A Remione 'drabble' that got out of control.

Thank you Chiseplushie for alpha/beta reading this for me!

(Pt 1/2)

Hermione was sure she had worked on busier days.

Almost positive.


After having one barista call out and the other just not showing up, Hermione was short staffed, over-worked, and slowly losing her mind. It was one drink after another. This one wanted a Vanilla Latte, that one wanted a Double Shot Caramel Frappuccino -hold the whipped cream, another wanted a Grande Mocha Soy Latte over ice. Each order called out was made at top speed, and still she couldn't keep up.

When it started pouring, Hermione groaned out-loud, but continued working. Even as thoughts of her old Volkswagen Bug filled her head. She had left the cloth top down, and she had NO time to run out to try and close it. Not that it would have mattered. The instant down pour assured that her car would be soaked in under 10 minutes.

"I'll just have a large black coffee please." A mellow, male voice, ordered.

The coffee shop froze. Her barista stuttered "We um… did you…? "

Hermione barely stopped herself from rolling her eyes. It wasn't fair to her employee, especially with how new this one was. Of course they served black coffee, but in a shop where specialized drinks were ordered, someone asking for a 'large black coffee' was almost unheard of. "It's under the espresso page." Hermione called out, without looking up from her current concoction. Something that contained pumpkin, apple cider, and cinnamon. Even Hermione wasn't sure how well the new 'Pumpkin Juice' Latte was going to do, but some brave soul ordered it. Hermione sent it out with a wish and a prayer that it would do well.

Two more drink orders crossed her before she was finally able to pour the black coffee. She looked at the name on the cup. "Lupin?" She called to the milling crowd. "Remus Lupin?"

"Pardon me, excuse me…" A voice from the back corner began making its way up. "PADFOOT NO!"

Hermione barely held back a giggle as a very large shaggy black wet dog bound through the crowd, coming to a full, skidding stop in front of the counter.

"So sorry, he's not usually like this…" Remus was apologizing to disgruntled customers.

Hermione smiled down at the dog. "Hey pooch. You're a little bigger than the usual dog we get in here." She let loose the giggle she had been holding when the dog -Padfoot- tilted his head to the side, ears perked, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.

"I'm so sorry. The sign says pets are welcome. I didn't, he normally isn't like this in public buildings." Hermione's attention was diverted when the man, Remus, stopped in front of her. She was just about to assure him that no, it was fine. She meant all animals were welcome, and really he hadn't misbehaved… But her voice caught in her throat. Standing in front of her was one of the most handsome men she had seen.

His hair was damp and strands of it still clung to his neck and forehead. He was looking down at her with hazel eyes that were just a shade more green than brown, she was instantly lost. It was like being in a dream.

She blinked.

Licked her lips.

Opened her mouth to speak, unsure what she would say, when Padfoot placed both front paws on the counter, leaned over, and licked her from chin to forehead. Hermione reared back in shock, sputtering as the scent of wet dog overpowered her.

"Padfoot!" Remus scolded the dog and pulled him back. "I know I've said this already, but I really am sorry." Hermione still didn't say anything. The coffee she was holding still outstretched, waiting for him to take it. "Right, I'll just. Um. thank you." His cheeks pinked ever so slightly as he blushed. It was enough to unfreeze her tongue.

"It's okay. In fact, this one is on the house." She smiled widely at him, hoping she didn't look as silly as she felt.

He smiled back and Hermione noticed the edge of a scar tugging on the corner of his mouth. "I already paid for this one."

It was Hermione's turn to blush. "Oh, um, right. Well, the next time then."

He smiled wider. "Next time then."


Remus paced in his office.

"I can't just go back there. It's only been a day. I'll seem desperate. She probably isn't even interested. She was just being nice" He ran a large hand through his sandy blonde hair. "Not to mention she looked so young. That makes me a pervert doesn't it? I'm old enough to possibly be her father. No, no. I won't go."

Padfoot looked up at him from where he was laying on the rug, but offered no words of wisdom. His friend James, however, let out a long suffering sigh. Remus shot him a glare, but James only smirked from his sprawled out position on the chair. "Remus, if I have to listen to you talk about how old you are again, I might actually implode." Padfoot looked up and sniffed the air a few times, as if in agreement. "How young did she look?" James asked practically, sitting forward.

"Um, Harry's age possibly."

"Harry's age?" James looked thoughtful. "Hmmm, you know, Harry has really been into those flavoured coffee's lately…"

Remus spun around, eye narrowed at his human best friend. "I didn't tell you so you could send Harry after her! I saw her first." Remus looked out the window. If he squinted, he thought maybe, just maybe, he could see the coffee shop. "I don't even know her name." He groaned as the realization hit him. His head hit the window as James laughed behind him. This was going to be impossible.


