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The Second Annual Avengers Free-For-All Capture The Flag

Tony yawns and stares at the scrap of metal in his hand. Next to him, Steve chucks his shield at the training room wall. It flies back to him and he catches it easily. Then he repeats the process.

Wanda and Vision stand in a corner, talking quietly. Vision was giving the Scarlet Witch flying lessons, but they gave up on that. Rhodey, Sam, Clint, Pietro, and Scott have started a game of "Who can lift the hammer?" So far, Thor was the only one, and he now watches with a slightly amused smile.

Bruce shakes his head at the five men. "Idiots," he muttered. "They realize they're not gonna be able to lift it, right?"

"I'm telling ya, it's based on Thor's fingerprints!" Tony exclaims.

"How was Vision able to lift it, then?" Steve points out, chucking his shield again.

"I agree with Mr. Stark," Peter Parker pipes up.

"Look, kid, you're just here for the weekend," Bruce says. "You don't want to be agreeing with Tony."

Bucky snorts and nabs the shield out of the air as it comes back towards them. Steve's protests are drowned out by a burst of laughter from another corner of the room, where Natasha, Sharon, Maria, and Pepper were laughing about something.

"This is boring," Tony complains. "When is Fury going to be here with this special announcement of his?"

"Do not act like a small child," T'Challa advises him. "You people need to learn patience."

Steve rolls his eyes. "That's all Tony." Steve attempts to get his shield back from Bucky and fails. Bucky laughs and hands it back.

"There he is!" Clint calls from across the room. The door to the training room slides open and Nick Fury walks in, grinning menacingly.

"Oh, boy," Bruce says, noticing the look on Fury's face.

"I hate that look," Tony groans. Peter looks around nervously.

"Guys…" he says. "Captain America looks nervous. That means we're screwed."

"Please don't tell me…" Bucky says, burying his face in his hands.

"Avengers!" Fury calls. "It's time for a team-building activity!"

"You don't mean…" Bruce begins.

"Capture the Flag!" Fury announces. Half the room cheers, the other half looks terrified. Bruce looks at Natasha fearfully. The last time the team played, Bruce had tricked Nat when they were in the final two. Now he was going to pay for it.

"I'll sit this one out," Pepper says, glancing around at the room of eager - or not-so-eager - participants.

"We have a much larger amount of players this time," Fury says. "I will give you exactly one hour to prepare. Make alliances, gather supplies, et cetera."

"We're allowed weapons this time?" Nat asks excitedly.

"No," Fury says. "I said supplies, not weapons. Distractions and tools, yes. But no weapons or suits!"

"I'm gonna bring Redwing," Sam whispers to Rhodey.

"Capture the Flag?" Peter exclaims. "Against you guys? I'm dead. I'm so totally dead."

"Don't worry, kid," Tony says. "We have an hour. Let's make some alliances."

Steve glances at Bucky. "Me and you?"

Bucky shakes his head. "I'm with Wanda again. We agreed on it last week."

Steve groans. "I swear, if I hadn't tricked you, you two would've won." Bucky smirks and heads to his teammate. They exchange handshakes. Vision mutters something to Wanda and walks towards Pietro. They shake hands, and then shake hands with Thor, much to the aghast looks of Clint, Sam, Scott, and Rhodey. The four men turn to each other and begin talking rapidly.

Tony looks at Steve. "Alliance again?"

Steve shakes his head. "I'm going solo this time. It'll probably change halfway through, but for now I'm going solo."

"Fine. Fine!" Tony says, throwing his hands in the air. "I'll just go up against the superwomen alone!" He gestures wildly towards Nat, Maria, and Sharon, who are excitedly talking together.

"Um, Mr. Stark?" Peter says. He whispers something in Tony's ear. Tony breaks out into a grin and repeats the information to Bruce. Bruce smiles.
"See you in the woods," Tony says to Steve. "T'Challa? Would you like to join us?"

T'Challa grins. "I am sure if I played this game, it would not end well."

"You would probably win," Steve says, nodding.

T'Challa's grin widens. "Which is why I will go solo."

Tony's eyes widen. He turns to Peter. "We may need more explosives." He, Bruce, and Peter rush out of the room. Steve turns to T'Challa. Both grin at each other.

"Halfway if we're not both out?" Steve asks. T'Challa nods. The game is about to begin.

"Are you sure this will work?" Nat asks nearly an hour later. The Avengers are once again gathered in the small, flying room.

"Of course," Maria grins, handing each woman a walkie-talkie. "Meet up when there are five left?"

