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Second A/N: This story is a total AU and is completely unconnected to my other stories. In this story one reason Angel went to L.A was because he (Angelus) sired a pregnant woman and killed her husband. The pregnant woman returned, still pregnant, and was one evil vampire. Angel and his friends (Buffy takes the place of Cordelia in this) and Connor stake her and save the baby. By the way, I don't know much about Buffy so there is no need to stone me in I make a mistake. I just like Angel and Buffy as a couple and I hate Cordelia right now. (Very much!) Also Connor is pretty young in this. He's about thirteen. (You'll find out why so no questions.)

                                             CHAPTER 1

          Angel looked down at the baby that was surrounded by dust. The baby was crying its eyes out. Angel, Buffy, Connor, Fred, Gunn, and Lorne had all just taken down the baby's evil mother. The baby was beautiful and completely bare.      Buffy handed Angel a small blanket from the couch. Angel lifted up the pretty baby in his arms and gently wrapped the towel around her.

"Uh, what are we going to do with this kid?" Gunn finally asked, breaking the silence.

"Maybe we should call child services or something," said Fred.

"No," said Buffy quickly. "There might be something "special" about this child."

"Like me," Connor chimed quietly.

"Buffy is right," said Angel, not taking his eyes from the babe in his arms. "Besides this kid needs us. It's because of me—"

"Angelus," Lorne interupted.

"Because of Angelus," Angel continued, "that this child has no real family."

"So that's it? You're just gonna take in this kid?" asked Gunn. Angel nodded. "Lord, what is this an orphanige?"

"Oh, Angel, let me hold her," Fred begged, using puppy eyes.

"OK," Angel smiled. He handed the baby over to Fred. "Be careful."

"Oh, isn't she the cutest thing you could ever see?" Fred gushed.

"Oh, boy," Gunn muttered. "Don't get any ideas for us, baby." Fred scowled at him.

"Fred, let me try," said Buffy. Fred hesitated but gave the baby to Buffy. "Oh, Angel, this child is gorgeous. But what should her name be?"

"I don't know," Angel sighed. "But we'll think of something."

          Connor seemed to be really quiet. He looked as if he was completely out of place. Angel noticed this and put an arm around his son. Connor smiled a little at that.

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