Chapter2- Next day, next job.

The heat had settled down. Thank god for that. I docked on a different

part of the island and hailed a cab, stuck my duffel-bag in the trunk

and hopped in. He dropped me off at my place, I paid him (he almost shit

in his pants when saw all that money) and he left.

I took out my pistol out and entered my apartment. I was paranoid

about things like that. After clearing the place I changed to some

better clothes and watched a little TV.

I got a call from my employer and was being commended on a job well

done when I herd shots being fired into my door. I grabbed my

Uzi 9mm, and fired it into the door.

The door busted open, as a crap load of cartel gang members walked in. I

fired a few rounds through my couch. They returned fire without

hesitation. My couch was close to a fire exit, so I grabbed my


and through it out the window. I did not plan on returning to this

place so I set fire to the couch (I hate brown anyway).

I Ran for the window firing behind me as I ran. I Jumped out the

window and ran down the fire escape with bag in hand I pulled a guy

out of a Manana through my bag inside and gunned it for Shore Side

Vale. Doing the speed of 40MPH it seemed id never get there. I took

the tunnel. They had hopped in there cars and were on my ass. I decided

to head into oncoming traffic. I though I was going to pee in my pants. They

didn't have the balls to keep up so I was free... hopefully. I called a friend of

mine and told him to me at the airport. I'd sell the Manana I just jacked and my

three guns, buy a plane ticket to Vice City and start my own biz. I had a friend

down there who had just kicked the mobs ass.

Mr.Vercetti was a very busy man, having just taken out Sonny's mob and that

piece of crap Lance. His new secretary didn't think the call was important enough,

so he would get it a day later than when he needed it, leaving me at Escobar International.

After a quick phone call, a cab was taking me to Starfish island.

"Tommy my man! How's going?" He was doing great for someone who had just beat

the mob at there on game. I had only seen him once since he got out of the slammer.

"Couldn't be better. Business is booming, and I ain't got the damn mob on my

ass anymore so couldn't get much better. So you here to stay?" He says with a wide smile on his face.

"Yea until the heat cools down back in liberty." I said thinking its nice to have friends.

"Job go wrong?" he says losing some of his smile.

"Wouldn't you fucking believe it, but hey if the moneys right anything can happen Eh."

I said. He was gaining some of his smile back.

"Well make yourself at home. You can have Hyman Condo. Also since you and I go

back your now in charge of Sunshine Autos. I think that you and can rule the town, but

of course I can still use your hitman shall we say talents." He said. I thanked

him walked out to the front door and inhaled the car exhaust air. Ah its going to be a great day for