Hitman- and the blood flows freely.

You think I do this crap to look like a tough guy, a macho man
if you will. IM quite the opposite to tell you the truth. I
free-lance in assignation, I try not to think about the people that
Iv killed but guilt does come with the job.

I just get an assignment, the money, and anything else of
importance... then I do my job. You have no clue what I
might look like, or when I may chose to do the deed at hand.

I live in Liberty City. My weapons of choice are a sniper rifle,
and a knife, nothing loud, and my number one rule is no children
should ever have to see someone they know, or anyone for that matter

My first assignment was to take out a guy named Roberto, some big
player from the cartel, peace of cake I though.

I was getting paid a lot of dead presidents to do this job, 20ty
grand in all. I spent a week checking out how I would go about doing
this. I would be on-top of the building next to his house, with the
aid of my trusty sniper rifle I would put a bullet right into his
head, well to be frank his eye. It was a spot where when I fired he
would be dead before he hears the gun go off.

I was in place and ready for him. I saw a Banshee pull up to the door
of the house. A rough looking man stepped out, and a female from
the passenger side. That was him I though to myself.


He dropped dead to the ground. The female ran to the body, by this
time I was on my way out of there, down the stair whale to my Patriot.
It was black my favorite color. I sped off down to the docks.
An enforcer pulled out of an alley. I hit it head on, it jarred my
whole body. I kept going as fast as I could.

Finally I made it to the docks. I slid up to the docks and got out.
Two cop cars pulled up. I took out my shotgun and blasted the front
tires out on the cars. I turned and hurried to the getaway boat. I
dived in the boat as about 7 or 8 bullets were fired in my direction.
I fired up the boats engines and sped away from the mainland. There
was a duffel-bag in the boat I opened it up, 20ty grand. I had some
shopping to do.