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                                             CHAPTER 22

            Over the next week things began to go back to normal. (Or, at least, as normal as things got at the Hyperion.) Buffy and Skylar were reading a book together on a couch in the lobby. Connor was sitting across an armchair with his legs dangling on the other side. It was a good impersonation of Skylar. Angel walked in then. He put his sword down and released a sigh.

"Daddy, hi!" Skylar greeted with a smile. She ran up and jumped into his arms.

"Hey, kid," Angel smiled his usual "I'm with Skylar" smile.

"Hi, Angel," Buffy waved. "How was the demon?"

"Very dead," Angel replied. "Hey, Buffy?"




"Just for… being you," Angel added.

"Oh. You're welcome." Buffy smiled at him.

"Hi, Dad," Connor said dryly.

"What's wrong, son?" Angel asked him.

"I'm bored. You should have let me come with you," said Connor.

"It was just one demon, Connor. I didn't need much help," said Angel. "But I have an idea. That demon made me really hungry." Angel bounced Skylar playfully in his arms. She giggled. "How about if we go get ice cream?"

"Yes!" Skylar agreed enthusiastically.

"Just the three of us?" asked Connor.

"Yeah," Angel replied. "Just the three of us." He looked at Buffy.

"Oh, don't worry," said Buffy. "I'll catch a movie with Dawn or something."

"All right," said Angel. "Sky, you guys grab your stuff, OK?"

"OK," said Skylar. Angel put her down. She and Connor headed upstairs.

"Hey, Buffy, a lot has been happening between us hasn't it?"

"Well, yes. I mean, you know. With Skylar, Connor, Dawn and everybody."

"No. I mean between us."

"Oh. I think I get you," said Buffy. She stood up and went over to him. "So what does that mean exactly?"

"It just means that you make me happier. You make me thrilled. Haven't you noticed how happy I've been? And when Skylar reappeared that was the happiest feeling I've ever had. But guess who didn't reappear?"


"Angelus. Angelus didn't show up. Angel was happy and no Angelus."

"Yeah. That's terrific, Angel." Angel knelt down and planted a kiss on her lips. "That was also terrific."

"Yeah. Let's do it again sometime." Connor and Skylar came down then with jackets on.

"Ready," Skylar announced.

"Let's get going," said Connor.

"All right. Later, Buffy." Angel winked mischievously as he and the kids left out the door. He left Buffy standing with a smile on her face.

          Meanwhile Reginald was walking towards his car in Wolfram and Hart's parking lot. Someone pulled him into an alley. Reginald tossed the person to a wall. He realized it was Frank. Frank was very injured. He had bloody scratches and he was filthy.

"What are you doing? I thought you were dead," said Reginald.

"Well, I'm not! Angelus slipped through my hands and so did the Restorer."

"That's it then. Angelus has one. I told you the he is invincible."

"Hell, no. Angelus is invincible but Angel is not. I'm not going to let this end. That Restorer will be ours. And Angelus will be another head on our wall."

"How will you stop Angelus? He has no weaknesses?"

"Oh, yes, he does. His beat less heart. And what is his heart, my friend?" Reginald realized what his partner meant. He smiled wickedly.

"Oh, yum!" Skylar squealed, as the waiter put her chocolate and vanilla sundae down in front of her. It was covered in hot fudge and nuts. Connor had a large bowl of orange sherbet. Angel had a strawberry milkshake.

"Enjoy," the waiter smiled, leaving them.

"This is great," said Connor.

"Yeah. This place has the best ice cream around," said Angel.

"No. I meant… this is great. Just you and me and Skylar," said Connor.

"You mean that?" Angel asked. Connor nodded with a smile. "I feel the same way."

"Daddy, let's have ice cream every night," said Skylar.

"Nice try," said Angel with a smirk. He gave her cheek a quick pinch. Skylar released a giggle.

"What's so funny?" Connor asked.

"Look," said Skylar. She put her hand on top of her ice cream. Pink light started to come out of it. The ice cream Skylar had already eaten built back up. "I love this!"

"Hey," Angel chided smiling. "Don't make a habit of that."

"I won't," said Skylar. She added, "Much."

          Angel and Connor laughed. Skylar joined in. And so it went on like that. A father and his two children sat around a table in an ice cream parlor eating and laughing. None of them could be happier than they were at that moment.

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