AN: I got the idea for this story when a Lucifer commercial came on T.V and my sister (who only eleven) saw Lucifer and told my dad he looked like him. I laughed my head off.

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Devilish daughter


The patrons of the New York City hospital winced as the screams of a woman could be heard throughout the entire hospital. In the nursery wing of the hospital, in room 256, a woman named Karen Dodson was giving birth to her first child.

"Push! Miss Dodson" the doctor urged her on.

"No, I can't!" she cried "I won't!"

"You must!" The doctor said "one more push!"

Karen gave one final, painful, agonizing push and then the sound of a tiny shrill wail filled the room. Her baby was born.

"It's a girl!" announced the doctor looking the baby over. Then he noticed something that made him jump and almost drop her. On the baby's head was that… two little devil horns? The horns sank back into the baby's head. The baffled doctor handed the baby girl over to the expecting mother.

'I've got to stop taking late shifts' he thought as he walked out.

Karen looked down at her beautiful baby girl. "So you're the one who's been kicking me?" she said.

"ma'am?" asked a nurse with a clipboard "have you decided what to call her?"

"Ciara" she said not taking her eyes of the baby.

"Perfect and I'll also need the father's name?" said the nurse.

She turned to the nurse, her expression darkened as she said "Lucifer Morningstar."

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