"This is some motherfucking bullshit right here." Nick Fury said to the Avengers. "First Tony suicides and then Steeb becomes the nazizizizis." He was annoyed. So annoyed that he looked even less happy than usual. And Nick Fury was never happy. Unless he was drunk but that only happens in Las Vegas.

"I can't believe it myself." Black Widow said wearing a bikini for no reason other than fanservice. "And neither could tony. That's why he suicideded" she said with a frown, missing her friend dearly. She weres conflited. Should she hate Steeb for tony's suicides? After all, if he never became the nazizizizzizizizis, tony would still be here. Until she realized that no, it wasn't steeb's fault. It was that guy Nick Spencer who did this! Suddenly taking off, she took a cab to (insert Nick Spencer's place of residence here). He had better talk fast or there would be hell to pay. Literally. She would summon the devil if it would avenge Tony's death.

Natisha broke down the door to Nick Spencer's afartment to kick ass and chew bubblegum even though she doesn't personally enjoy bubblegum and prefers tic tacs. Nick Spencer was there, jacking off to anime girls dressed as Nazizizizizis and particularly a photo of Adolf Hitler. He stopped the second he witnessed Nat arriving.

"Oh hello. Heil hitler." He said, giving her a salute. She noticed that his house was decorated with many nazizizizizi-esque decorations.

"Cut the shit, Nick." Nat growled, clearly upset. "You made my friend a nazizizizizizis, you caused my other friend to kill himself, and you made Spooderman cry. That I cannot forgive and for that you must die." She declared, kicking Nick Spencer in his balls. It wasn't actually effective because that just turned him on.

Nick Spencer personally asked me to write a part in this chapter where Natasha shits on him so I decided that since he is such a good friend of mine I would comply and write for his fetish.

Nastasa pulled a bean burrito out of her cleavage and ate it. It quickly gave her a bad case of the shits so she shat all over Nick Spencer making his little Nick go hard. They were roleplaying. Natasha was a freedom fighter and Nick Spencer was a douche. Then again it couldn't really be considered roleplaying if he was just being himself.

Little did Nick know that Natasha was posting all of this on twitter in hopes that Cap would be convinced that a man that ejaculates prematurely isn't worth following, and that he would give up the nazizizi life. Nick Spencer noticed this at the very last moment but was turned on because he's a real freak if you know what I mean and he came again. Natasha rolled her eyes and throwed some serotonin at his head even htough he was beyond helping.

Captain America woke up in a hospital bed at SHIELD HQ. He wasn't sure what was going on but everything seamed different somehow. "Something is not right…evil is a foot"