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Episode 9: Felicia VS Taokaka

So far, they have watched three episodes in order and one episode ahead of time due to the mix up with Batman. With it getting late, they all agreed that this was going to be the last episode for the day, and boy has it been a long day. Not only did Batman get involved, but he's also getting therapy sessions.

After the last episode, Wally screamed about Nekos, so Robin had to fill them in on the custom from Japan. Zatanna and Megan were already getting into the whole cat girl get-up, and they found it really cute. The others didn't mind as well. To be honest, it mostly reminded them of Cheetah. Kaldur was actually intrigued since he and his people were aquatic compared to the cat people

Artemis was in the middle of absorbing the fact that her boyfriend may have a slight cat fetish. She looked at Zatanna and Megan pretending to be cats. She soon imagined herself with blonde cat ears and a tail. With the brain of an emotional teen, it is no surprise that her mind ended up taking things a lot further and threw Wally into the picture. These thoughts continued to get raunchier by the second. In a weird way, she's just like her sister with this little niche interest. One scene involved stroking tails and licking cat ears. It got NSFW from there.

She was soon snapped out of her stupor with her face glowing red.

"Uh… You okay, babe?" her red-head boyfriend asked.

"Yes!... I mean, yeah, I'm fine."

"Are you sure? You seem kinda…"

"Please, just start the disc."

"Okay, Okay. Sheesh." 'What's your problem?'

'You, me, and cat appendages...'

Wally pulled out the remote and pressed play for the episode to begin.

A new advertisement named HostGator was mentioned and the episode starts playing.

(Cues Invader - Jim Johnston)


"It literally is Boomstick. Not only do we have two ferocious females in the ring today, but they're also, well, cats."

"Felicia, the pop-star demon cat chick lady."

"And Taokaka, Blaze Blue's speedy vigilante."

The fact that they mentioned this Taokaka as a vigilante piqued the interest of Robin, Artemis, and Oliver. All three of them started off as vigilantes in their hometown before they became full fledged heroes. There were many times that they could remember running away from the cops in the early days. 'Good times,' each of them thought.

'I still remember that time I drove my car across the rooftops to save that girl from poisoning. I helped pay for it afterward, but it was still fun.'

"He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick."

"And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle."

The first contestant is the large blue haired woman who's completely naked. Fortunately, or unfortunately for some, she has some white fur to cover her more... intimate areas. In addition to the fur, she also sported white cat ears and a tail. To everyone's surprise, it went even further as she also has paws covering her hands and feet with sharp pink claws on all of them.


(Cues Felicia's Theme - Marvel vs Capcom 3)

"Felicia is a Catwoman who was taken in and raised by a Nun named Rose who gave her the name Felicia from the word Felicity. Despite her identity as a Darkstalker being exposed, she was not turned away by her as Felicia had feared. When Rose passed away, Felicia left her town hoping to be a musical star.

"Yeah. People, where she lives, aren't all accepting of Darkstalkers for being different... I don't know why. Just look at her. Isn't she just adorable?"

Megan was having some slight flashbacks to her treatment back on Mars for being a White Martian.

Diana frowned once she learned about the discrimination. When she first came to America back in World War Two she was appalled to see the treatment that people of different color and women received. During her stay as Diana Prince, she worked alongside senators during the Civil Rights Movement and the Women's Suffrage movement. She wanted to change humankind for the better.

"Anyways, despite this, Felicia never lost hope, as she remembered what she was told before that one has to obtain happiness on their own. She wishes there to be a way for peaceful coexistence between Darkstalkers and humans alike. For that, she pursues her dream of becoming a famous musical star to serve as a bridge between the two races."

Diana couldn't help but feel much respect for such a woman… Catwoman. She had the same aspirations as when she first started out. Ending war, likely incited by Ares, and bringing about peace was her goal.

"Yeah. During her travels, she ended up meeting a whole bunch of Catgirls. Hell, they even became friends. Eventually, she and her friends started a musical with Felicia being the main star. Turns out, just like Japan and teenage boys around the world, they were a huge hit and got scouted. I assume that they would be called the Pussycat Dolls."

"She really is similar to Cheetah, physically at least," commented Artemis.

Wally put a hand to his chin. "You know, instead of robbing places, she could make a killing as a pop star."

Oliver raised a brow. "It might be hard because of her… reputation."

Robin thought for a bit and typed some stuff down on his pad.

"Not likely, Boomstick, and it didn't stop there. In the events of Darkstalkers 3, Felicia founding an orphanage named Felicity House."

The group smiled at her goal and eventual success. It was like one of those success stories that you hear on Facebook. An underdog with big dreams and hard work was able to make it happen.

Robin, in particular, flashed back to his brief time at the orphanage before he was adopted by Bruce. Many of the children were much younger than him. It was thanks to Gracelyn, one of the caretakers, that he was able to make it through the few days there. She had experience with child counseling, and she helped him through the mourning process after his parent's recent deaths. Giving a solemn breath, he looked back at the screen.

"Man, she's always up to something... Wait a minute… What the hell!? I got caught up in the sexiness and adorableness that I forgot we were talking about a deadly demon warrior, and… uh... is she naked?!"

"Well… she's part cat. So… Yes?" answered Oliver.

Some of the younger males decided not to comment with their girlfriends in the same room.

Diana didn't really mind if she wore anything. It is in her culture on Themyscira to be as comfortable as they wished as long as one didn't disturb the others. Some of her sisters were naked all the time. While this may seem like a detriment to their combat prowess, they actually used this to their advantage. Since they didn't wear heavy metal armor compared to the standard Amazon warrior, they were much agiler. Their skills with the short bow, daggers, and acrobatics were not to be trifled with. They were mostly used for hunting and guerilla warfare. During a training exercise, they were shown to be able to dodge arrows in mid air.

