Here is a Metroid fic I've written.

Disclaimer: As you'd guess I don't own Metroid, Samus, the Power Suit, or anything else like that. I only own my original characters.

Metroid: Reality

It was quite the boring day. School was the same. Boring classes that I paid little attention to. As usual though my boyfriend brought me to his house to play his weird video games. He especially liked this odd one. Prime something.

"Come on Fara, you gotta love Samus." He said. "Who the hell is Samus?" I said back firmly.

My name is Fara. That's my boyfriend Mike. He's a popular kid at school. Well only until he started dating me. I'm quite the looker. I've had to make myself look like that to be considered popular myself. I dye my hair blond and my face has had some work done. Not just my face either. Mike said I'd be more popular if I were a buxom person. Seems like he only said that for himself. I'd say something but I'm afraid I wouldn't be popular anymore.

"You'll love this game." He told me turning on his cube thing. "It's just a game. This Samus isn't real." I told him trying to snap him back to reality. "Just watch me work." He said.

I actually fell asleep in his room. He didn't care. Just watching that god- awful screen was better than spending time with me. Well when I woke up I decided to leave. Before leaving though his tv blanked out and I got shocked by one of the cords that stretched out the door.

"Ow! Next time you wanna do this, don't!" I yelled strictly. Once at home I felt the effects of that little shock. I just fell asleep again on my couch.

When I woke up I was in some cave. It was creepy, bugs and everything. "Where the heck am I?" I told myself. Then I heard some noise behind me. Not wanting to see it I ran forward. I eventually ran into some odd orb. It was glowing and I felt the urge to touch it. I did. Then next thing I knew I was in some odd suit.

"What the?" I thought. It had this pink exterior, was slightly thick and the right arm was a cannon. Then the noise got louder. I ran and hid behind a rock. Then this thing in this blue and yellow suit entered.

"Where is it?" the person said. I was afraid to be spotted. It happened. It saw me.

"Stand up!" he said pointing the cannon at me. This person looked familiar. I stood up scared out of my mind. "The SA-X! You're still alive?" he said to me. "The X what?" I said confused. "Think you can fool me?" he said sternly. He fired at me and I blacked out.

I woke up in a bed. I looked around and saw my clothes hanging in the corner of this small room. What a pervert! I was also strapped down to the bed. This guy is nasty. Then I saw him sitting at a table examining something.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing? Let me go! And give me back my clothes!" I shouted forcefully. It just looked at me with that blue visor on that red helmet. "Didn't you hear me? Let me go!" I shouted again.

"Not until I'm done testing." He told me in a robotic like voice. Great this is worse than rape. He was experimenting on me. My body's had enough work done. Probably going to wake up with another arm or head. Then the guy got up and went over to me.

"You don't seem to be a threat. After all, you didn't even attack me. And if you were the SA-X you wouldn't hide behind a rock hugging your knees." He said in a broken voice as he undid my straps and let me stand. I stood up and didn't notice that I was completely naked.

"Don't stare you pervert!" I shouted trying as best I could to cover myself. "Look girlie! It's nothing I don't see everyday." He said. Then he removed his helmet and I found out it wasn't a he. It was a she! She had her blond hair tied up in the back. She let it flow down and looked at me. "You thought I was a guy? Well most people do." She told me.

"Wow, never thought about that." I said awestruck. "um...don't you have clothes to put on?" she said pointing to the clothes hanging. "oops!" I said running over and putting them all on. My short pink tanktop with my purple jeans felt nice. "Now, I'd like to ask you a few things..." she started. "Fara." I told her. "Well my name is Samus." She said.

Samus! Wasn't that the person in Mike's game? She was very threatening. I mean, she was so together, she probably beat all the boys to get that armor.

"Where are you from?" she started asking. "America." I told her. "How did you get to space?" she asked. "I fell asleep and woke up here." I said honestly. "When was that?" she asked with curiosity. "Yesterday I think." I said. "How? You can't go from Earth to NX35 in a day. It takes my ship at least a week to get here. Hard to believe you made it here. And that suit you were wearing." She said trailing off.

