Alice woke up early the next morning, she climbed out of her bed and checked to see if Megan was awake, but she was still fast asleep. Alice went out into the living room area she sat on one of the sofas and started playing on her I-Pad. Alice was bored, and she went into to wake up Mia and Emily. As she went in a voice called out to her.

"Alice." Nicole said in a loud whisper.

"Mummy." Alice said running to hug Nicole.

"Don't go in and wake other people, let them sleep." Nicole said to her.

"But I'm bored." Alice whined.

"Get dressed and you can come with me and Auntie Louise then." Nicole said pushing Alice back into her bedroom.

Alice got dressed and put on her shoes and Nicole and Alice went to Tesco's to buy some food as they had nothing for when they were going out today. When they got back everybody was awake and having breakfast. All three of them had their arms filled with bags.

"That's where you three got to. Come grab some food before it all goes cold." Phil put some food on their plates.

They all ate their food ready for their day ahead. They all loaded up into their cars and drove off for their first day of exploration on the island.

The day flew by with everyone having fun in the heat and before they knew it they were sat in a restaurant ready to have their dinner for the evening. Lydia looked down at her phone and saw the Denzil had texted her again. She had been ignoring him all day after she the picture of kissing Poppy. Lydia was sat talking to her family when she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket, Denzil was ringing her now, like his texts she ignored the call. After dinner, they all went home. Lydia picked up her laptop and went a sat out on the bench in the garden. She was watching over Alice, Emily and Mia whilst they played with some friends that they made. Denzil was still trying to talk to Lydia. Lydia decided to reply.

Sorry for not replying you must have been so worried, if you weren't to busy with other people. My phone died this morning, so I haven't had it all day xxx

Lydia sat there waiting for his reply, she couldn't let him know that she knew what he'd done last night. He replied.

Thank God you're ok. Don't worry about being sorry there was nothing you could have done. Did you have a good day? Xxxx

Lydia had a conversation with Denzil and just played him all the while she tried do some work. She hadn't seen Jake all day but she wasn't too worried maybe he was just out with this family. She wasn't going to harass because she didn't want to ruin their friendship. She looked down at the time and realised she should probably go and have a shower.

Megan was lying on her bed talking to her friends when Alice came in and lay next to her on the bed.

"Hey. Are you ok?" Megan asked her sister.

"Yeah." Alice replied rather quietly.

"Are you sure? You didn't sound very positive" Megan sat up and put Alice on her lap.

"I just miss mummy loads and as much as I love everyone elseā€¦Its not the same without her." She grabbed tight.

"Oh Alice. Don't worry she'd be super proud of you but she'll always be watching over you from the stars. Come on let's go get you ready for bed." Megan picked up Alice and carried her to her bedroom.

Megan got Alice ready for bed and tucked her in. Megan sat with her until she fell asleep. Megan went back into her own room and carried on talking to her friends.

Lydia was sat on the stairs in the hallway again. When someone came up behind her and covered eyes.

"Guess who?" The voice said.

"Very funny Jake." Lydia laughed at Jake's joke.

"Can't say I don't try." He replied.

He came and sat next to her and pulled her in for a hug. "How you been?"

"Yeah not too bad. Need some time away from everyone. You?"

"Yeah it was alright. You spoke to your boyfriend today about last night."

"God no. I'll do that face to face with him."

Lydia and Jake sat and talked for at least an hour before they realised the time and that they should probably both go back before anyone starts getting worried. Lydia kissed Jake firmly on the lips before she went back into her room. She got changed and lay on her bed. A message from Emily appeared on her phone.

How you doing? Xx

Yeah. I'm good. Xx

Spoke to Denzil yet? Xx

Yeah. I didn't tell him I know. Not going to let him get with this behind a screen. Xx

Yeah, he doesn't deserve you and you don't deserve him. Xx

I mean I knew I wouldn't spend all my life with him but I didn't think he was that much of an idiot. Xx

Neither. Xx

I guess I better go. Dad will kill me if he finds me still awake. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Xx

Yeah alright. Talk to you tomorrow. Xx

Lydia lay down and went to sleep.

The rest of the week went by a flash and they had all had an amazing time and before they knew it they family were packing up ready for the journey home.

Lydia went outside and sat on her bench for the final time and watched the boats passing like she always did. She felt an arm around her.

"So, this is it?" Lydia said.

"For now." Jake replied.

"I hope I get to see you again. But if not, its been nice while it lasted."

"Yeah it has."

Lydia heard her name being called out.

"Guess this is it."

Lydia turned and hugged Jake one last time and kissed him. Their foreheads resting against each other's.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Lydia and walked away. She looked back one last time and Jake and her home for the past week. This was happiest she'd been in a long time. She saw her family saying goodbye to all the other families they had met and made company with over the past week. Everyone climbed in to the appropriate cars and they headed for home.

Before they knew it they were back at home in Rochdale and Lydia knew the first thing she was going to do.