Megan didn't mind either as Martians didn't wear clothes either. She and her uncle wore clothes to blend in with everyone else on earth. She asked her uncle about a group of people who don't wear clothes too and why she couldn't do that, but her Uncle ended that idea quickly. He muttered something about "not again" and how he made a scene in West Hollywood.


"But, she's part cat."


Robin leaned and nervously asked Wally, "Where is he going with this?"

"Hmmm... do you think it'd be wrong to..."

Wally whipped his head back in embarrassment and interest at the idea of getting… intimate… with a catgirl like Felicia.

Zatanna and Megan, who were playing as cats turned beet red at the implied ending to that sentence. Artemis couldn't hold back either as the memory in her head played again. The other two girls were having those thoughts as well.

It didn't help that Conner was on the same track as his girlfriend.

'It's the talk with Bruce all over again...' Robin anguished.

Oliver ended up planning to ask Dinah for a particular favor for his birthday.

Diana didn't seem to mind as a lot of figures in Greek mythology were part animal, and having sexual relations with them weren't uncommon in the past. The Sirens were rather troublesome during Earth's age of exploration.

"Uh… Moving on!"



Height: 5'6" or 168 cm

Weight: 128 lbs or 58 kg, 4.1 kg as a Cat

Three Sizes: B88 W61 H87 (To think that she lets it all hang out.)

Race: Catwoman

Nationality: United States

Birth Year: 1967

Raised by a Nun

Happy-Go-Lucky Attitude

Superhuman Strength, Speed, & Endurance



"As a Darkstalker, a creature of the night, Felicia naturally possesses supernatural strength, speed, and agility. She can also use her unique cat senses to sniff out enemies from extreme distances."



Long, Pink Claws

Strong Tail

Speed-Based Combos

High-Damage Grapples

Can Charge Energy at Will

Natural Athlete

"She can tear into her foes with sharp claws resting in her big-ass paws, each several inches long and capable of tearing through all kinds of armor.

Oliver deadpanned. "That is terrifyingly lethal if that's a natural feature of hers..."

"Her tail seems to be quite durable, as she can balance on it while delivering a double kick and even jab enemies with it."

'I wonder if Cheetah can do that too,' wondered Diana.


Rolling Smash

Delta Kick/Cat Spike

Hell Cat Grapple

Rolling Buckler Links to Various Attacks

(Cues Night Warriors Darkstalker's Revenge: The Animated Series - Intro Theme *Instrumental*)

"Sadly, she's kind of a twig with her techniques, being athletic and gymnastic in nature."

"She's just like you, Rob." Wally began to measure Robin's arm with his index finger.

Pulling his arm away, Robin glared at Wally. "Shut up…"

"She's undeniably one of the faster Darkstalkers, and can get around the battlefield with her unpredictable Rolling Smash, Delta Kick, and Rolling Buckler."

"If you're flexible enough, you might be able to pull some of those off."

Suddenly, the group was introduced to the most random thing Boomstick has ever done: Singing.

"Felicia... she can really move... Felicia... she's got an attitu-ude-"

While it wasn't the worst that they've ever heard, it was still cringy coming from a guy like him.


Short Range

Low to Middle Height

Also Called Litter box Kick

"Yes Boomstick, we get it, she's like Sonic. She can roll like a ball and tackle her enemies. Anyway, as a Darkstalker, Felicia has a natural affinity for magic, able to use it in the form of her only ranged attack: kicking sand."

"Really?" Zatanna deadpanned in disappointment. "She has magic, and that's all she can do?"

"Wow..." Robin added. "That's even worse than those guys you see perform in Vegas."

"At least she's litter box trained."

"Due to the bluish color appearing, it is possible she can channel ki into her feet and expel it out through the kick."

"Also, if she ever feels like it, she can always turn into her housecat form."

Artemis turned to Megan. "You know, I've always wondered if Martians can turn into animals?"

"Actually, we can disguise ourselves as almost anything and anyone. Uncle J'onn once became this gray rabbit eating a carrot who kept asking about a doctor of some sort."

This caused the other teens to look at her. Zatanna spoke up. "... He turned into Bugs Bunny, a cartoon character?"

Megan beamed. "Yup. He was so funny. Actually, I practiced my shapeshifting with cartoons since they are much easier to focus their image compared to other people."

Wally blinked "So, you can pretty much become anything?"

Megan nodded. "Yes, although, some are easier than others."

While the others looked back at the TV, Wally had a glint in his eye. 'Real life anime girls… The dream is real.'

"As she was raised by a nun, even becoming one herself, she has little to no combat training, preferring to focus on her singing career and running an orphanage. As such, she relies on her lethal feral instincts in a fight."

"While she may not be a combat specialist, she surely became a loving humanitarian," added Diana

"But these same instincts also lead her easily distracted by ferocious enemies like butterflies, rolling balls of yarn and papers that crinkle."

Oliver blinked at the revelation. "Huh… I guess those instincts are a double edged sword."

"I don't really see the appeal of those things," Diana stated in a confused tone.

"Some animals have a low attention span and focus on the nearest form of stimuli," answered Kaldur.

"While the other Darkstalkers consider Felicia to be one of the weakest of their kind, with the help of her friends, she somehow manages to hold her own against demon lords, spell casters and all-powerful aliens."

Robin rolled his eyes. "Story of our lives, huh." The others laughed at the comment.

"She is an energetic and optimistic catgirl who enjoys singing, dancing and making friends with people. All she wishes for is peaceful coexistence with humans and doesn't resort to fighting unless she cannot avoid it."

If it wasn't obvious before, they could all see the parallels between her and Megan.

'I wanna be just like her…' a wide-eyed Megan dreamed.

"That's one cat you don't want to cross."

"I could sure use a catnap," stated Felicia. She then transforms into a normal-looking cat.

As a person, she seemed very genuine about her intentions and feelings towards helping others. Despite her lack of combat training, Felicia seems quite dangerous as well. She already became Robin's and Megan's personal favorite so far.