Come to think of it. What was that suit? Very odd if you ask me.

"I've studied it and it seems to be a version of my Power Suit that was made by the Chozo. I was looking for it and you found it first. I feared the space pirates were after it." She told me with that same serious tone on her face. "I guess so. But why did you think I was the SM something?" I said confused. "The SA-X. It's an X parasite that is mimicking me. It looks like the suit you had. Only not pink. The suit was apparently programmed to vaccinate the user with an anti-X vaccine. You won't have to worry about infection. But unlike me, you can't absorb them."

"Too many words!" I said holding my head. "Well, I'm not sure what to do with you. I am supposed to head down to the planet and investigate space pirate activity. What to do with you." She said thinking. "Perhaps you could leave her here." A voice said.

"Who was that?" I said looking around. "Adam. He's my CO. Overseeing my mission." Samus told me. "I wish it was a pleasure to meet you Fara, but we have little time for such things. Samus, the ship has detected space pirate movement deep within NX35. You should make your way in and investigate what they plan to do. Any objections, Lady?" he said. I didn't like how he called her Lady.

"Show some respect. Don't call her Lady like that." I told him or whatever it was. Placing my hands firmly on my hips. "You were right Samus. Anyone else would find it sarcastic." He said with a humorous tone in his voice. "I don't mind. It's how we show respect." Samus said to me. "But what should I do here?" I said concerned.

"I'm leaving you here. Once I'm done with this little mission I'm going to decide what to do with you next." she said strapping on her helmet and leaving the area. "Adam, lock the ship. Don't let her out once I'm gone. Only I may enter or leave." She said firmly. "Understood." He acknowledged. She left and I was alone again. Me and this computer thing.

"This is so boring!" I yelled falling on the bed on my back, arms out. "Don't be so negative. Samus shouldn't take long. Only supposed to be left over space pirates looking for the SA-X." Adam told me. "What the hell is this SA-X?" I yelled again. "You like to yell too. You'd never make it in this world. Anyway, the SA-X was an X parasite mimicking Samus with her greatest abilities. We thought they died on another mission. It turns out that when one part of the ship was ejected the SA-X was on it found the escape pod in that sector and its running around causing mayhem. Thankfully this planet is out of the way for the X to multiply too much." He said. It was a little interesting.

"Hope Samus is okay. I mean even if she is strong and stuff she could still be hurt." I said concerned. "Do no worry. She has been through much worse." He said. As I just began to get comfortable and safe an alarm went off.

"What is happening?" I asked. "Checking into that now!" Adam said. "Samus are you there?" "I'm here. The SA-X is here. The pirates got to it first. But I'm taking fire! The pirates seem different." She said into her communicator. "Samus, get out of their! No use dying for this. Regroup! Samus? Respond!" Adam said noticing the other end went dead.

"Is she okay?" I asked very worried. "I'm not sure. She could be dead, but I don't want to think that." Adam said with a depressed tone in his voice. "I need to help her!" I shouted to Adam, wherever he was.

"What can you do? You'd never survive without a suit." He said. "What about the one I found?" I said realizing that I still had the pink suit somewhere on the ship. "You don't have the training! And you're totally unarmed. All you have is the basic Power Beam! But, it is our only option. I'll try to walk you through as best I can. The suit is down the hall and the third door on your right." He told me.

I ran out the door and down the hall. In the room Adam pointed out was my suit. A darkish pink with red plates on some sections. "Now, walk up to it. I'll release the locks." Adam told me over the ship intercom. The suit folded out and I got into the legs. It folded back up and over my body. I heard a click and it was sealed. A bit of a tight fit, pressed against my body a bit much. Then it got a bit looser. "How'd it know?" I said aloud. "It is configuring itself to fit the user. Look at the display on the Combat Visor." He informed me.

