"I'm just going to run over to the book shop down the street." Hermione told him before standing on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

"Sounds good, love. I'll meet you there after I drop Pad's here off." Remus tilted his head back at the building behind them. Large letters on the window proclaimed that this was the Dog Groomers.

"Love you." Hermione chirped.

"Love you too." Remus responded. He watched her practically skip down the sidewalk as she made her way to their favorite book shop. "Alright Padfoot, let's go." Remus had to step widely around the large dog that had wedged itself between his legs.

It took some convincing, but Remus finally managed to get Padfoot in the door. While they waited their turn, Padfoot huddled against Remus' leg. "Can you get any closer boy?" Remus asked fondly while scratching behind Padfoot's ear. His loving companion looked up at him with large eyes. Remus could see Padfoot pleading with him not to go through with this.

"No, don't look at me like that. You need to be cleaned, you stink. Besides, you heard what Hermione said, you can't come on the bed anymore unless you get a bath."

Padfoot whined and covered his eyes and nose with one paw. "You'll be okay." Remus assure him as they were called. "Off you go."

Remus had barely made it out the door before they were calling him back. "Sir, sir, there's a bit of a problem."


Hermione walked up the the groomers. She had been hoping to pass Remus on his way to meet her, but she hadn't seen him at all. She was a little embarrassed to admit she had been too wrapped up in her newest finds to realize Remus was missing for almost an hour. When she had, she waiting another half hour, just to see if he would show. When he still hadn't, she purchased her books and headed back to the last place she had left him.

Now, here she was, bag full of books, wondering where he had gone.

As she contemplated going in and asking if they had seen him, the front door opened and out trotted Padfoot. His head was held high and she swore he flipped his head- as if he were showing off long raven locks. Around his neck was a large blue bow and Hermione could tell he had been trimmed as well as bathed.

"Pads!" She cried, rushing to the large dog and giving him a hug around the neck. "You look amazing! And, did they use a floral shampoo?" She asked while softly rubbing between his eyes.

"Glad you're happy."

Hermione looked up… "Oh my goodness, Remus!" She stood quickly and went to hug him, before pulling back sharply. "What happened to you? And why do you smell like wet dog?"

Remus looked down at his wet clothes that were covered in dirt and black dog fur. He sighed. "Padfoot here didn't want to be groomed. They asked me to help."

Hermione tried to hide her giggle as the image of Remus wrestling a large and protesting Padfoot into the bath crossed her mind. When Padfoot woofed happily up at her and Remus scowled at him, she lost the battle.

"Oh dear!" She laughed. "Maybe I should send you in to be groomed next!"

Hermione squealed and ran when Remus tried to sweep her up in a hug. Padfoot chased them down the street, happy to be part of their antics.