Every day, Hermione waited eagerly to see if Remus Lupin and his giant dog Padfoot would show up again. And each day she went home disappointed. A week passed. Then two. It was almost three weeks before something interesting happened.

Padfoot came in, but Remus was not the one holding his leash. Instead it seemed to be a boy around her age the large dog was drag- walking with. Hermione kept her eye on the young man, wary of what he could be doing with the handsome man's dog. She was mixing drinks today, as she had yet to replace her missing barista. She told herself it had nothing to do with the fact that if she were the one making drinks, she might see Remus again. And it definitely had nothing to do with dreams that frequently starred a man who could be Remus' twin.

Hermione sighed as she topped her specialty Pumpkin Juice latte with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. The drinks had gone wild and Hermione was pretty sure she spent most of her days making them. She was still thinking about adding them to the list, along with Butterbeer and Treacle Tart. "Harry, Harry Potter?" She called, not bothering to look up.

A black wet nose stuck itself into her line of vision. "Padfoot!" She giggled and kissed the -dry- dog on the nose before gently pushing him off the counter.

"Ah! So you're the one!" Harry said, a smile lighting up his whole face as he grabbed his drink.

"The one?" Hermione questioned.

"The girl! The one Uncle Remus keeps going on about!" Harry took a sip of his coffee. "Wow! This is really good!"

Hermione was still staring at him in shock. "Thank you." She responded absentmindedly. Remus… had been talking about her?

Harry was still talking. "Hey! I like coffee, I saw the sign out front saying you need help. Maybe I can talk to the owner? I've been looking for a job."

"I'm the owner." Hermione shook her head lightly, ready to be back in business mode. Sort of. "If you wait a minute, I'll grab you an application." Harry nodded and Hermione made her way into the back, glad it wasn't very busy that day.

Remus Lupin talked about me... Thought about me… So why hasn't he come back? Did I make a fool of myself?

She grabbed the application and made her way back up front. Harry was sitting at one of the small tables, sipping his drink and watching people walk by. "Here you go." she set the application in front of him. "If you want to stay after you've finished, we can do the interview today. If you have any questions, just ask." She turned to walk away.

"I have a question."


"Are employees allowed to ask the boss on a date?" He winked cheekily at her.

Hermione refrained from rolling her eyes. "If you're only here to goof off, or because you have some fantasy about sleeping with your boss, you can leave now. I won't stand for it, besides, you aren't really my type."

"What is your type?" He asked innocently.

Hermione pursed her lips, she could just tell him to fuck off and leave her establishment. But this was also Remus' nephew. The one he talked about her too. Maybe…. "Older men." She licked her lips, "You aren't quite in the age range I'm looking for. Plus, your hair is the wrong color." Harry smiled widely at her, and she had the feeling she had told him the exact information he came to find out. "Do you have any other questions?" When he opened his mouth, she held up a hand, "Ones that might pertain to the job?"

"Just one."

"What's that?"

"What's your name?"

She smiled, and they shared a look of understanding. "Hermione. Hermione Granger."


"Her name is Hermione, Hermione Granger. She likes older men and prefers ones who have lighter hair colors than mine!" Harry rushed out the information. "She owns the coffee shop. Got an application and an interview. You're looking at the new barista of Crookshank's Coffee."

"Harry!" Remus said, exasperated with the boy. "I just wanted you to find out her name! I didn't… a job! You don't think that might be a little odd?"

"What? Why would it be odd Uncle Remus?"

Remus sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Never mind. Thank you Harry."

Harry smiled "Go get her tiger!"

Remus shook his head and chuckled as Harry walked out of his office, leaving Padfoot behind. Remus knelt by the black dog, his hand automatically scratching behind Padfoot's ear. "What do you think old friend? Is it worth a shot?"

Padfoot let out a happy bark.


"Hermione, there's a customer out here asking to speak to the manager?" Harry stood in the doorway, wringing his hands in his apron.

Hermione looked skyward. It wasn't the first time this week she had been asked for. And she had a feeling it wouldn't be the last. "Tell them I'll be right there Harry." he nodded and left.

Hermione pushed the paperwork away and stood up. It wasn't as if she had been able to concentrate on it much. She was still daydreaming about hazel eyes.

Hermione walked out of the back, hair hurriedly put up in a clip and apron slightly crooked from pulling it over her head without untying it. "Harry, who wanted to-" She stopped. Harry was smiling widely and Remus was standing on the other side of the counter. A large bouquet of flowers in hand.

"Hello again, Hermione."