The visor had a display on the top. It said Energy and showed a bar with 99 next to it. The bottom corners showed different things, one for weapons and the other for visors. "Good, now I'll open the ship. I know Samus said not to, but this is important." He said. I heard the ship unlock and I was prepared to leave.

Outside I was on the surface of some kind of asteroid. "This is a planet?" I said. "Yes. Very small. A little larger than Pluto but it's still massive. Now see that door in front of you?" He asked. "Yes. It's bluish." I told him looking at it. "Fire your beam at it." He instructed.

Fire my beam? I don't know how to, and I'm not the violent type. "Almost forgot. To fire your cannon, clench your right fist." He told me. Why not? I clenched my right fist and a ball of energy shot out of the right arm at the door. It opened.

"Your aim needs work but I trust you'll get better." He hinted. "I'm not used to attacking things. Now what?" I asked a little startled from the gunfire. "Obviously, enter the door." He said sounding a little pissed.

Entering the door I was inside a cave. "See the indicator in the upper right?" he asked me. "Yes, it looks like a room." I told him. "That's your map. Take the path that branches down. I've detected an item there. Along the way is a Navigation Room, created so the pirates can stay in touch, but you can use it to contact me. I'll upload the map to you there. Now get moving." He ordered. Never liked being ordered. I've had enough from my world.

The path was very empty. Nothing out of the ordinary, if you consider being on another planet in a space suit ordinary. I found the room Adam spoke of and entered. Going up to the computer I hit a button and the screen popped up. "Insert your cannon arm into this slot." A slot popped out of the computer and I put the arm in it. A map of the area appeared over the visor. It said "Map data downloaded for the area."

"Now that you have the map I can point out the area to you. See that dot in this area?" he asked me as one section of the map started to glow. "Yes." I agreed. "It appears the Morphing Ball is there. With it you may be able to reach new areas. Go down to the TARGET and acquire the Morphing Ball. Is your objective clear?" He asked. "Yes, I think I can manage." I answered back. I never expected to be able to take orders like this. As long as I can get Samus out of here so she can handle things. I'm just the rescue party.

It was a long run to the target but in the room I found a strange ball resting in some bird's hand. "This must be the Morphing Ball." I went up to it and touched it. The suit absorbed it. I floated in the air and rolled up into a ball. Some metal casing fit over me. "How do I get out of this?" Then I stood up and was back in my original size. "Morphing Ball acquired. Roll into a ball saying morph." The suit's computer told me. "Useful. Maybe I should get back to Adam." I said running out of the room to Adam.

Upon leaving monsters were here. Odd looking green bugs. They fired at me and it hit me. My energy was at 78 now. I fired back at all four of them. When the beam hit them they exploded and died. "Oh my god! I just killed something!" I said stifling a cry. I dropped to my knees and cried my eyes out. Would I have to kill more of these things to get to Samus? I ran back to the Navigation Room.

"Good. You found the Morphing Ball! Now you can reach areas that were previously unable for you to reach. What's wrong?" he wondered concerned. I was still crying. "I had to kill these bug things." I uttered with tears in my eyes. "Those must have been soldiers." An image of what I just killed appeared on the screen. "These are the most basic form of space pirates. One shot will destroy them. But I'm sure there may be more." He informed me. "I guess if they're violent I should destroy them." I said recovering from my little shell shock. "Don't worry. You're still green. But you should get better as the fighting continues. I only hope it doesn't happen. Anyway when you entered you may have noticed some doors that were red." He told me. "I did actually." I responded. "Those need missiles to be opened. See here?" he said as the main screen map showed a new area. I've been doing some searching and found Missiles here. Apparently the Chozo have been here on this planet and they must have left some resources behind." He said trailing a little. "So I go to this point like last time?" I said wanting to get on with this. "Yes. Go here. The Morph Ball should come in handy. Roll under some structures to reach areas. Is your objective clear?" he asked me. "Yes." I stated. "Now get to the target. Missiles will increase your firepower."

The screen died down and I went to the top. Hoping to find where I was supposed to go. I wonder if Samus is okay. I don't want to find a dead body or anything.