Onto the next combatant.


Shaking his head, Bruce answered. "There's not much more to me. What you see and what you saw is what you get."

Dinah was not amused. "Come on, Bruce. You and I know that there is always a reason to the way that we act. If you didn't, you wouldn't have cared enough to send people to Arkham Asylum."

"She's right Bruce," stated Clark. "It would be hypocritical to deny the same help that you try to offer others."

Dinah nodded. "Yeah. If I wanted to, I could analyze Clark and unearth the reasons why he was distant toward Conner."

"Yeah… Wait. What?" Clark blinked at the claim.

"Not now. I'll get to you later, Clark. Right now, I need to focus on Bruce." She turned back to said bat. "Will you please just take a seat so we can talk?"

Clark was rubbing his head at the stress right now. "Just do it, so we can go home tonight."

Both Dinah and Clark took their seats. "Now, let's start from the beginning."

Bruce leaned back into his chair. "In that case, it all started when I was born…"

Living Room

The second contestant looked like another cat girl, except she's tan-skinned and wore a large cat-like cloak. Her face is completely hidden except the glowing red eyes and razor sharp teeth that she has.


(Cues Catus Carnival - BlazBlue Calamity Trigger)

"Is that chick wearing a cat hoodie?"

"No, that's a special cloak to fit her Kaka body."

"Uh… What?" most of the room said.

"Her what body?"

"Taokaka is a vigilante of the Kaka tribe and village, a cat-like people descended from genetically engineered living weapons. Her genetics provide her with a natural fighting instinct. As a tribe, they are copies of each other, and cannot reproduce above one hundred members."

"How does that work?" asked Zatanna.

"It might be some sort of specific genetic coding to prevent them from producing an army of themselves over the years," answered Wally.

Artemis shrugged. "Still, a hundred feels like overkill already."

Diana gazed into thought. 'It's not unlike back home where I was the last child ever born there. While a few have died due to injuries, our immortality keeps the population quite large.'

Taokaka wants to get back the sky above her village, which was sealed off. She was sent by the Kaka Elder to retrieve a bounty, becoming a vigilante in the process. Despite this resolve, she is considerably food-obsessed and forgetful, often falling asleep on a whim, becoming hungry moments after a meal, or forgetting details moments after hearing them.


Height: 5'5"/ 165 cm

Weight: 93 Lbs. / 42 kg

Race: Kaka

Date of birth: February 22, 13th Hierarchical City "Kagutsuchi", Lost Town

Made from Genetically Engineered Living Weapons

Incredibly Stupid

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Taking naps, boiled rice (she loves steamed meat buns)

Position(s): Guardian of the Kaka tribe village and vigilante

"She is the guardian of the Kaka, implying that she is the best fighter of the group."

Diana blinked. 'That's... quite similar to me. I earned the title of Wonder Woman with my skill and became a guardian of sorts for my people.'

"While she may be a good fighter, she's one dumb cat."

'I think the similarities stop there...' a deadpanned Amazon thought.

Oliver shrugged. "I guess this is where the cat part of her comes into play."

"Unfortunately, Taokaka is the personification of innocence with an incredibly severe case of ADHD. While she hunts bounties with the intent of improving her fighting skill and bringing money to her family, she often winds up completely forgetting about her mission at the worst of times, often even befriending her would-be targets."

Megan laughed a bit. "She seems nice but a bit off, I guess."

Robin, Kaldur, and Conner couldn't help but give a slight dry look at the rather ironic statement especially compared to when they first met her.

Wally didn't pay attention as he was listening to Boomstick.

"She's a real happy-go-lucky cat-girl cares for others. Her only desire is to protect those she holds dear to her heart... or anyone who offers her food. I would call someone a friend in my book if I got a free ten layer burrito."

Wally couldn't help but think of the friends he made simply because they offered him a snack during his freshman year. 'Those were some good times. Simple times... Now I'm hungry again. Do we have pizza rolls?'

"Of course, much of her simple-minded traits can be compared to how a cat's mindset actually works. Taokaka even has a keen sixth sense, seeing things others can't. Also like a cat, she's fascinated by things... like boobs... What was I talking about, again?"

A round of dry female looks filled the room.


A Total of 12 Retractable Razor-Sharp Blades

Speed-Based Combos

Expert Air Control

'Dancing Edge' Drive is Extremely Fast

"We were about to go into her combat capabilities. She has twelve retractable dual-edged blades on her hands and feet. While they're not very long, they can transform from basic claws to hook-size, saw-blades, and more."

"When they said she was a living weapon, they weren't kidding," added Wally.

Robin put a thumb to his chin. 'I think Bruce has something similar but not as deadly with the blades on his vambraces.'

"Damn, I don't even want to think what those things would do to my couch."

"Such weaponry definitely makes her much more dangerous than the average feline beast," commented Kaldur.

"Taokaka's Drive is Dancing Edge, which has her lunge forward. During this lunge, any other button press can alter her approach such as a feint, passing by her opponent, hopping in mid-air or a standard attack. She can also latch onto the edge of the screen if her lunge reaches that point, giving her additional attack options."

Diana smiled. "Attack strategies that offer multiple routes of engagement are quite useful."

'That's something I could do,' a certain speedster thought.


Uses Instinctively

Uses for Special Attacks

3 Powerful, Fast Distortion Drives

Astral Heat

Limited Amount Available

"Tao's genes allow her instinctively access and utilize Seithr: a raw, powerful energy seeping through the air. Tao can use Seithr to empower and transform her claws, as well as to execute incredibly vicious attacks."

Zatanna tilted her head that. "That's sounds vaguely similar to magical energy."

Wally smartly avoided the topic while Artemis took the lead. "What do you mean?"

"The Earth itself is a source of magical energy. Some people like my father and I are able to store magic within us or manipulate the ambient magic in the area. Some people channel magic verbally, but some people are able to manipulate it more naturally."