"Yup," Sharon says, attaching the walkie-talkie to her hip, next to her flag. They turn to Fury, in the front of the room.

"The whistle will blow for the game to begin," he announces. "When you hear it blow followed by a name announced, that person is out."

The three women grin, thinking of everyone they'll get out. Wanda meets Nat's eyes from across the room and nods, pointing to Bucky behind her back. Nat nods and slips through the Avengers towards her as the room goes dark. Everyone starts chatting as they feel the room lifted into the air and Nat slips Wanda a fourth walkie-talkie.

"Let the games begin!" Fury's voice announces as the first person is dropped off.

The whistle sounds.

The game has begun.

Wanda searches the woods, coming upon everyone in the game. But she's searching for someone in particular. Her brother.

She doesn't want to give him the pleasure of winning, especially because he teamed up with her sort-of boyfriend.

She finds him, surprisingly, only a short distance away from her. He's moving at a breathtakingly fast speed. Well, he only has two speeds. Walking or running. There is no in between. Wanda stifles a laugh as he runs straight into another presence-Steve.

Wanda laughs. This will be all too easy.

Steve crept quietly through the woods, cautious should anyone stumble upon him. There were several more experienced players in the game since the last time.

He froze as he he heard movement and glanced up, fists raised and ready to fight. A blur of color slams into him. The force of the impact knocks both the super-soldier and the blur over. Steve is on his feet in a matter of seconds, ready to beat the shit out of whatever's attacking him.

"Steve?" the younger man, now paused in his motion, says. "What the hell?"

"Dude, you just ran into me at about fifty thousand miles an hour," Steve groans, rubbing his head. "I should be the one saying, 'what the hell'."

"Sorry," Pietro grins sheepishly, ruffling his hair slightly. "Um, I'll just be, going now," he continues uncomfortably.

Steve grins. "Oh no, you won't. There's a price to pay for running into me."

Pietro gulps and eyes the flag tied around his belt nervously. Steve grins. "If you get someone else's flag, you bring it to me. And then we'll be square, and I won't take your flag."

Pietro thinks for a moment. "Deal," he decides. Steve looks shocked. He figured the kid would just run. Pietro senses this and grins. "Bet you didn't see that coming." Then he zooms off.

Steve groans. "I am so sick of that sentence!" he grumbles, turning to find somewhere to hide. He was going to wait this one out-until he and T'Challa could team up to take the others out.

Somewhere, a whistle sounds, followed by a name. Steve grins.

One down, sixteen left.

Fifteen to go.

Bruce and Tony flash each other a thumbs-up as Natasha wanders into their sight. Tony holds up the glitter bomb he, Bruce, and Peter perfected in the hour they had before the game began.

Oh, yes. They were very serious about team-building activities.

Bruce nods. Tony launches the glitter bomb at Natasha, hitting a tree branch above her. The bomb explodes and Nat jumps nearly a foot in the air. A shower of pink and purple rains down on her, covering her head and shoulders.

"Not. Funny," she growls. "Not even remotely funny. Who did that? I'm gonna find you!"

Another glitter bomb launched to the left, spraying her in the face. Nat sputters and tries to wipe the stuff out of her eyes. While she's distracted, Bruce and Tony rush forward to attempt to nab her flag. The spy senses them coming, though, and suddenly Bruce is scampering away and Tony is flat on his bag, his flag stolen.

The whistle sounds as Nat gets the rest of the glitter out of her face. "Tony Stark is now out!" Fury's voice booms over the forest.

Nat grins. "Nice try, Stark," she says, taking the rest of the glitter bombs as well as other distractions off of his belt. She straps them next to her two flags. Then she rushes off into the forest.

Tony groans. The kid was right-it wouldn't be enough for a super-spy. He only hoped Bruce and Peter would be smarter.

T'Challa watches the spy cross the small clearing in front of him. She stops and turns in a slow circle, scanning the trees before her. She does not see the panther in the woods.

Another person crossing into T'Challa's line of vision. He watches as the two face off, Nat and Clint, best friends turned enemies for the course of the game.

Words are exchanged that T'Challa does not hear. He silently stalks off, away, towards new voices that may prove more interesting.

It is the soldier and the witch. Bucky and Wanda talk quietly, glancing around. T'Challa catches his name.

"What about the cat man?" Wanda asks.

"T'Challa will be fine. He and Steve have this secret plan to meet up," Bucky responds.

"Does he know?" Wanda asks.

"I don't think so," Bucky says. "I overheard them talking."

