Don Chiavarone was awful skinny.

Tsuna was sat in plush, high-backed chair that was so soft he felt like he was drowning, in front of a table that he could just barely see over, listening to Reborn and the Don talk about something that sounded really very important.

And Tsuna knew he probably should be paying attention.

After all, that was why Reborn had brought him here in the first place, right?

But no matter how hard he tried, the only thing Tsuna could focus on was just how skinny the Don looked. His legs were long and thin, and kind of reminded Tsuna of a grasshopper.

Though, if Tsuna were really being fair, he had to admit the Don wasn't any skinnier than Reborn was. But he was a lot taller, which made him look thinner.

Maybe he wasn't eating enough. Tsuna wondered if maybe he could invite the Don home to eat his mom's cooking.

"-think, Tsuna?"

Suddenly snapped out of his daze, Tsuna whipped is head around to look at his bodyguard.

"I'm sorry?" he asked.

Reborn raised a thin eyebrow, not seeming the least bit surprised that Tsuna hadn't been paying attention.

Tsuna smiled sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders slightly.

With a huff and a roll of his eyes, Reborn leaned forward, hand going out to straighten Tsuna's collar.

"Don Chiavarone's son, Dino, needs a tutor," Reborn started, fingers combing through Tsuna's bangs a few times to tame them into some semblance of order. He smacked the child's cheek lightly before he pulled away, a warning to not get distracted again. Tsuna looked down with a pout – it hadn't hurt, but he always hated being reprimanded. He hated the idea that he'd disappointed Reborn.

"He wants me to train Dino."

Tsuna's eyes fluttered up in surprise to stare at Reborn, whose expression was carefully schooled.

"What do you think?" asked the hitman, expression not giving anything away.

Tsuna thought for a moment, trying to figure out what the right answer was here, what Reborn wanted him to say.

"I…I want to play with him," he decided after a moment – he wasn't sure if that was what Reborn had wanted, but something told him it was what he needed to do here.

Don Chiavarone's eyes lit up, and he leaned forward with a smile.

"Of course," he said, quick to agree, before gesturing for one of the guards standing by the door. "He should be with his maths tutor right now, but I'm sure taking one day off shouldn't be too bad. Mikhail can take you to him."

Tsuna didn't move, looking back up at Reborn for approval.

The hitman gave a barely perceptible nod, before his eyes flew to the bodyguard, and his lips pulled into a smile full of teeth. He got out of his chair all lazy and confident, his movements unhurried, and flung an arm around Mikhail's neck, startling the man with his friendliness.

Reborn's voice was perfectly amicable as he said, "I am trusting you to take care of my sky. If he has so much as a single scratch on him when I get him back, you will find your face very nicely acquainted with a brick!"

Mikhail was smiling politely and nodding along for a few seconds, before Reborn's words finally registered, and he froze.

"Am I understood?" asked Reborn, as mildly as if he were commenting on the weather.

Mikhail nodded once, voice stiff as he answered, "Understood."

"Good man," replied Reborn, patting him once on the shoulder before letting go and smiling down at his ward. "Just call if you need me, tesoro. I will come to you no matter what."

"Hai!" replied Tsuna, nodding and grinning toothily up at Reborn. Then, pivoting around on one foot, he skipped over and grabbed Mikhail's fingers and began tugging him out of the room.

Mikhail just let himself be dragged, throwing one last, worried look over his shoulder at Reborn, whose piercing gaze remained unwavering right up until the door closed behind them.

Mikhail tried not to hide the chill that crawled up his spine – the hitman's very presence was absolutely terrifying, even when he was here as an ally; Mikhail dreaded to think what it must feel like to be his target.

No sane individual could be expected not to quail before him.

…Well, no one other than the Vongola's four-year-old heir, apparently.

Mikhail watched the child warily out of the corner of his eye, wondering just how the child could be so absolutely comfortable in Reborn's presence.

…Or how he had even managed to win Reborn's loyalty in the first place, for that matter.

There didn't seem to be anything particularly astounding about the cherubic four-year-old. Well, other than how completely sweet and harmless he managed to make himself seem, despite the constant caress of sky flames that seemed to roll off him in waves.

The child chose that moment to smile up at Mikhail, eyes closing in pleasure, and cute dimples appearing on chubby cheeks.

He would, undoubtedly, grow up to be a terrifying man someday, and Mikhail found himself fervently grateful that the Chiavarone were allied with the family this monster of a child would one day be taking over.

Dino was sitting at his desk doing his maths work as his tutor, Mira, watched over his shoulder as usual, when suddenly there came a knock on the door to his study.

Lips pursed and eyebrows drawing together in disapproval, Mira straightened up to go answer the door, and Dino set down his pencil with a relieved sigh, glad of the reprieve.

He watched curiously as Mira opened the door, to reveal Mikhail standing there, with a four-year-old clutching his fingers with tiny hands, and peering curiously into the room.

When his eyes met Dino's, the child smiled sweetly up at him, and Dino couldn't help but smile back, despite his confusion.

"Well?" asked Mira curtly, and though her back was turned, Dino could imagine easily the impatience that would mar her features.

"The young master's lessons are to be postponed," said Mikhail. "Nono wishes for Dino to entertain our young guest here."

Dino perked up in interest at these words – if his father wanted him to keep this child company so badly his lessons were to be postponed, the child must be someone important. Although try as he might, Dino couldn't think who the kid might be. He didn't look Italian, which was the real confusing part – as far as Dino knew, their family didn't have any strong ties to the Japanese yakuza.

"And just who might our young guest be?" asked Mira, the disapproval colouring her voice proving that she didn't recognize the child either. And of course, in her mind, if she didn't recognize them, then obviously they mustn't be of very much importance.

The child, not noticing her tone, grinned brightly up at her, saying, "My name is Tsunayoshi Sawada! I am here with my hitman, Reborn!"

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