"However, there's only so much Seithr in a given space, and once she runs out, Tao will lose many of her deadliest attributes."

Zatanna nodded. "That's another one as well. Some areas like the Tower of Fate have higher concentrations of magic nearby than others."

Diana chimed in. "The same can be said about Themyscira and Mount Olympus. Godly and magical energy fill the air."

"Also, apparently Tao likes to carry around a lot of random shit, which she uses as projectiles during a fight: bowling balls, apple cores, pillow- a pillow? Really?!"

"She relies on her inborn instincts as opposed to a trained fighting style. With her chaotic fighting style, it is easy for her to get overwhelmed by a skilled or powerful foe. What she lacks in strength and durability, she makes up for in agility and speed and extreme mobility, wailing on her opponents and catching them off guard with lightning fast, unpredictable maneuvers and techniques."

Everyone turned their heads towards Wally while he blinked at the screen. "Huh, that's actually what I do... Well, except for the instincts thing."

"Robin smirked. "You do get taken down my more skilled," he gestured to himself, "and more powerful opponents."

Wally narrowed his eyes at him. "I noticed..."

"You should probably take some notes, Kid. Take it from Conner and Dinah earlier today. Those new techniques they were doing seem to be going well.

"Ugh, I hate wrestling after this morning." Wally sighed. "Then again, I might actually get a cool move to do like them."

"Her Overdrive, originally a Distortion Drive, is Almost Becoming Two, Meow!, which creates an afterimage with a mass that attacks with her, doubling her strikes."

Wally was currently in the process of imagining himself performing some of those fast moves.

"What do you think?" asked Artemis.

Wally tapped his foot with fingers to his temple. "Theoretically, it's possible."

"Really? It is?" asked most of the room.

"Man, I've actually been working on something like this for Flash to use, but I'm still trying to work out the details."

Megan, not a person of science, asked the obvious question. "So... How does it work?"

Wally paused for a moment to give a basic overview. "If a person is moving fast enough, they can create after images. Flash and I can already do that, me to some extent. This technique, however, is a step further above that. In order to give an after image mass and have it move, a person literally needs to be moving fast enough to be in more than one place at once."

Oliver chimed in. "So... when a person and their speed clone moves, the person is actually moving to and from all the time."

"Pretty much," answered Wally.

'I'm not even sure if Hermes can perform such a feat' thought Diana

"All in all, she's the fastest of the BlazBlue cast, darting around the arena with incredibly fast combos. However, she's also the weakest stamina-wise and doesn't have very many defensive options."

"But, if you want to kick her ass, you gotta catch her first!"

Taokaka yelled. "Aah! It's the boobie lady!"

Overall, Taokaka seemed to be a very deadly combatant in her own right. While she may not be the brightest, she had a variety of skills and tools that would help with her other weaknesses as well.

"Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all."

"After the thing, people bitch about in the comments."

Once the advertisement starts rolling, they all started to debate who would win. If they were to classify Felicia and Taokaka, they would be high mobility assassin types. While they wouldn't have much in the way of durability, both could deliver swift and precise strikes against the opponent. It's one of the reasons why the League of Assassins was so proficient. Felicia is good, but she spends most of her time being a pop-star and nun compared to training her own skills. On the other hand, Taokaka may be mentally impaired, but her use of Seithr, weapons, and move-set give her an edge.

Conner decided to put his vote on Toakaka due to their similar origins. She was much better than Riptor character-wise.

Kaldur and Oliver voted the same due to her arsenal.

Wally and Artemis placed their vote for Felicia with red faces without stating why.

Diana, Zatanna, Megan, and Robin voted for Felicia on a personal level mostly in part to her community work and her success from adversity.

Now it was time to see them fight.

"It's time for a Catfight!"

(Cues Darkstalkers 3 - Felicia's Ending Theme)

The group sees a pink butterfly flying down toward a wooden bridge. Upon reaching the bridge, a nun watering some flowers takes notice of the new visitor.

"Must be Felicia on her off time," commented Oliver.

"Ooh!" she squealed.

Said nun immediately takes off her robes and starts following it. Briefly creeping up on the insect, she then leapt at it for four times each time missing. It wasn't until the last one that she bumped into another person.

"Sorry," Felicia replied.

The screen panned to reveal an upset Taokaka and an ice cream scoop lying on the floor.

'Oh no...' was the general thought in the room.

"No...No. ," Taokaka mumbled. Tears soon begin to form in her eyes.

Wally took it the hardest. With a downcast expression, he thought, 'Ice cream... You were innocent...'

Artemis noticed and knew exactly what to do. She whispered into his ear. "You wanna go to Baskin Robins when you walk me home."

He slowly nodded.

She patted his shoulder. "Okay, we'll go afterward."

Felicia walked up to her and was about to put a hand on Taokaka's shoulder. "Sorry about your ice cream."

Not a second later did Taokaka glare at her with glowing red eyes with Felicia backing away. Taokaka yelled, "You killed Choco-chan."

'Uh... what?' thought Felicia, confused about the situation.

Taokaka got into a battle stance with Felicia copying as well. "Now I kill you!"


(Cues Calamity Trigger - BlazBlue Calamity Trigger)

Taokaka instantly made the first move and attacks Felicia with her vicious combo attacks. Metal claws swipe at white fur before arms launched Felicia up in the air. Dashing up, the Kaka slammed her down to the ground with her hook claws. Taokaka tries again, but Felicia uses her Rolling Smash attack to jump over and counter attacks Taokaka with her own set of combo attacks. The flurry of strikes sends Taokaka mid air, and Felicia slashes her a few times before throwing the Kaka Guardian to the ground.

Diana had to at least acknowledge Taokaka for taking initiative at the start.

