Chapter 17: Do You Remember Yesterday?

Leaving me

Was the best thing that you did

For yourself

But the worst thing for me

Early August

Enzo was so nervous, it's been years since he had performed live. To do a whole unplugged performance and in front of his friends, who have never heard him sing. He wasn't sure if this was his best idea. Bonnie had never heard him sing and now he was worried about how she'd like his music. He had to shake off his fears. He had to get his head focus and prepare himself.

Later on, he heard a melodic voice from the bathroom, making him move closer to the door.

All of my secrets turn me on cause nobody knows

My guilty conscience has gone rogue and it's left me alone with

All of my secrets, won't let me go

All of my secrets, yeah

All of my secrets, keep holding on

All of my secrets

Enzo moved away, a grin plastered on his face. He had nothing to fear. He was just glad he brought his guitar with him. Soon after Bonnie came out the shower, cheeks flushed, "Hey, Elena said she and Liam will meet us. Sarah and Matt finally decided to come, Matt's been saying at least ten words to her a day now." Yeah their friends were still dealing with their own personal drama while he and Bonnie were having the time of their lives.

Enzo decided to reach out for Bonnie. "Good, I'm actually tired of the spectacle. I'm gonna talk to Matt." Bonnie cocked her eyebrows at him. "I won't have him acting up tonight." Bonnie understood and gave him a quick kiss before watching him leave.

Enzo made his way to Sarah and Matt's room, knocking only twice before facing Matt Donovan. Who looked like he hasn't slept since they left Mystic Falls. The man was wearing his tracksuit, hair was messy and had mustard on the side of his cheek. Enzo just let out a sigh before pushing him aside. Sarah left out this morning and hasn't returned yet. "Hello Enzo, just come right in." Matt said sarcastically. Before throwing himself back in bed.

Enzo rolled his eyes at his friend's dramatic behavior. "Mate, you are being a complete twat." Matt didn't move. "Sarah loves you more than anything, she's so in love with you, she might give up her one chance to make something of her art career. You have no idea how hard it is to have a dream and passion in something that's concerned, not stable." Matt slowly turned to face him. "You think I like having to go to the Armory every day working for Dalton, NO. I do it because it's the easy choice."

Mat opened his mouth, "Easy than?"

Enzo gave his blue eyed friend a once over. "I wanted to be a musician. I had everything set, my mates and I were working on a project, we planned to play all these gigs in Manchester and London. Lorenzo sweet talked me into going to Duke, talked about all this money he and Dalton were making in the States, after leaving mum penniless during the divorce. Once I moved to the states, mum received her alimony checks from my dad, and she'll keep getting them until she remarries. As long as I stay working Lorenzo and Dalton, mum's set." Matt was not expecting that.

Enzo brushed it off. "The point is Sarah has one shot to make something of herself. Compromise with her, give her a shot in New York and once it's over come back home. Matt if anything deserves to see life outside of Mystic Falls is you."

Matt shrugged, "I, this was never in my plans. I love Sarah though, I can't lose her." Enzo laid a hand on his friend. "After Penny, I never thought I'd have a second chance of love. And I did, I know Sarah needs this. I'm scared, man."

"It's scary, life is scary, but you have each other. And yeah it's gonna get tough, but Matt you are one of the strongest men I know. You can hack it out in the city." Matt gave him a weak grin. "I'm rooting for you."

Matt pulled him in for a hug, which surprised him. But nevertheless, he accepted it. "You have a show." They released each other. "I should shower."

"Seems like you missed a week of it mate." Enzo felt a slap over the head. "Lets go Donovan."

Things were going to be okay, they were going to be okay.

"This place is packed." Bonnie looked around standing with Elena, while Liam flirted with some preppy college guys for a table. Sarah and Matt arrived together smiling and holding hands. Bonnie doesn't know what Enzo said to Matt, but it worked. The couple were booed up, not taking their eyes off each other.

Bonnie looked around and the music promoter was waltzing over to them. She stood tall in front of the group. "Your boy seems pretty nervous back there." Bonnie chewed her lipped, she was afraid of this, Enzo hasn't performed since he left England. What if he froze and got booed. " But I was listening to his old demo, the boy has skills, I haven't heard rare talent like that in New York for ages." The way she spoke so highly of Enzo, made Bonnie think harder. She knew Enzo had dreams, and it wasn't working for his family. Was it really music? And did he have the skills that could make him a real musician artist. "Anyways he's up next. Y'all catch that seat up front, I saved it for my step-sons, they should be here soon."

Elena grabbed Bonnie, after seeing Liam get sandwich by twins. "He's always getting ass somewhere. I swear I miss you and Caroline so much. He ditches me everytime." Elena spoke with a bitter tone. Matt and Sarah followed. The place settled down as the hostess introduced Enzo.

Bonnie watched him walk out on stage his guitar in his hands, he took a seat on the stool, and adjusted his mic. "Hello, my name is Enzo St. John. I wanna dedicate this song to my girlfriend, who encouraged me to get back out here. So for one night and one night only this is an original song ``Do You Remember Yesterday?" there were brief cheers. Elena squeezed Bonnie's arm, and Matt whistled.

