The news of Finnick Odair's death arrived swiftly to Thirteen. When it finally arrived to the one that loved him the most, it arrived carefully and cautiously. The response to her husband's fate, however, reflected differently to each one of its messengers.

One hundred words - Fifteen emotions - Fifteen messengers. Written for the Caesar's Palace Prompt challenge.

Peeta - Peaceful


Warm breeze, sweet air, cold river water tickled her bare toes as it bubbled up onto the bank. Strangely enough, it had been quiet that morning, it seemed everyone had gone - except for Peeta. He sat with her and sketched the birds she so closely watched; her lips mouthed words he would never hear.

"Annie, I'm so sorry, he's gone. He's not coming back."

She quietly threw a stick into the river and they watched it bump lazily along the rocks that peeked out from the shallow water. When it finally disappeared from sight, she said, "He's gone, but not really."