Like the cat genes she was based on, Taokaka safely lands to the ground. Quickly avoiding a dive attack, she tries to attack only for Felicia to block it.

The blue haired missionary then used a Delta Kick to the midsection and barraged her multiple times with Rolling Smash. The barrage continued until Taokaka grabbed her and proceeded to stab her a dozen times. On the last few stabs, Felicia reversed the attack with her Hell Cat Grapple and threw Taokaka over to the other side of the bridge.

Excited about the fight, Taokaka cried out, "Boing!" The two were in they're fighting stances and were calmly waiting for the other to make the next move until something unexpected appeared.

(Cues Darkstalkers 3 - Felicia's Ending Theme)

"Is... is that that the same butterfly from the beginning?" a confused Zatanna asked.

Indeed, it was the same butterfly from the beginning came back and the two felines started playing around with it and even leaping towards it. While a few of them laughed at the scene, some looked at it with a deadpan expression

"They stopped fighting because of a butterfly?" Conner dryly asked.

Oliver answered, "Yup. In all fairness, not only are they cats but also somewhat dim."

After a few blinks, Conner replied, "Point taken."

Megan, Zatanna, and Artemis thought it was cute.

Unfortunately, the fun ended when Taokaka slashed the butterfly apart, killing it instantly.

Like a mirror, the scene of happiness shattered.

"Whoops!" was all Taokaka could say before she shrugged.

The remains of the poor butterfly landed in Felicia's hands. The little guy was split straight down the middle. Felicia, in turn, was very upset. "No, no, no!"

The fight was back on, but Megan was tearing a bit while Conner and Zatanna tried to comfort her.

"It's Felicia's turn, now," smirked Wally.

Felicia lunges at Taokaka while letting out an angry cat-like roar and unleashes a savage combo on her.

The two started trading combo after combo for some time until Taokaka was slashing at thin air. She blinked at the empty space in front of her. "Where are you, Ms. Kitty?" she asked.

Zatanna smiled. "Would you look at that, Robin. Just like you."

The other teammates laughed while he rolled his eyes.

While she was confused at where her opponent was, Felicia sprung from behind and starts slashing her, drawing more blood before kicking her. Felicia tried to use her Rolling Smash, but Taokaka counters with her saw blades. This does more damage and spills a lot of blood onto the wooden floor. Felicia uses her Sand Splash to no avail. Taokaka lunged at her and delivered a devastating combo attack from the ground and from the air. While Felicia was still held in the air, she quickly landed on the ground to perform her finisher.

"It appears to be the end," commented Diana. The others nodded in agreement.

"Taokaka boom!" she yelled. As she jumped toward her target, a second Taokaka appeared who was also ready to strike. In tandem, their final attack stood true directly at Felicia's core. The force was enough to literally slash Felicia in half, separating her top and bottom parts from her midsection, sending blood everywhere.

Everyone was staring at the scene with wide eyes on the rather brutal finisher.

Taokaka is seen dancing around happily at her victory. "Nya ha, nya, ha, nya ha! Choco-chan has been avenged!" After a few seconds, he then sat on the ground with a sad expression. "Now I'm bored," Taokaka sardonically stated. "Maybe Rawgnya can play with me?" She then proceeded to skip off the screen.


It took some time for people to get over Taokaka's lack of interest immediately after bisecting another person. In the end, they acknowledged Taokaka's victory and Felicia's noble efforts. Megan, Diana, and Zatanna were a little more disappointed than the others.

Onto the results.

(Cues Bright - BlazBlue)

"Felicia just got put down."

While the heroes didn't appreciate the choice of words, she did, in fact, get "put down" by Taokaka.

"This one was very close, based on their move sets, but Tao appeared to have a great speed advantage. Even though Felicia had the endurance of a Darkstalker, Tao's superior agility gave her the win."

"Remember that after-image thing we mentioned before? Well, to do that, you need to be hella fast."

"Still working on mach one..." muttered Wally.

"While the science is a bit iffy to create a solid after-image, making a normal after-image is much easier to calculate. As an illusion, it takes advantage of the persistence of vision. Basically, human eyes have a limited response time so if we flash two different images quickly we will see an average of both images. TV uses this to appear to give us smooth motion where in reality it is flashing images every frame."

"It's just like me when I'm walking home on Friday night."

"I know that feeling..." Oliver said off handed. The others proceeded to give him looks. "What? It was years ago, and I was more of a playboy before," replying while also dropping the subject.

"In order to create two images of herself at least 1 meter apart, she needs a velocity of at least 1000 meters per second or 2236 miles per hour."

"Ugh... " Wally grumbled. "Even the cat lady is faster than me..." Artemis simply patted him on the back.

"Speed is all well and good, but Felicia's normal claws never had a chance against Taokaka's freakin' metal claws!

"The wonders of genetic engineering," commented Robin.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Felicia just took her final meow."

The pun was 70-30 to the people in the room. Seeing the simulated cat woman being cut in half kills the mood a bit.

"The winner is Taokaka."

Not only did the characters have an interesting backstory but the fight was good and fast paced. They were all anticipating the next match, and they hope the next one would be good as well.

"Next time on Death Battle."

The group hears a somber yet vintage chorus when they soon saw the next two combatants. The first being an ash skinned man with red tattoos with an angry look on his face. The other is a demonic looking man wearing a skintight black suit with white streaks and a cape.

"I don't know if I like the vibe those guys were giving off," said Wally.

"I have to agree," added Diana, "There's something about the first man that feels ominous."

"Does he remind you of someone?" asked Kaldur.

"I... don't know," she replied.

"Well, in any case, you can think about it tomorrow," Oliver answered as got up to stretch.

"Yup," Wally said as he stood up as well. "Alright, that was the last episode for the day."

"I'm curious to know what kind of people they are. The second one looked more... demonic," stated Zatanna.

"Well, I'm just glad school doesn't start yet," stated Robin.

