Robin Hood and Marian had a child. They named her Faith Hood and she was the most important thing to Robin. He absolutely hated how he would have to leave the young girl to go fight off the Sheriff and his men or to go save someone. He wished that they would just leave him to his daughter. Marian promised that the child would not care, but everytime Robin left for the first 3 months of her life, Faith cried.

One day, when Faith was seven, Robin woke up right before dawn. Marian had probably gone to eat already, but the child was still asleep. Robin got an idea. He walked over to the girl's bed and gently rolled up her shirt. Robin Hood leaned down and blew a raspberry on Faith's stomach. She jerked away from Robin and laughed, but didn't open her eyes. He did it again. This time, Faith opened her eyes and pushed her father.

"DAD!" she screamed. "Stohohohhop!"

"I was just waking you up," Robin chuckled, blowing another raspberry. Faith squealed and forced her shirt down. Little John walked in and saw Faith being tickled by Robin. When Faith saw him she was about to say something when Little John shushed her. He pointed to Robin and wiggled his fingers. Robin blew another raspberry. Right when Little John got behind Robin, he tickled Robin's ribs. Robin jumped up and turned around. Faith Hood caught her breath and jumped on her father, sending him down.

"Little John, stay ba- ACK!" Robin was tackled by Faith. She didn't weigh much, but Robin was already on his knees. Little John climbed onto Robin. "Get off!"

"Why? We are just... waking you up," Little John mimicked. He rolled up Robin's shirt and blew a quick raspberry on his stomach. Robin screamed and kicked, laughing all the way. Little John repeated the treatment over and over again.

"AHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHO! JOHOHOHOHN! STOP!" Robin laughed loudly, pulling Little John's hair. Finally, Little John stopped. Robin's face was as red as a tomato.

"What is wrong?" Little John teased. "The biggest outlaw cannot handle a little tickling?"

"Shut... up," Robin breathed.

"I think that you are more ticklish than me," Faith Hood joked. Little John let Robin up and he grabbed his daughter, pulling her into his lap. Robin Hood then wiggled his fingers all over the child's torso. She burst out into laughter and curled herself into a ball.

"Hahahahaha! Nohohohoho! Stohohohop!" Faith pushed her father's hands away.

"Hey, Little John," Robin smiled. Faith shook her head and kept laughing.

"Nohohohohoho! Shut up! HAHHAHAHA!" Faith cried. John shrugged and also tickled the girl. She pushed against both of their faces and laughed heartedly. Robin was smiling widely. When they stopped the girl was curled up in her father's lap.

"Are you okay?" Little John asked.

"I hate you both," she murmured, not looking at either of them.

"No you don't," Robin argued.

"Do you forgive us?" Little John questioned.

"No," Faith answered.

"Come on," Little John poked her stomach. She jerked away and punched him.

"Bad," she scolded.

"Ha. I am no pet," John chuckled. Faith didn't reply.

"We made her mad. *Sigh* I guess she does not love us as much as we thought," Robin said sadly. Well, he was pretending to be sad. Faith hesitated.

"I love you," she whispered.

"What?" Robin tickled her sides again.

"AH! I love you!" Faith giggled.

"So you forgive us?" John asked.

"*Sigh*. I guess," she agreed. "I forgive you."

Robin grabbed his daughter and hugged her. He was still sitting on the floor. Faith's face turned bright red at the reaction, but she hugged back. John said something about being hungry and left. Robin was smiling.

"I love you," he smiled.

"I love you too," she replied. Marian walked in at that moment and smiled at the two sitting on the floor.

"I woke up, and left them alone. What did you two do?" Marian asked.

"Nothing," They smiled mischieviously at each other. "Just, played."

Marian knew that it was something more than that. Robin's hair was a mess and Faith's face was a little pink. Faith's bed was unmade, which was strange, and Robin was quiet.

Yep, something was going on. Hopefully they were just playing. No body else in the room. Maybe Robin scared Faith and Faith fought him. Maybe they just wrestled. So many 'maybes'. Marian was a little nervous. She married a hero and had a child. She found out that the hero hated leaving the child. And now, she found out that the hero was playing with the child.

Her life was so screwed up.

And she loved it.