That most days I don't recognize me

She used to be mine - Sara Bareilles.

The War changed everyone. It wasn't the same after the Battle of Hogwarts. Nobody was the same afterwards.

Hogwarts wasn't the same either.

But everyone rebuilt their lives, their homes, Hogwarts and themselves.

Hermione sat down against the tree. As she closed her eyes hearing sobs and people talk. It was memory of Hogwarts. Well sort of Remembrance of Hogwarts.

They had memorial and speakers were there. Harry, Ron and Her..

She just spoke and exused herself to be alone. She looked at her hands glad that Ron didn't go after her.


Part of her always knew she wasn't going to be same. The Mudblood etched in her arm. Memories as nightmares. and she would often not sleep because of it.

Her parents.. she tried everything but there was no getting her parents back. It was like she never existed. Lately she felt like she wasn't even there. Like she was going through the motions.

She was broken, scared, but that didn't matter. She saw how Harry and the Weasleys also her friends were hurting. She pushed aside her feelings to help them.

She was there to cheer Harry up, shoulder to cry on for Ginny, a girlfriend to Ron, and friend to others. She was glad to be anyone for them. To be the person they needed.

But this kept her up at night.

She remembered how she used to be. Before everything...a kind, know it all that spent a lot of time reading. She was loyal and sweet..but fighter. Lately she felt like she wasn't a fighter or anything.

Herself..the old Hermione was gone.

The new Hermione was something to get use too. Who ever she was at least.

Ron must of notice she was gone. Maybe Ginny or Harry told him to go check on her. She leaned against the tree and already had glamor charm on her. So he wuldn't see her red puffy eyes. She bit her lip as he sat down next to her.

'Hermione, you okay" he asked her. Rons voice crack and he was shaking. He must of had to leave. She understood it through.

"Fine just needed to breathe, you okay" he asked her worried about her boy.

"I.. I don't know if I can" Ron stuttered and rub his eyes. He took a deep breathe not sure what to say or do right now. But he couldn't move anxiety seem to taken over and panic attack appeared.

Hermione was use to that. She helped him through it like she always did.

"I'm here Ron right here" she took his hand reminding him to breathe sloth breathes and that it was going to be okay. He was here with her and it was going to be okay. She wasn't sure about it through.

Someone called his name. Ron gave her smile before leaving. Hermione smiled back but that was gone as soon as he left.

Hermione decided to take a break maybe take a walk. She got up flatten her clothes brushing of the dirt and walked into Hogwarts.

It was quite. The Caste was rebuild little different but home ish. She made her way to the gryffindor tour. Memories as she walked came to she first had friends with Harry and Hermione to later memories of her falling in love with Ron but him not being in love with her. To the adventures they had together.

The Battle..after battle they all stayed to help out. Hermione spent time in the library her safe place but it wasn't safe anymore. It seem like fighting in war for so long she lost her self. She never was a kid..she always want

She wanted to grow up to fast and she did.

She wondered how different it could of been as she made her way to gryffindor common room. Fat Lady open the door for her. Didn't ask for password it was weird. She thought as she made way to red comfortable couch.

She sat down and closed her eyes a tear going down her face.

Wishing she knew who she was