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Ch1: Through the trees

"Legilimens." Her horrid family, her hopes, her dreams. She can't protect any of it. All of her thoughts out for anyone with a wand and the right discipline. Weak. This whole proses is a waist of time. She's not even trying. Helianthus(Sunflower) Morrigan Potter. Long thick black hair, emerald eyes, red lips, and that signature scar that she tries so desperately to hide. How many times must I look into those eyes, and for what? Maybe if I dig deeper. Then she might at least try. With another push, I see her. And.. She's- watching, Me! What? Nothing but a simple potions class, but her eyes are locked on me. My hands, more so. Her chest is rising and falling. I'm in her thoughts, and they're telling me what I'm seeing, but I just can't believe it. Even though I can plainly see it. She is lusting after me.

'Gods, no!' He's standing there. Watching me fall to pieces as I imagine his hands all over me. His powerful, skillful hands. Oh Gods, he's seeing all of my thoughts of him. The memories shift around me to what seems to be a detention. 'Fight back,' I hear him tell me in my mind. But now he's seeing how I react to his voice. Sure, he's supposed to be giving me a right thrashing, but gods, all I could focus on was his voice. And now he knows it. The memory shifts again, and I hear a moan. "Oh, Severus!" 'NO. Professor, please, stop. You can't watch this!'

Her pleading breaks through my shock. And she's right! I'm her teacher, but there she is. Sprawled out in her four post, naked, touching herself, and fantasizing about me. Wow, is her body early developed! Her hips, thighs, and even the shape of her rib cage is beautiful. The swell of her breasts, full pouty lips saying my name again and again. Her hands roaming places, beautiful places, and there, between her gorgeous legs.. Yes, I've had been with women whom chose to maintenance their hair down there, but the lightening bolt shape she has chosen seems perfect!


He dropped the spell. It seems my words snapped him out of a shock. Oh, Gods. What am I going to do? The man hates me, and now he knows I'm crazy about him. Once I catch my breath I look up and find myself locked into his deep onyx stare. His breathing seems to match my own. Is he that angry? Surly he's had to deal with students lusting after him before. He's so sexy.

I pulled out of her memories, but I'll keep a surface scan in place for now. Crazy about me? Lust? Sexy? If I hadn't just been in her mind, I would say she's lost it. She noticed my breathing. I need to focus. But I can't stop picturing her lying there. My name on her lips! Gods, she made it sound good.

His raised eyebrow and smirk make my insides flip. Like always.

"So, a lightening bolt?" I've never heard his silky voice tease before, but I LIKE IT.

Don't push your luck! If he's wiling to let this go, let him. But, what if this is my only chance to tell him?! He hates me, and I would be making a fool of myself. "Could we call it a day, Professor?" With what I know is a weak smile, and few weak steps towards the door I'm quite certain I can feel my heart begin to plummet. No Gryffindor am I. Walking away from the man I worship in hopes of saving face. Give me a dark lord any day. Just get me the hell away from love. My hand is on the door and I almost jump when his hand appears over mine. His low deep voice in my ear, and his warm breath on my neck.

"But of cores you're a Gryffindor, and a bloody Potter." I can't explain why, but I allowed my other arm to wrap itself around her small frame. The way I tower over her begins to remind me just who we are, teacher, student, but as soon as my arm wrapped itself around her she had relaxed, and sunk back against me. A rush of,.. something runs though me. It feels as though my legs weigh a ton each, but my head has a feather light charm on it.

Her faced turns up to his. One of her arms placed over the one holding her tight. As their eyes locked once more she raised her other hand to run it through his hair, and pull his lips to hers. Their kiss was passionate, hungry, but tender. When she released him for air, she gave him a wiry smile and a soft but firmly whispered command. "Get out of my head, professor."

"Say my name again." The command sounded almost desperate, but the force in his voice causes me to press my thighs together.

"Mmm, Severus."