"It's getting late, are Batman and Superman still with Black Canary?" asked Megan.

At that moment, the three previously mentioned stepped through the door.

"That was the type of private grade school you went to?" asked Clark to Bruce.

"Yeah," Bruce replied. "My parents put my education high on their priorities."

Dinah spoke next. "To think that you met such children while you were there. Anyways, thank you for your cooperation with today's session."

Bruce sighed and glanced at Clark. "Cooperation... Sure."

She shook her head. "Regardless, we are making progress. I hope to have our next session a week from now."

"Only if Gotham doesn't need me, which is almost never," Bruce answered

She shook her head. "I'll only allow it if it is a real emergency. It isn't healthy to be working late nights every day. Even you have limits."

Bruce thought back to the Battle that he was in. "Yeah..." He would be spending some time in the Batcave devising more plans and equipment.

Clark decided to change the topic and looked to the group by the TV. "So, guys. See anything interesting while we were gone?"

Robin decided to answer. "The fights were nice. No other Leaguers showed up, but we can tell you about them tomorrow. I'll likely end up having to make a file about it anyway."

"That's nice," Clark replied. "The three of us will catch up to you guys if we have time tomorrow."

"Should be easy. I left the episodes that we already watched next to the box in the same order," answered Wally.

Clark smiled. "Thanks. We'll see if we can come here again tomorrow night too. So far, it's pretty fun."

"We still can't invite the others to prevent anymore commotion coming up," commented Dinah.

Oliver clapped his hands to get everyone's attention. "As much as I like you guys, we all have things to do and beds to sleep in, so I'm heading out. Coming Dinah?"

"I'm all done here with Bruce's session, so sure."

Saying their goodbyes, Kaldur, Conner, and Megan left for their rooms in the cave, while everyone soon left through the Zeta Tubes.

With that, the night came to a close.

Guaranteed Changes

Season 1 Changes:

Kratos VS Spawn

Master Chief VS Doomguy (Because of Doom 2016)

Thor VS Raiden

Link VS Cloud

Season 2 Changes:

Vegeta VS Shadow

Terminator VS RoboCop

Batman VS Captain America

Deadpool VS Deathstroke

Kirby VS Majin Buu

Gaara VS Toph

Iron Man VS Lex Luthor

Goku VS Superman 2

Green Arrow VS Hawkeye

Season 3 Changes:

Flash VS Quicksilver

Joker VS Sweet Tooth (*Laughs Menacingly*)

Hulk VS Doomsday

Season 4 Changes:

Android 18 VS Captain Marvel (Android 18 can absorb energy... *sigh* I expected better from them...)

Goku VS Superman

I'll be updating Goku VS Superman because they got so many things wrong. I by no means say that I will be changing the results or keep them the same. I just want the analysis to be accurate enough.

First off, I will be using New Earth Superman for both matches. This means I'll only use the mainstream Superman comics published from 1986 to 2011 and before the New 52 Relaunch. New 52/Rebirth Superman is too confusing plot-wise for me to deal with, especially with the Convergence storyline. They basically retconned New 52 Superman to reinstate Pre-Flashpoint Superman.

I will also be using power scaling due to the nature and scarcity of measurable feats in the series.

The first match will be with GT Goku, and the Rematch will be using Super Goku. This way, Super has more time to develop.

Yes, I have watched many videos from SethTheProgrammer and Geekdom101, so stop asking. Also, I mainly use them to get access to screenshots, so stop telling me to ignore their opinions. If you have any questions or facts with sources for any future episodes, please leave them in a review or PM me. Cheers!


I'm currently working on my analysis of Goku with others.

You can check out our work by googling

"Dragonball Universe standardised feats list" It's on ComicVine.

If any of you have any thoughts, please leave it in a review.



Yeah, I agree that Death Dattle is not very trustworthy on facts or that they are not fans of anything they said because I remember the Android 18 vs Mrs. Marvel was low-balled on both sides to the point where they are hurt by rocks. Seththeprogammer is someone I used to listen, but he is biased when it comes to Goku and used to be against Roaring Thunder Pursuit who said Ichigo is more powerful than planet buster. Considering the fact Ichigo fought someone who is going to multiple realities which is a multiversal feat in my opinion, but, other than that, Seththeprogammer had made amends with Roaring Thunder Pursuit.

I try watching some other source like animation rewind who makes cartoon fight-club while some are accurate but some or few I think are rather biased and untrue facts Archie Sonic vs Flash (they didn't say which Flash).

Goku vs Superman (which Superman) Deathbattle decides to mesh all the Superman even though cutting out Precrisis or known as the Silver Age Superman who is the most powerful version, in my opinion, has no limits and his potential is limitless.

But still, you have a broken Superman or my bad infinite God Superman if Death Battle is going to do that they might as well went with Cosmic Armor Superman who is so far meant to win (if I heard so far).

Goku is powerful but he has gotten a lot more powerful and has feats in DB Super, his first form to make him Super Saiyan God (which is his weakest form) trading blows against Beerus who wasn't going all out with both force to almost destroy Universe so his destructive force is very high including his strength and durability, Speed feat Goku was already faster than light but gotten better when he faces against guy named Hit who stop time but Goku was able to react it making his speed much faster.

Superman that really depends on his most powerful version (from different reality) would be Silverage Superman who has strength with no known limits or max, speed faster than Precrisis/Silverage Flash including break time barriers (yes he travel in time by by going really fast), durability not known but can tank hits from Supernova which made him dazed, blow up a solar system, his other powers are telekinesis, telepathy, invent new powers and his greatest feat is breaking infinity by going fast which is powerful.

Post Crisis Superman I haven't known his all feats but I know he isn't weak but now as powerful as Silverage Superman, his strength he struggles to move Earth which if I remember he needed help from others (this isn't sun dip power) which Silverage Superman can do at ease, durability is a rather difficult to answer since it very inconsistent since other writers who wrote either tank powerful hit or have him knocked out from supernova (It didn't kill him. He just got knocked out), and also there is a comic where it said Superman limitations where it show Superman can die heck Doomsday almost killed him.