Enzo began strumming his guitar, the sound that came out was beautiful, she had no idea Enzo could play so well.

I keep my thoughts to myself

While you keep yourself to your thoughts

I keep rewinding my takes

They remind me of you

Do you remember yesterday?

Was this her boyfriend, he was amazing. Matt and Sarah's mouth's dropped, Elena whooped. And Bonnie was really left speechless. The promoter was right, Enzo really was skilled.

I keep a memory of the time

While you keep the time for your memories

I can't help but walk down those lanes

They remind me of you

Do you remember yesterday?

Bonnie felt his pain now. Enzo's passion was on stage. This was his dream, he looked at peace and free of it all. Thinking back on all the nights Enzo called her, complaining about Alex, Dalton, and Lorenzo, how frustrated he was and tired. Bonnie felt that hurt. Matt also felt it, and he knew the truth. Looking at him and looking back at Sarah, Matt realised he doesn't want that for her, he loves her.

"Babe." Sarah glanced at him quickly before lookin back at Enzo performing.


"I'll move to Queens with you." Sarah's head whipped around. She grabbed his shoulders shaking him. Her eyes had tears in them.

Bonnie and Elena stared at them. "You'll do that for me."

Matt took both of her hands and kissed each one. "For us."

Free from this love

So I can love again

Without their eyes on me

Oh let me be

Everything seemed to fall in place. And then it crashed again. Elena tugged Bonnie to look where her eyes averted. She saw them too. Damon and Stefan, walking towards them. Bonnie was ready to get up and leave, but Elena made no move to follow.

Damon started moving quicker. The crowd applauded Enzo and he moved on to another song. He didn't notice the Salvatores presence. Matt and Sarah did. "Should we?" Sarah asked, but Elena shook her head.

"Elena, ELena, ELEna, ELENa," Damon kept calling out for her. "ELENA!" he shouted so loud, Enzo cut the music and the whole crowd looked at him. Stefan had made his way over to the music promoter. Damon stood alone in the middle of the club, Enzo looked out towards him.

Damon moved closer to their table, then paused once he saw Matt standing up. "Elena Tatia Gilbert, will you marry me?" Bonnie was more shocked by Damon's boldness. Matt had a bewildered look and Sarah was clearly embarrassed by her cousin once again.

Elena's face showed her disgust. "How dare you, after the things you've done to me, Bonnie, Caroline, Matt, and even Enzo. You have hurt every single person in Mystic Falls, including your own mother, and you want me to marry you. You humiliated me, time and time again. Nothing has changed, you'll never change."

Elena looked as though she was fed up. Damon felt her slipping away, he had to act fast. "I'm toxic, I know that. I'm not a good brother, son, boyfriend, friend or even a man." Bonnie doesn't know where this proposal was going, but it was the backwards verse of Tyler's. "No one can make me a better man, except me. But I can change. And when I do you'll take me back. You're going to move to Baltimore without me, you'll be roommates with Liam." Liam almost snapped his neck looking over at Damon. "I'll be in New York with my dad, fixing my myself. And the next time we see each other, you'll say yes. Because we belong together, and we deserve our happy ending. I'm gonna fight for it, even if I have to let you go for a while. Because if we're meant to be, we'll always find each other." Damon slowly walked back, Elena was left stunned by him, they all were. Damon turned around and walked away.

Elena stared out from where he was standing. Then rushed off to find him. "Dammit Elena. She's gonna take him back." Bonnie said irritated.

"He's not gonna take her back though." Stefan came beside her. Behind him was the music promoter. "Damon decided he wants to get real help, get some counseling. He had a talk with our dad, oh this is his new wife Bree."

Bree, the music promoter flashed them a grin. "Small world huh." Very small.

Sarah rapidly blinked. "New Aunty." Bree extended her hand out to Sarah. They shook on it.

"So, Damon's gonna get his life together here in New York, Sarah and I are moving to Queens." Matt said.

"I might stick around for awhile." Stefan stated.

Bonnie looked at him. "What about Rebekah and Klaus?"

Stefan shrugged, "Mikaelson's are gonna be big in Mystic Falls. I don't think the Salvatore's are needed anymore." Bonnie looked around for Enzo. She noticed a man talking to Enzo in hush tones. Soon after Enzo came over to them.

"So my performance was a bust thanks to your brother." Stefan gave him a pat on the back. "That man wants to sign me." Sarah, Matt, Bree, and Stefan all congratulated him. "Oh stop. You know I'm not taking it." Enzo told them. "One night only." Enzo plopped himself in Elena's seat.

Bonnie spoke without even looking at Enzo. "You should take it." This left everyone staring at her. But Bonnie's eyes were on the door, where Elena and Damon walked out. "We have to stop living for others, especially our parents. We're better than this, we're better than our parents, and we keep allowing them to control our lives." She finally looked Enzo in his eyes. "This is your dream, the Armory can kick rocks. Do not pass down a once in a lifetime opportunity. And if Matt won't let Sarah give up her dream, I won't let you." The grouped agreed.

Enzo didn't know how to respond. "And us?"

Bonnie grabs his hands, caressing them with hers. "If it's meant to be, we'll find each other again." And Enzo knew what he had to do.

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