"Alright," Wanda says. T'Challa takes a step forward, his foot cracking on a small twig. Both look up in surprise, but they do not see him.

"I will go and find whoever took out Stark," Wanda says. "You go for the target."

Bucky nods and both turn off in separate directions. T'Challa pauses, making a hard decision, and silently stalks off after the Winter Soldier.

Pietro cracks his neck. This will be easy. Then he just needs to find Steve. Then he'll take Steve's flag. Then he'll hide and wait for phase two of his plan.

It's not like he's been working this out since the end of the last game. He hasn't been obsessed with making a plan. He totally doesn't have a burning desire to possess that shiny trophy currently on display in Bruce's room.

Before Rhodey knows what's hit him, Pietro is already gone, flag in hand.

"Bet you didn't see that coming!" he hoots over his shoulder. In truth, he's just as sick of that sentence as the others, but he likes watching them get annoyed.

The whistle sounds, followed by "James Rhodes is now out!" Pietro doesn't look back, just runs until he makes it to where Steve was before.

He's still standing there. Pietro hands him the flag cautiously, then backs up a few steps. Steve grins like a fool.

"Thanks, buddy," Steve says, but he's not looking at Pietro. He's looking at something over Pietro's shoulder.

Instinctively, Pietro darts to the side. Thor stumbles forward. Pietro nabs his flag and runs, runs as fast as he can, which is, in fact, very, very fast. Another whistle, then, "Thor is out!"

Pietro grins. This may be easier than he thought.

Clint stares at his best friend.

"H-hey, Nat," he says, looking around. "Watcha up to?"

Nat grins sinisterly and pulls on of Tony's glitter bombs from her pocket.

"W-what's that?" Clint asks.

Nat's smile widens and she throws the bomb as hard as she can at the ground. A puff of glitter rises into the air, engulfing both of them. Moments later, Nat is disappearing into the woods and Clint is staggering around, flagless. A whistle. "Clint Barton is now out!"

Clint sighs as he's lifted into the air. It's more fun to watch from the floating platform, anyways.

"No!" Rhodey howls. "Come on, man! That's two of our alliance down!"

"Sorry," Clint says, shrugging. "I did my best."

"Look," Tony says excitedly, pointing to one of the many screens Fury had set up to track each of them. Seventeen screens are up, but four are black. Two screens show a confrontation between .

"Oh boy," Clint whistles. "This is gonna be good." The two circle each other for several moments. Then, out of nowhere, bits of crimson magic trails over, taking Sharon's flag and Steve's two flags. The three flags float to Wanda hand from where she's hiding in one of the trees.
"Ha!" Wanda yells, then scurries up into the higher branches.

From the floating platform, Fury blows into his whistle two sharp blasts. "Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter are now out!" The platform flies around the woods. Along the way, they spot T'Challa trailing Bucky and Peter and Bruce talking quietly. Steve and Sharon are welcomed onto the loser's platform graciously. Clint grins and stares at Sam's screen. He doesn't notice the man sneaking up behind him.

"Gotcha," Scott whispers. He's been planning on breaking the alliance this whole time. He was just waiting for the right moment to do it.

Sam whirls around. "Shit," Scott whispers, then lunges for Sam's flag.

"Sorry, Tic-Tac," Sam says, effortlessly nabbing Scott's flag. "You lose."

"Actually, you both lose," Bucky says, snatches both flags from Sam.
"You all lose," T'Challa says, grabbing three flags from Bucky.

"I will win!" Pietro screams, dashing by and taking all four from T'Challa. He's gone before any of them can react.

"Well," Scott says, breaking the silence. "That was fun."

Four blasts from the whistle. "T'Challa Udaku, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, and Scott Lang are all out."

"We certainly didn't see that coming," Sam says, and the three others groan.

"So who's left?" Bruce whispers to Peter.

"Well, those four just got out," Peter responds. "And before them Steve and Sharon, and before that Tony, Rhodey, Clint, I think. Yeah, and Thor. So that leaves me, you, Pietro, Vision, Wanda, um...Nat, Maria, um...yeah, that's it."

"So, seven players left?" Bruce asks casually, eyeing Peter's flag.

"Yeah, sorry, Hulk," Peter says. He lunges forward and catches the edge of Bruce's flag tearing it away. "But six players left."
"Oh, you've got to be kidding me," Bruce says.

"Please don't go green," Peter whispers, then scampers away. Bruce sighs. Guess I'll have to give up that trophy, he thinks. The whistle blows. "Bruce Banner is now out!"