There are others characters who can kick Post crisis Superman ass.

New Earth 52 Superman (the one with no red underwear) is weaker than his two incarnations but he is powerful just not at Post Crisis Superman level.

Goku vs Post Crisis Superman: In my opinion, I think Goku maybe can defeat Post Crisis Superman.

Goku vs Precrisis/SilverageSuperman: no chance in hell can Goku beat this Superman.

Goku vs New Earth 52 Superman: Goku can definitely kill this version.

It really goes down to strength, durability, Speed, skill stamina and most important factor is feats.


Just because someone can travel through multiple realities, that doesn't make them multi-versal. If that person destroyed a reality that is the same size as our reality, then that makes him at least universal.

There are a lot of factors that can affect the battle. That's why I chose GT Goku vs New Earth Superman. Both continuities have ended for the most part.

Great Saiyaman54

Also, when it's Joker, show them the end of Arkham city Joker killing Talia, Joker dead, and then show Arkham KnightJokerr mentally torturing Bruce, "miss me?" Barbara crippling and then the sign that says, 'this is what happens when you drag your friends in this crazy little game of ours', Wayne enterprises with the dead parents are just icing on the cake, the Arkham Knight base, "people trust in you they believe in you they follow you into your war and you are about to get them all killed, Staggs airship, Jason Todd torturing, fixing bat mobile in cloudburst, the scene when scarecrow catches Bruce and Bruce seeing his dead parents, fighting multiple jokes and killing him, then the stuff joker says after neck snapping, the part with the Joker taking over Bruce's body and killing, penguin, riddler, two face, Jim Gordon, seeing the city in flames, Alfred pleading to him, then joker, says "oh Alfred sweet loyal Alfred, master Bruce is gone but don't u worry your new master's coming home,"


I do plan on adding Joker's actions from the Arkham games.

Great Saiyaman54

When you do joker, Make this the ending of the analysis. Show them Arkham VR about the nightmare Jjoker created in Bruce's mind, the list of Joker's crimes on the holographic computer, then finding Dick's dead body, finding Tim and being eaten by killer croc, opening Joker's cell then in the end when Batman sees every thing he recently did, (ps Tim mouths the words Batman stop!), Batman notices his eyes turn green, he sees dead Tim again, sees himself snapping Nightwing's neck, looks into mirror again and sees his bloody hands he looks around the cell walls with ha ha ha written in blood, and a heart saying batman and joker forever then he turns back to the mirror and sees Joker then joker says, "Ah! The dynamic duo together at last!then laughs maniacally and then fades to black with the sound of breaking a mirror.


I haven't played the VR game, but I'll look into it.

Great Saiyaman54

During the Joker death battle show scenes from the Arkham games of him torturing Batman physically, mentally, and emotionally. Also show the "look who's laughing now the song" from Arkham Knight or the Joker Song from the miracle of sound, to show his love for Batman. He may hate Batman but he also loves him as a friend. Without Batman crime has no punch line. His real goal is not to kill Batman but to drive him insane to turn him into something worse than Joker. Also, show The Batman dark night why so serious and joker and batman interrogation him and Harvey in the hospital, and the final fight between him and Batman, also show the bank scene


I'll delve into the philosophy of the Joker in a DVD add-on.

Great Saiyaman54

On second thought when demonstrating the x ray vision show the scene from the first Superman movie where he uses to see Lois' panties.


Why not both? ;)

Great Saiyaman54

When demonstrating Superman's x ray vision show the scene in Smallville where Clark uses accidentally uses his x ray vision in the girls locker room, also when Joker appears to show him beating up Jason with a crowbar to Batman holding his cold lifeless body after the explosion and show the final scene between him and Bruce when they fight and the decision he forces bats to make. Under the red hood.


I'll be subtle when it comes to letting on future events.

Great Saiyaman54

Will you show the depth of Lois and his child she was pregnant with Superman killing Joker and becoming a dictator fighting and killing members of the league, (Injustice 1 & 2), and the Battle between Darkseid at the end of Justice League Unlimited, and the whole battle between Manchester Black and his team but also show the end that killing them was a trick.


I'll talk about Clark's personality with those events even though they are of a separate continuity.


When you get to the Godzilla vs Gamera fight, you should let the whole scene play out with Godzilla vs Zilla with the music in the background then once Zilla is destroyed show X the alien mastermind having his tantrum of seeing a monster he controls being destroyed before he calms down and make it look like he broke the 4th wall by slightly turning to the camera(which is his video screen), snaps his fingers and says next, then the description continues.


I'll look into that.

Renegade Saint

Hay Firestorm I'm loving the story so far so keep up the good work but I have a question.
With characters like Superman and Bateman will they still kill their opponent in their battles or are you going to have them knock them out like they do in their story?


I'll make the scene very believable to their character.


This series is a bit more varied amongst the 'X Watches Death Battle' and that is good. I'm a bit tad wary whenever an author has multiple works going at once as that often means longer time to update, time and effort split between different things, and increasing the chance that the author might give up writing and/or go on hiatus. Because life happens. Probably just paranoia.


Thanks for the compliment. I want my story to be "mine." I'll try to upload more often.

Rocker on

Oh no... I have a feeling that a lot of Martian girls who thought that cat ears and tails were 'cute' in ancient times, may have visited Earth and given risen to the myth of Kitsune. ...In that universe at least. Never know!

Another good chapter, with lots of good reactions to the fight! I'm guessing that Wally put in the right disc this time, right? It would be bad if he didn't. They wouldn't let him live it down. Batman still needs to punish him for that. Eh, three hours without food should be enough.

