Metroid Reality

Chapter 5

I headed back to the Navigation Room on the surface area. Adam had some new information for me.

"You encountered another Space Pirate?" he asked. "Yes. Some phantom thing." "That's Phantoon. They must have revived him with the rest of the other pirate leaders. I highly suspect they did so to Draygon and Ridley." He began to say. "Ridley? I encountered him." I told him. "Where?" "In some lab. He was covered in metal and then this yellow blob attacked him and he flew off." I told Adam.

"This is most unfortunate. Ridley was infected by the X back at B.S.L. and he was dangerous even without the X copying him. But if it copied Meta Ridley I'm afraid of the results." Adam went on. "What do you have for me to do now?" I asked. "Since you killed Phantoon power has been restored to an elevator at this location." He said as the TARGET was pointed out on the map. It was in this area but there was no path to it. "I can't find a direct path to it so you'll have to do some exploring." He said. "I'll try." I told him. "Find out what happened to Samus at all costs. Avoid Metroid Prime if you can. Is your objective clear?" he asked. "Yes, I'm on my way." I acknowledged.

Leaving the Navigation Room I headed upwards slightly and found this strange wall. "Scans indicate rubble can be destroyed by a Charge Beam projectile." The scan visor told me. Holding down the primary trigger, as I called it, and then releasing a giant ball shot out from the cannon and destroyed all the rubble on the wall. A pathway was revealed. Naturally I went down it.

This new room had some shallow pools of water in them. Before crossing some pebbles fell from the ceiling on my helmet. I looked up and scanned it. "Scans show Cordite in the ceiling. Can be easily removed with use of a Super Missile." Luckily I was able to recharge them after beating Phantoon or I'd be stuck. I destroyed the ceiling and a walkway was revealed. I high jumped to it and in front of me was another bird statue. "Chozo Statue. A statue resembling a Chozo creature. They hold in their hands powers they will pass to those who are worthy to receive them." The scan said. I touched the small little dinosaur in its hands and the arm cannon felt a surge go through.

Then the Power Beam got slightly different. It had a blue and yellow strip flowing through. "Spazer obtained. Beam now splits into five sections in a star pattern. Beam damage also increased." The suit showed on the visor. This new tool will help some.

Heading back through the water I noticed it was very difficult to move. "Future progress may be hindered by liquid enviroments. Power Suit augmentation required to bypass obstacle." The suit told me. Augmentation? What does that mean?

Once out of the water I went through the door and looked where I was. Some kind of temple with strange typing everywhere. I began to scan them.

Chozo Lore translated. Reading Chozo Script.

--It has been nearly fifteen years since we Chozo found the Hatchling. She has been showing even more potential as she develops into adulthood. Her skill shows much promise. We Chozo will present her with a gift on her sixteenth birthday. Our Power Suit, specially designed to fit her. We feel that we will need a guardian. We have foreseen a great tragedy in the future for us Chozo. Not unlike what happened to the Hatchling in such a small age. We only hope our armor and weapons will be enough for her to fight with.

"Hatchling?" I said to myself. Two more things remained.

Reading Chozo Script.

--The Hatchling grows fearful of the future as we do. Our peaceful tunnels on Zebes will soon fall victim to those who feel they can tame the world as their own. Us Chozo will flee to several planets for refuge. Our main location will be Tallon IV. There we can become one with nature and be free from machines and artificial life. The Hatchling with fight these creatures one day. We only hope that young Samus will be victorious.

"Samus? She's the Hatchling?" I said sounding surprised. "She was raised by Chozo's. Those birds. Weird."

Reading Chozo Script.

--As we have predicted the falling of the Great Poison we also predict that NX-27 will fall too. We have designed another version of Samus' Power Suit so that one other may come to aid her in the difficult battles. We only hope this new woman will be of value to the bringing of peace to the galaxy and not the ruin of it.

"They know about me? How? Can they predict the future?" I said to myself not noticing something sneak up on me. I felt a strange thing be pressed against my helmet. I turned to see a large black suit staring at me.

"Suit exposed to Phazon. Leave the vicinity immeadiately!" the suit displayed on the screen. I couldn't move at all. This being was scaring me to death. Then it lowered its cannon arm and ran away.

It let me live? Why? Perhaps it wasn't after me. I decided to continue to the TARGET. Once I reached the room there was a strange looking red creature inside. This area was covered in some blue liquid. "Warning! Phazon radiation detected! Avoid contact with Phazon polluted substances." The suit blared everywhere.

This creature seemed to be unaffected by it. "Morphology. Crocomire. Seems to have been brought back to life from slight exposure to Phazon and other chemicals. Crocomire has little ways to defend itself but its hide renders it invulnerable to all types of weapons you possess at this point."

"That helps a bunch!" I said sarcastically firing a Super Missile into its mouth. It stumbled backwards a little. I did it again before it charged me. I fired another Super Missile at his mouth and he stumbled back. Eventually I noticed something behind him. "Suspension bridge shows various fractures. May collapse if extreme weight is placed on it." The suit informed me. "Hope this thing isn't on Weight Watchers." I said firing again and again. He continued to fall backwards until the bridge he stood on was no more.

He fell into the blue liquid. It was similar to a pudding like substance. It roared and shrieked in pain as it slowly sank deeper and deeper. "That was difficult. Thing drained most of my ammo." I said eyeing my remaining 10 missiles. The ceiling collapsed above the bridge and now I could go up. Above was a small alcove and a door. Rolling through the alcove I found some strange case.

"Missile Expansion obtained. Maximum Missiles increased by 5." The suit told me. Rolling back out I went into the door and found a recharge station. Metroid Prime was using it. It looked at me and then left. That thing scared me more because it wasn't hurting me. I used the Recharge Station and the Save Station that was usually included in the room. I left through a different door this time and a strange creature appeared before me.

"Morphology. X Elite. And Elite Pirate taken over by and X parasite. The combination of Phazon and the X parasite have made this Pirate very strong and unaffected by Phazon degeneration. Approach with extreme caution. X Elite's can produce earthquakes with Quake Wave Generators and can fire a powerful burst with their Phazon Cannon." The scan told me.

I fired all my Super Missiles into it as it slowly chipped away what little energy I had to begin with. I lost a whole tank to it until it finally went down. The body fell to the ground but a yellow blob floated out from it. I touched it and it was absorbed into my suit. Nothing happened from that. The cannon on the Pirate exploded to reveal something.

"Gravity Suit. Wearing this will grant freedom to move in water enviroments. Phazon areas are still inaccessable."

I absorbed this new suit and felt that same relaxed feeling from the Varia Suit as the Power Suit changed again. Looking at my reflection in the pools of water around the room I could see the suit was mostly purple now.

"I'd better upload this info to Adam." I said running back to the Save Room.