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It is june 23 2050 5:00 A.M. We are at a hospital, there is two children being born to the family of the greatest warriors the Xiaolongs Summer Rose is holding a Baby boy and baby girl in her arms "aren't they beautiful Taiyang" Summer said. "Yes they are Summer" Taiyang said "what should we name them?" summer asked. "The boy with blond hair and cerulean blue eyes Will be Tsuin rose and the girl with silver eyes will be Ruby Rose" Taiyang said. "They're beautiful, my Roses" Summer said. "You need your rest and then we'll take them home to patch" Taiyang said.

6 years later

Tsuin is outside practicing creating one-handed longswords "tsuin time to eat!" Summer yelled "ok mom!" Tsuin yelled Tsuin dismissed the longswords and went , summer, and Ruby are sitting at the table and tsuin is wearing a jacket modeled after the "black swordsman" that tsuin has read myths about and black headphones around his neck playing "broken inside - broken iris" "turn off the music tsuin" summer said "ok mom" Tsuin said "haha tsuin got in trouble" Ruby said while laughing. "Oh be quiet ruby" "fine" Ruby pouted "Ok now how's your training going?" summer asked "I can summon the longswords on the drop of a dime now but I still have trouble making a scythe" Tsuin "you'll get it eventually" Summer said. "Tsuin when will you teach me something?" Ruby asked "when you're a bit older Ruby" Tsuin said "fine but why not now" Ruby asked. "Cause I don't feel like it" Tsuin said "oh come on" Ruby said "ok you two off to bed it is with you two" Summer said.

2 years later

By this point Summer Rose has died under mysterious circumstances.

"Come on guys let's go find raven" yang said "why?" Tsuin asked "she can help raise us in summer's absence" Yang said as they walked "ok let's go" Tsuin said

5 hours later

They arrived at a shack "let's go see her" yang said "ok let's go" Tsuin said they walked inside only to be face with 5 beowolfs "shit get back now yang!" Tsuin yelled leaping forward with two longswords he sent a blur of strike killing one of them,another slashed him across that back sending him forward only for one of the other to slash him across his chest, he got back up bleeding heavily he took out two more before collapsing from blood loss. That is what qrow showed up to find his nephew laying in his blood, yang frozen in fear, and ruby crying, striking without mercy qrow kill the remaining two grimm. "Come on we need to get him to a hospital NOW!" qrow said pulling them all along as fast as he can while calling taiyang "taiyang get to my position NOW! If your son has a chance of surviving" yelled qrow into his scroll.

1 hour later at a hospital

"His aura managed to heal it enough to where the blood loss won't kill him, but he will have scars on his chest and back for the rest of his life" a doctor said "So be it at least he'll live" qrow said "you can't say anything taiyang cause you were so deep in sorrow you didn't even notice them leave as such i'm taking them with me and i'll make sure they're strong enough to face the world head on before they enter beacon" grow said "I guess I have no right to argue grow but you must quit drinking until then" said taiyang "fine you'll see them again when they enter beacon" qrow said. "But it seems this boy has superhuman levels of aura now he'll need to use aura a lot or it will overwhelm him, because he has 10 x a normal adults aura levels" a doctor said "ok that just means he can train more" qrow said. "Ok all of you rest we got a long day tomorrow" qrow said

And that's the first of the five chapters in the childhood arc so see ya guys I'm gonna get some sleep and try a get some more done later