So, is the Batman therapy going to have little snippet every chapter, or is there going to be a long lull, and we'll find out the results later? I vote for snippets! Though I have a feeling he'll give out the information to them in such a way that it bores Superman closer to death than Kryptonite ever could, and Dinah might actually go insane. Heh, that would be funny.

Okay, I did not know that those eggs actually had Yoshi's in them. If I knew that, I would have been fighting Yoshi a LOT by now, just for a few pets. YOSHI IS THE BEST. Favorite Mario character. Can even do a pretty good impression of him, but you don't want to know about that, you want to know what I think of your chapter. So let the review continue!

Okay, I sense that there may be womanizing comments from Wiz and Boom in the next particular battle. I think they all better get some extinguishers, just in case Wonder Woman tries to destroy the TV. Just to be safe.

Ooh, maybe not have Deadpool interact with them and the audience. At least, not the audience. He kinda doesn't like me(Melancholy's Sunshine, 'A Father', chapter 27)... Yeah, when you read it, you'll understand. But you probably won't, so that's okay. Now, before 'he' shows up, let's move on!

Genetically re-engineered dinosaur... What could Wally be planning this time? Probably going to combine the genetics of some random toy breed of dog with a T-rex or something, and try to get a pet lizard. ...One that's carnivorous and will bark as loud as a train. Release a couple dozen of those in an enemy base, and you probably won't have to worry about them anymore. At least, not for a while.

Well, that's all the words I can pointlessly mouth. Until next review, this has been Rocker on, telling you to rock on! What does the fox say?!


Thanks, man. Hope you liked this chapter.


Suggestion? Start posting this on another website just in case this gets unexpectedly taken down. It's very sad Israel's version has been taken down. Although it is on another website, it shall still be missed. Anyways, they're screwed for the next chapter. Wally, keep your mouth shut if you don't wanna die. What I'm really looking forward to is Raiden vs Wolverine. Also, have you seen Sub-Zero vs Glacius? It was chill as heck. Also, any plans for Wally to screw up the CDs again?


I already have a few chapters posted on AO3.

The Swordslinger

Have you thought about doing episodes of Death Battle randomly for the team to watch them? Like they could just choose one blindly and watch it. It's not like you have to watch them from the first one to the last to get what everything's about. That's just an idea I had for the fun of watching some of the newer episodes sooner than expected, like the Batman and Spiderman one.

Feel free to shoot me down if you don't agree.


It depends on how well I can write the characters without them seeing certain episodes.

The Richmaster

Nice chapter; I particularly liked the side-story with Batman and the others.

The reactions this chapter were pretty good; Zatanna (though it felt like you overdid the love-sick bit a little) and Miss Martian being fun in particular, though the others well good. (by the way, why did Artemis hit Wally for the creationist thing?)

Looking back it's a bit surprising that you didn't include the Yoshi race eating everything as a likely cause for Bowser to hate them (they're a threat to all).

I had not considered the similarities between Riptor and Superboy but it makes a lot of sense when put together.

Next episode:

Well, Zatanna and M'gann seem excited for the next two competitors, while Robin has flashbacks (I'm assuming that they're more along the lines of a teasing kind).

I can see M'gann liking Felicia for her goal of looking after children (the others would also respect this) and Diana would probably respect her commitment to her religion.

Taokaka's apparent ADHD might be compared to a speedster's faster thinking rate making it harder concentrate on the slow moving world around them

Though the ending will catch them off guard.

And I look forward to seeing how you show the changes in the fights mention in the AN.


I toned Zatanna down a bit after reading that. Also, Wally is a man of science and avoids more faith based beliefs. I didn't think of that Yoshi part. I might add that later.

Ultimatrix bearer

O my gosh that whole "not the baby" bit was priceless! It's actually a good thing you took so long because of you were up to date you would've been copyrighted. As for Goku vs Superman the power scaling in super is BS at this point even if you include the ki control of super Saiyan blue and Golden Frieza lacking god ki.

I've been rewatching old DEATH BATTLES and the problem for certain matches "Toph vs Gaara / Gokuvs Superman" is the fights themselves, not the research. Not to mention the end result is usually accurate despite any flaws in the research. BTW I checked and hulk vs doomsday was right on all accounts. Hulk did mention he wasn't healing at his usual capacity in the issue after his battle with Zeus. He had no way to kill doomsday. His healing factor was neutralized during his battle with the x men for a short period of time. Healing factors, in general, can be burnt out like wolverines when Magneto extracted the adamantium from his skeleton. Healing factors have limits like how only Deadpool can survive decapitation. When the Skrulls copied Deadpool's healing factor but not his cancer they became giant sacks of flesh... Since this never happens to hulk it can be deduced that his maximum healing capacity is lower than Deadpools. And hulk has been killed by red hulk and old man Logan.

PS: what are your favorite/ least favorite DEATH BATTLES?

PPS: Wiz or Broomstick?



One of my favorites is the recent Balrog VS TJ Combo. My least favorite is Donkey Kong VS Knuckles.

I'm cool with either of them.

Israel Pena

I can tell you didn't know what happened.

My story was taken down by the administrators of this site. I guess that after enough shitposting, CU managed to catch their attention.

However, don't let what happened to me keep you from continuing your story. If you give up on this, then I'll have to kick your ass.

Anyway, I have other stories to work on but I'm looking forward to a new chapter.

P.S. By the time you read this, Adam West died.


I hope everything goes well for you. Thanks for your support.

ronin warriors fanatic

I'd rather you not change the Goku vs Superman fight like at all... they implemented ssj4 before the battle of gods was even announced, you should keep that in, then use the battle of gods/resurrection of/DBS stuff for their second fight. as for analysis, yeah you can change stuff, but at least keep it in the same way the video had it. on to the actual review: the fight and reactions were fantastic


That was my plan from the start. GT continuity goes first, and Super continuity gets the next one.

If any of you have any thoughts, please leave it in a review.