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"Can we go somewhere and talk I don't think it would be good to talk out in the open."

"Yes we can go back to my house my Uncle is not home right now. You might as well get the others hiding in the woods they can come to."

With that said I went to my truck and Damon followed me. I gave him a hug and a kiss before we got in and headed home. I heard a growl come from my father's direction. I saw the others getting in the car minus Alice and the blond haired girl. They followed me home and I invited everyone in and told them to have a seat. Then I went and sat on Damon's lap.

"I have missed you so much I am sorry about our last phone call."

"No Angel it is I who owe you an apology I should have been there to protect you from them. Please forgive me."

"Nothing to forgive you could not be with me all time and deal with your own situation at the same time. I was just hurt and being selfish."

"Would you mind if I took a look and maybe you can"

He looked at the others and did not finish his sentence. I shook my head at him.

"You can look but Charlie already had me checked out at the hospital. They stitched me up and gave me antibiotics in case of infection."

"Ok I will look later. Do you want to catch me up on what's been going on here? Do I need to kill someone other than that pixie bitch, she was two seconds away from losing her head?"

"No I want to hear what they have to say before I can let you know."

Rosalie laughed at that and Damon started growling his veins popped out around his eyes and so did his fangs. I heard Rosalie gasp in shock. I guess they did not know Damon was an original vampire.

"Cool why can't I have fang's like that. I got ripped off." Emmett said

Rose smacked him in the back of the head. I patted Damon on his chest and shook my head no at him. I turned to my father and told him to explain what happened.

"After I dropped you back off at your mom's I decided to go and get your birthday present. On our way back Alice spotted a club and wanted us to go. I really did not feel like going. I wanted to wrap Bell's present and turn in early so I could wake up early and see Bell. Well let's just say when Alice wants something she is relentless."

"No shit I kind of got that" I said Jasper just looked at me and continued

"I caved and we went to the club. We stayed for a couple of hours. Alice could tell I was not having a good time. So we left on the way back to my car Alice decided to run into a store for something and told me to go ahead. So as I was headed back to my car I got jumped by three guys'. By the time Alice got there and yelled she called the cops I passed out. Next thing I know it's three days later I am a cold one."

"Why did you not ever come back and check on her?" Damon said

"Well I did not have very good control for at least a year. Then the next two years I was still trying to get used to being a cold one and my power. I am an empath and I was also very angry so I projected that out to everyone around me. That is when I left Alice and the Cullen's for a while got caught up in a bad situation. That is a story for later though. When I got back I talked to Carlisle about going to check on my Bells but he said it would be hard on her if I just showed up out of the blue. That she probably think's I am dead and it would hurt her more and she would feel like I abandoned her. So I thought it best to let her live her life. Bell's you have to believe me I did not ever want to leave you and I am truly sorry. Please let me be in your life."

I feel so sad for the both of us. I still hate Alice but it does sound like she saved my dad in a way. So unless she can see the future it is not totally her fault. I just still have this feeling that say's not to trust Alice. Sense living my whole life on my instincts and surviving I will not trust her.

"We can give it a try l guess, but I still want nothing to do with Alice. There is just something that tells me not to trust her. I guess it was not her fault you got jumped it's not like she can see the future."

Damon started growling, he must have caught something I did not. I looked at him with a questioning expression. He looked at me and said.

"I believe your father has something else to tell you."

Damon looked over to my dad expectantly. My dad sighed and looked at me and started to explain about Alice's power. I was getting pissed off. He said Alice can see the future based on people decision's especially if there close to her. So why didn't Alice see what was going to happen to my dad. Maybe she did and figured why stop it perfect opportunity to get my father before I turned 18. I said as much to my dad and he said he always wonder that himself. He said Alice never had a good explanation for that. He said her mating instincts took over and she could not stop herself from turning me. Damon had already explained the mating instinct to me so I know how hard it is to resist. I am still pissed off because even though I understand the instinct. I also believe Alice saw that my dad was going to get jumped.