"In my entire life, I have never once heard anyone moan my name the way you seem to. Do it again."

"Make me."

"As you wish."

With that Severus picks her up and places his new prize on the nearest table top. With a quick flick of the wrist and a muttered incantation the table is cleared. Their hands franticly grabbing and caressing the other's body. Both using this time to disrobe the other of their clothing in the process.

'Too many bloody buttons!' When he let out a small laugh in response she knew he was still in her head. 'Go on then. Fix it!'

"As you wish." The rumble in his voice doing delicious things to her insides. Another incantation and his own robes and shirt undone to match hers. Her breathing increased as she took in his chest and shoulders. Her heaving breasts causing his pants to strain even more.

For a moment he hesitated. The reality of the situation hitting him like the Hogwarts Express.

'No.' She pleaded in her mind. 'He's remembering who I am. I fucking knew this was too good to be true. How?! How could I be so damn stupid?' His head shot up as her thoughts and her dread washed over him. This was the feeling he didn't want her to feel, -after. "I have wanted you since before I knew what it was I wanted of you. Since the very first time I saw you." Her voice is so sweet as she placed both hands on his bare skin. One hand roaming down to hook two fingers in the band of his trousers. Never breaking eye contact she pushed all of her feelings for him to the front of her mind. She thought of all her fantasies and all her love. She laid it all out for him to bare witness to. Bombarding him with so much of her mental lust as she physically caressed his now freed and strained cock was a dirty move. She knew this, but if this was her only chance to show him the truth, she was damn sure going to fight with all she had. He was the strongest man she knew. If he wanted this to be stopped, it would be.

Still holding his eyes with hers, she slid from the table to kneel before him. Well, she did say she worshiped him.

He watched her. Watched her sweet hand as it stopped stroking him halfway up his shaft. Watched as she licked from the base of his cock to the tip, and swirled her tongue before closing her lips around him, and her eye contact broke when she closed hers, and began to work her mouth over him. Taking more and more of him with each go. One hand stoking the shaft. One giving attention to his balls. Till the entirety of his cock was passed her lips, and her moans were driving him crazy, with so much of him in her throat. As she worked him over she grabbed one of his hands and placed it firmly in her hair. After having witnessed her dreams of being with him he knew that her ideas of sex matched much of his own. (having dropped the mental scan, now knowing that she honestly and truly wanted all of him) He placed his hands deep in her hair. Holding her firmly and thrusting in and out of her. The delicious feeling of her hot wet mouth mixed with her moans were driving him mad. He needed-… he needed to have her!

Pulling her off of him and to her feet, he began to ravish her. His right hand full of the hair at the nape of her neck. His firm grip keeping her bared for him. His left starting on her hip, pulling her against him tightly. Roaming to cares her arse, her breasts, her thighs. All while he attacked her neck vigorously. His roaming hand found its way up her skirt and he quickly began pulling off her knickers. He let them fall to the floor as passion drove them both.

The little sounds she made would be his downfall. He would never again eat, drink, walk, or leave his bed. He would gladly die in order to keep hearing her mews and moans. Her wisped Severus' had to be wandless magic.

She pulled him with her as she placed herself back on the table. He pulled back the smallest bit. His eyes focused on the lack of space between them. She wrapped her legs around him, high on his hips, and they both groaned as they felt the other. When she shifted her hips just right he was in her, and she bucked as he filled her so completely. He waited for her to move first. That was always the request women gave him. She just through her head back and moaned. Then much to his surprise she began lifting and lowering herself fast and hard. The pleasure making both of their heads spin.

"I love you, Severus." He wasn't sure if she realized what she said (she hadn't), but as much as he always tried to convince himself that he hated her, he realized then that he never had. He too had loved her from the first time he saw her, and he too hadn't known what it really was. Till now.

"I love you, too, Sunny."

They were together all night. His office reeking of sex. Her moans and her love were now his most precious memories.