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Episode 1

Operation: Pierre Degas' Secret Stash

Summary: Three ex-convicts were found in Paris France. All in the same area and at the same time. A coincidence? Probably not. Jerry has sent the spies out to investigate. Their discoveries include a chocoholic boy, a gas mask nap time, and a shrinking mole...

B-story: Unfortunately Tony is experiencing unrequited affection from two love interests in his life but at least of them is coming around.

Marc noticed Lee's and Megan's confused and resentful expression as he joined them in the cafeteria. When Marc followed their gaze, he understood.

A few tables over, Tony sitting and laughing along with the snobby, haughty Tammy at her table.

It was a misunderstanding though. Unfortunately what the siblings weren't aware of was Tony and everyone else just so happened to all find Oliver's joke funny, Tony wasn't enjoying himself because of Tammy. He was actually scooted far away from her as possible and was cuddled up to Kasey Smith who happened to be a model and acclaimed most beautiful girl in school.

He couldn't believe it when he asked her out, and she said yes.

How was Tony Clark, the youngest and smallest of the Clark siblings, able to snag a beautiful ninth grader like her? Tony doesn't know. He wasn't scrutinizing over it but basking in the benefits of new social standing, popularity, respect, and some fine arm candy.

"...the cat eye look so did not look good on Mindy. It made her look like a raccoon. I can pull it off because I can actually did it property, and my eyes are just more fitting..."

Tony was only partially listening to her rant and complain. He was too focused how she could be so stunning, every subtle movement, every detail. She was like a blooming flower, and he just couldn't stop looking at her. Kasey had pointed and fierce feature. Her black wavy hair was gorgeously messy but today was pulled back with golden hair clips. The eyes looking at him whilst she talked, were bright blue, expressive jewels sewed onto her face. Above, her eyelashes were thick and curled, and fluttered when she blinked. Her skin of course was flawless, tan, and smooth.

The bell rang alarmingly above. Tony's forty five minutes of bliss with Kasey ended. He unwrapped his arm around he waist and separated from her warmth.

Not before parting in opposite directions to class did they exchange chaste kisses on the cheek.

When Tony was far away from Kasey and just went through exit of the cafeteria, a few guys at the table came up on his side.

"Tony, good for you scoring Kasey Smith," one popular eighth grader commended.

"Yeah, you're a real stud," another winked, nudging him. They chatted about various things as they went down the hallway. This is so awesome! Tony thought to himself as they conversed. He felt like a king for the rest of the day.

Tony was heading to his last class, science. Fortunately his previous class was right next to Kasey's class, and her last class was right across the hall from his.

"Kasey," he groaned beginning his rant."Mr. Hart is so boring. He always talks in a monotone voice. And don't get me started on this homework load." He then noticed she stopped walking as something caught her attention.

"How's your brother doing?" she asked suddenly.

"Well, Marc was especially know-it-allish this morning—"

"No I mean Lee."

"Oh, Lee, he is good last time I checked..." Tony shrugged.

Coming from the same direction Kasey's attention was previously, Lee approached them. "Hey T, hey... Kasey," he addressed as eyed the two together curiously.

"Hi," she said with a giggle. Suddenly she wrapped her arm around Tony and pulled him closely to her. Tony was surprised by the abrupt affection but settled in.

Lee, Kasey, and Tony continued down the hallway together but despite him and Kasey being physically connected, it still felt like two plus one. Also despite Tony's presence, Kasey made conversation with Lee. Tony got flickers of questioning glances from Lee at first, but he figured it out half way through their little journey to last period, incredulously.

Soon he arrived in front of science, and Tony parted from her again a bit heartbroken. His emotions changed when she pulled him back and gave him a small smooch on the cheek while Lee was watching. This put him at daze.

Tony wanted to stay with them a little longer, but he already made eye contact with Mr. Perpet, and he knew had to get in there.

"Alright class, see you tomorrow," Mr. Perpet said as many kids scrambled out of the classroom. The bell rang through the school signifying the end of the day. It was music to Tony's ears, but he had very little time to enjoy it.

He heard an all too familiar voice call him bitingly. "Tony!"

He whirled around and sure enough Megan was stalking towards him in a fit.

Oh no what did he do this time. Did she figure out he was in her room again? Accidentally let it slip to one of her many crushes she beat Lee in a burping contest? Forgot to put the seat down?

