They raged and thrashed around as we looked at them.

"It seems to me that you are not evildoers!" The mouth continued to speak. "These objects you see before you are parts of my face! Could I perhaps trouble you to rearrange them?"

"Rearrange your face?" I said, the very words feeling weird as I spoke. "I...guess so?" We continuously fit the face pieces together, until we had something like a face. Noticing that the chin and hair were the wrong way around, I quickly switched them.

"My head has been restored! You have my thanks!" The now proper head said.

"It's a talking head!" We all shouted in horror.

"What kind of timing is that!?" The head roared.

"Why are you even alive!? Are you an evil spirit!?" Chopper questioned the head whilst holding a cross.

"Even I am unsure of the answer to the question! I most certainly did not end up this way of my own choice!" The head responded. "I was sliced into pieces by an individual of whom I know naught! Though I thought my life had ended, I ended up as you see me now! To fall at the hands of the enemy and yet live on is great shame for a warrior!"

"So your a warrior, huh? And a pretty prideful one at that." I observed.

"He's weird, kind of like Buggy." Nami said. "By the way, you wouldn't happen to know where we are, do you?"

The head looked offended. "How can you address me so bluntly!? You are a woman, and I, a proud warrior! This is not natural!"

I immediately grabbed the head and squeezed hard. "Sorry, I didn't realise you were THAT kind of person."

"AH! You are crushing my scalp!" The head screamed.

"You have got a pretty big mouth for a disembodied head, and ungrateful, too!" Nami said, pulling on the heads cheek.

"Such violence!" It cried. "From what manner of alien land do you hail!? You, boy, are brutish! But this woman can be understood, clearly not in the right mind, doubtless because her clothing has been stripped of her!"

"What!?" I said.

"This is what I wear!" Nami told him, pointing at said area.

"H-How positively obscene!" The head gasped. "Why, you wear nothing but a chest binding!"

"Don't you like it?" She asked.

"Actually, I like it very much!" The head gave a perverted grin.

"Soru." I smashed the head into the floor at lightning speed, making it scream in pain as a spiderweb crack spread across the impact zone from the force. "Sanji."

"With pleasure." He complied as he kicked the head like a football, sending it flying into the wall.

"It hur...hur...itches!" Prideful little head, wasn't he? "To think such tendencies exist in foreign remarkable!"

"Get to the point." I hissed at the head.

"Obviously! Who are you people!? You said you were abducted from a ship of sort?" We should be asking YOU first you stupid head!

"We're pirates, baka." Sanji told him.

"Pirates!?" The head raged. "No wonder your ways are so barbaric! I detest pirates! The very thought of them makes me sick to my stomach!"

"Wow. I'm so shocked." I mumbled sarcastically. "I was expecting a totally different reaction." I lay on my side and rolled over, effectively ignoring him. Still though, I heard him whining on, and my attention was caught as the nature of the island was brought up. Turns out that half of the island was fire, and half was ice, as Nami had suspected earlier. Islands in the New World were pretty cool! But that sucked at the minute because we were locked up!

"Out of the way! My cola tanks are full to the brim!" I looked over to see Franky aiming at the door, and realising what he was gonna do, I jumped up in excitement.

"Frankyyyyyy Radicaaaaaaaaaal Beeeeeeeaaaaaaaaam!" Franky fired his awesome, blinding laser, and me and Chopper were starstruck from the display of sheer engineering awesomeness that was our shipwright. A large hole was now burned into were it once was. "The doors open. Let's leave."

"I guess that body isn't just for show!" Sanji figured.

"I wish I could fire beams!" Don't we all, Chopper.

"So what are you gonna do now?" Sanji asked the head, picking him up by his...topknot..."Samurai of the Wano Country!?"

"Ah! Fudge! How did I not notice that!?" I said.

"Wait! He's the samurai!?" Chopper asked.

"Look at his hair. A topknot is a traditional haircut for a samurai." Sanji pointed out.

"Ahhhhhhh! Then he's the scary samurai who sliced everyone up!" Chopper screamed.

"I don't see how he'd be able to, given he's just a head now." I said.

"I heard some kind of explosion coming from this way! It must be the pirates!" A voice yelled down the metal corridor outside our prison.

"Want to know why we came here? We followed a distress call from one of the guys you sliced up, Samurai-san!" Sanji told him.

"Sanji, come on! Just leave him behind!" Chopper begged.

"He may be a terrible, disgusting person, but is it right to just leave him here defenceless?" I thought aloud. Really, I was asking that myself more then anyone else, very tempted to use Shigan inbetween his eyes.

"I would not shamefully take the lives of others without reason!" The samurai told us. "I came to this island, in order to rescue my son! Those who stand in my way, I will slice down without hesitation!"

"Your son?" Brilliant, hit me in a soft spot, perv samurai.

Sanji shot him a look, which the head shot back, before he sighed and we started running, carrying the samurai by his hair.

"You're taking him with us!? But he's dangerous!" Chopper cried.

"I'll take full responsibility!" Sanji said.

"Let's go, guys!" I shouted. "If this is a half-ice, half-fire island, let's break out and find our nakama!"

"Your enjoying this too much, Ellix!" Nami told me.

"Can't help it! Doririririri!" I laughed.

Our first advanture in the New World had begun!


"Here's your delivery for the month, Monet." A female voice spoke.

"As always, thank you." A woman replied. She had wavy green hair and sharp yellow eyes with a green tank top and striped yellow/orange pants. The main thing about her was that instead of arms, she had wings, and instead of legs, she had the talons of a bird, giving her the appearance of a harpy.

"We can trust that your 'Master' will continue to feed this important supply?" The other woman spoke, her appearance hidden by a large dark blue cloak as she stood in the corridor. "It is so awfully difficult to travel all the way out here just to deliver these."

She gestured to the crates beside her, which had different labels on the side of them, such as 'Chemicals' and 'Equipment'. On all of them though, was the black stamp of a Jolly Roger; the main skull was a diamond shape, with sharp, triangle-shaped mean eyes, whilst the lower jaw was a half diamond, and had spiked teeth grrinning to connect the lower jaw to the upper one. The length of the crossbones looked like arrowheads, whilst the ends looked like shurikens, and there was a thin line dashing through the entire skull, making it look like it had a shine effect.

"The production will continue as planned." Monet assured her.

"Glad to hear it. There are MANY big names who want this to succeed." The woman nodded.

Monet shot her a sharp look, but quickly returned to smiling. "Thank you for your concern. Goodbye...Penni."

The other woman simply nodded, and walked in the opposite direction as Monet had some more masked minions carry the crates for her.

"Oh, Monet. Cold as ever." Penni spoke to herself. "Still though, nobody can argue with that sexy body your rocking. Oh, the things I would do to you..."

She was brought out of her fantasy at the sound of an explosion. "Oh? My, my, what could that be?" She smirked. "Looks like it's time for a surprise inspection." She then ran off in the direction of the noise.


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