Wanda grins as the younger boy rushes right into the clearing near the tree she's perched in.
"Hello," she says cheerfully. Peter turns towards the sound of her voice and groans. His two flags are lifted from him and travel casually towards her. He tries to snatch them back, but a blast of magic pushes him back.

"Thanks, sis," Pietro says, running straight through the soon-to-be her flags.

"What?!" she sputters as her twin brother runs away.

"Wow," Peter says. "Tough luck."

Wanda glares at him. Another whistle.

"Peter Parker is now out!"

"Ten bucks says Wanda wins," Tony throws out casually.

"Ten bucks on Pietro," Clint counters.

"I think it's gonna be Vision," Sam says.

"No way," Rhodey scoffs. "Maria's a trained agent."

"Nat's been through the Red Room," Bruce points out. "My money's on her."

"Why don't we start a betting pool?" Scott says. Everyone begins taking sides. Fury and Pepper watch with amused grins as money is placed on all five remaining contestants.

The platform waits.

And waits.

And waits.

No one moves.

No one breathes.

They wait.

And they wait.

And they wait.

Nothing happens.

All five remaining contestants are nowhere near each other.

They wait.

And they wait.

And they wait.

"Alright," Fury decides. "Time to spice it up a little. Tony?"

Tony grins and holds up what Fury had stored on the platform.
"I thought you'd never ask."

Vision stares out across the playing field, searching. He can't find anyone. The sessions where Wanda taught the others to close their minds must be paying off. Suddenly, above his head, there's a bang. A shower of sparkles rains down on him, coating everything. But as soon as the glitter touches anything, it rockets in the opposite direction, thus creating a haze of glitter.

Vision can't see anything. He tries lasering his way through the glitter, but that only causes it to move in a more frantic manner. He stumbles around, banging into trees left and right. He tries flying up, only to be shot down by another glitter bomb.

He silently curses under his breath. He'll have to try to get out of the glitter via ground, where he could smash into anything. Or anyone.

"Direct hit!" Rhodey calls.

"He's leaving," Clint announces. "In the direction of Nat."

"Start going on her," Sharon advises. "Most likely she'll head north, towards Vision."

"On it," Tony says, angling his shot as the platform speeds towards Nat. He drops a couple of bombs on her until they see her staggering away. She smacks straight into Vision, both trying to rub the glitter out of their eyes. They jump back. Tony pauses in his shooting.

"Wait for it," Bucky says. "Wait until they lunge at each other, then launch another."

Tony takes his advice and waits, something everyone notes. Tony and Bucky aren't on the best of terms. Suddenly, Nat lunges for Vision, who ducks out of the way. Tony jams his thumb down on the trigger, showering both in glitter.

"Here comes Maria!" Peter announces, watching as the glitter fills Maria's screen. "She's checking out the mess.

"So is Wanda," T'Challa says.

"I can't see anything!" Bruce cries.

"Nat has Vision's flag!" Steve says.

"Vision is now out!" Fury shouts, blowing his whistle.

"It's the three women!" Thor says excitedly. "I wonder how this will play out?"
"Now, Tony, now!" Bruce yells. "Launch them all!" Five seconds later, nearly twenty glitter bombs are launched over the heads of Wanda, Nat, and Maria. Three screens fill with glitter, the fourth, Pietro's, remains moving too fast for anything to be noticeable.

The glitter clears, pushed away by Wanda's magic, revealing Maria triumphantly holding all of Nat's flags. Pietro's screen slows, and he snatches all of the flags Maria has. Maria and Nat join Vision on the platform.
"Good game, guys," Nat says, grinning sheepishly.

"SHH!" the platform shushes her.

Wanda and Pietro face off, both grinning.

"Hello, brother," Wanda says quietly.

"Hello, sister," Pietro responds. "Do you think you are going to win?"

Wanda raises a hand, crimson magic already swirling along her fingers. "I know it."
"You know," Pietro remarks. "I am twelve minutes older than you." In a blur of motion, Wanda's flags are gone, leaving her spinning.

"And the winner is Pietro Maximoff!" Nick Fury announces.

Wanda levitates herself onto the platform, grinning. "It was a good game," she admits. "Where is my idiot brother?"

"I don't know," Fury admits. Suddenly, all the screens light up to form a giant picture of Pietro's grinning face.

"You are all too slow," Pietro teases, backing up and dancing around the room, flags in one hand and trophy in the other. Fury looks to the podium the trophy was just on.
"How in hell did you-"

"None of you saw that coming!"

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