Right when she was a foot away, he rapidly blurted out every excuse in hopes to save himself. "When I was in your room I was just checking to see if anybody put any bombs in your room because I'm such a protective brother, and with the being spies and all, you can't be too careful. With Roger I doubt he would think less of you if you can burp. It's a bodily function even girls experience, and I'm sorry I forgot again but living with three brothers and a dad you should just do it yourself and not expect us to remember all the time because you and mom are actually the one out numbered."

Megan stared at her brother bewilderingly. Her focus soon came back again and replied slowly. "Whoa Tony don't do that thing where you skip to conclusions. First, that was a lame excuse for being in my room and second, I have no idea what you were talking about beyond that, and third, whatever you were yammering about is not why I'm here."

"Then why are you so angry?"

'I want to know why you're so buddy buddy with Tammy and her flakey friends all of a sudden."

"Oh," Tony realized. "I'm not friends with Tammy."

"Yeah because sitting at her lunch table is such a regular thing."

"It's not like wanted to sit with Tammy but since Kasey Smith and I are dating..." he raised his head in pride. "I guess there are a few sacrifices I have to make."

"No way! What did you do?" Megan said, skeptical.

"What? It's true!"

"Oh really? Did you secretly give her one thousand dollars first?"

"Of course not."

She groaned. "Why are you trying this dating thing again anyway?'

"I'm doing the dating thing again because I'm older, more mature."

"Oh brother." Megan rolled her eyes.

"And well, look how popular Jackson Benson is just by dating Nicole Freeman."

"Tony, dating isn't for status! It's for romance, love, and finding the one." Tony could've sworn he saw a twinkle appear in her eyes as she said this. "Also their relationship will last one, two weeks tops."

"You may want to date for that romantic mush, but I just got myself a ticket on top of the social ladder while you're stuck on the bottom." Tony smiled smugly.

Megan bit down on her lip and stared daggers, but before she could retort, the the surface beneath them fell.

There was a split second as they were falling then their butts hit the metal slide. They rode through the familiar tubes that stretched out miles underground, intricate, hidden, and of course extremely necessary for the organization. Eventually they were free falling again.

Tony landed on a pink squishy couch which gave him safe fall but not a graceful one.

He was on his back. Tony's body was ninety degrees. His head was hanging off the seat while his feet were where his head was suppose to be.

First thing Tony noticed as he got situated in the high tech office were two strangers standing by the desk.

"Hey, Jerry, what's up?" Lee greeted the bald man who stood in front of a desk.

"A mission that's 'what's up'," Jerry replied. Jerry Lewis was the founder of an organization called WOOHP or World Organization Of Human Protection. This was a global spy agency that deals with the dangerous and the bizarre occurrences for the safety of humanity. Tony and his three siblings, Megan, Marc, and Lee were adolescent agents.

Jerry was their Bond-esque spy with his suave British accent, sleek suit, and polished shoes

"Before I inform you on your mission let me introduce you to Jeff and Fiona Finster."

Tony's gaze focused upon the two figures. Immediately, the girl caught his attention. Fiona's hair: a vibrant red, softly fell to her shoulders. Her blue eyes were shimmering but attentive with soft features. Tony found her very pretty and in that moment he forgot about the beautiful model back at school.

Jeff was a stark contrast in someways to his sister this included his height. He didn't notice how short she was until he compared her to her brother. He had to hit six feet, and she reached just above his elbow. Also his features were rough. Jef didn'5 have his sister's red hair but instead a dull mess of dirty blond, He wasn't the kind of guy you would want to be approached at night.

Though beyond that he could see a slight resemblance. They both shared blue eyes, fair skin, and lean figures. Their facial structures were also similar.

"Nice to meet you," Lee addressed."I'm Lee and these are my two brothers Marc and T and me sister Megan." He gestured to them.

The Clark beamed at their new teammates.

They simply nodded in response.

"Alright then, since everyone is introduced..." Jerry pivoted to the screen and turned it on. He commenced his briefing. "It has come to our attention that three previous villains are all traveled to the same area of Paris France. This cannot be a coincidence, and I need all you guys to plant trackers and observe any suspicious behaviors."

"Ohh, we're going to Paris," Megan squealed.

"And of course you will being needing gadgets. You have the M-Ray Contact Lenses, the WOOPH Sticky String, 'Drilling Propeller Hat.'"

"Modified by yours truly," Marc boasted, catching it.

"...The Nano Nail, and I have a fresh new tracking device from the lab." He pulled three remote controls along with technological bugs. "This is called the Bug Ya Tracker. Pretty self explanatory. You can control your bug that contains the GPS tracker and hook it to your target. Each pair will take one"

"Very intriguing." Marc went to inspected it. "Can't wait to try this out."

"Megan you will be following Dr. Nixon with Marc, Jeff and Lee with Dr. Ronald, and Fiona you are going with Tony to investigate Dr. Marta. As for the 411, Dr. Ronold and Dr. Nixon were fired WOOPH scientists and Dr. Martha was a bioterrorist who was working to target WOOHP. Dr. Nixon was spotted as a janitor at an art museum and Dr. Ronald lives at Kinder Appartements. Sources found Dr. Marta is currently a preschool teacher at Kingsworth Academy, an international primary and secondary school. All coordinates and addresses are sent to your MPComs."

Another incredible gadget of their organization were their MPComs inconspicuously disguised as simple MP3 players but were actually high powering computers assessable to many databases. One of the MPCom's coolest feature was in one press of the bottom, it would change them into their suits.

Tony changed into his yellow spy suit equipped with his needed gadgets.

The wall behind Jerry rose which usually revealed the vehicle they were going to use on that mission. On this occasion, it was a high speed jet. Jerry stepped aside as all six of them ran on.

Jeff beat Lee to the pilot seat to his disappointment. Lee took the co-pilot seat which was Marc's usually spot, Marc and the rest of them the sat in the other seats. Marc hopped on to his MPCom, and Megan was already fast asleep while Tony found himself following Fiona to the seats in the back.

Tony gawked at Fiona in the corner of his gaze. She was squished against the window. Her elbow on the arm. Her body was so small. Her legs didn't have trouble staying tucked to her chest and there seemed to be plenty of room in her seat. From the view of her profile, he saw how she was thoughtfully peering out the window.

Wheels seemed to be rapidly turning her mind. He was curious to know what she was thinking. He wanted to talk to her but nerves held him back.

He continued his staring and eventually she looked his way. Quickly, he looked down at his boats swearing to himself to never look over there again, not to get caught again. Alas, he found his eyes were back on her. She shifted in her seat, stretched and turned to Tony. Again his gaze switched somewhere else. A few minutes later he peered back. She was staring at him with an expression that seemed like she was trying to scare him away.

Tony cowered slightly under her gaze. She turned back and her expression was a mangle of negative emotions. He was afraid she was upset at him for staring at her. He wanted them to get along during this mission. He had to fix this and the only way would be to show he wasn't trying to be a creep.

Tony got up and warily sat next to her. His body rocked a bit in the seat while trying to think of what to say.

She was ignoring him as her back was turned away.

He was thinking to introduce himself but felt that was a silly ideas since his name was already given earlier. Maybe he could just say a smooth hello. Despite him being in the next chair over, she seemed so far away. Her small body allowing space between them, and she was so short too her head seemed like it barely reached the head pad

"You're really small," Tony blurted.

Fiona turned in her seat. Her expression initially bewildered. She glanced down at herself as if she was checking his observation. Then her facial features changed, affronted. "Yeah, so? Do you have a problem with that?"

For a second, he was completely caught off guard by his own question. A stupid, imprudent question. He then found himself tripping over his words. "I uh um— no. It's not— I didn't mean. I just noticed—wondered why you're so short."

"I don't know. I guess I was just born that way," she grunted and turned.

He took one more try at talking to her. This couldn't be the end: her pissed and him appearing like a complete idiot. "Um, uh, so how old are you?"

"Thirteen," she replied curtly.

He was surprised given her hight. "Cool, I'm thirteen too."

"Cool," she said robotically still not facing him.

They sat there in a few awkward minutes of silence.

"Sooo how's your day been?" Tony began his small talk.


"Do anything special?"

"Not really."

Tony couldn't think of anything to say. Deathly mute, he finally decided to take the hint: she didn't want to talk. Maybe if he didn't begin with saying such a stupid line, he wouldn't have angered her. Feeling rejected, he dragged himself back to his seat.

With stuff like this, he could easily brush it off. He admittedly been rejected more times before but in this case he couldn't just move on.

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