Chapter 2

Ciara's P.O.V

I was brought to Lucifer's penthouse above Lux. I instantly made myself at home; it was my home too now, after all. I sat down on the couch, Lucifer and Maze followed sitting on the love seat across the coffee table. They kept their distance, as if they thought I was going to bite them. They stared at me, slack jawed, and I grinned back at them, enjoying the attention. A long heavy silence hung around us as we just stared at each other.

Then I got bored.

"Are you guy's going to say something or what?" I asked.

"This is impossible" stated Lucifer still in his own little trance.

"Of course it is!" snapped Maze. "How could this have happened?" she asked Lucifer.

Lucifer turned to her, snapping out of it. "Calm yourself, Maze" he told her "it's not like she's has a bloody birth certificate."

"Actually I do!" I said grinning.

"What?" they both asked turning to me as I pulled the piece of paper out of my backpack.

"Mum took the liberty of telling the nurse your name" I said handing it to him.

He took it and read it over three times.

"What about your mother?" asked Maze "shouldn't she be looking after you?"

"She died in a car accident three months ago" I said nonchalantly.

"You seem so sad" Maze said sarcastically.

"Yeah well, mum and I never really saw eye to eye" I said "I'm hungry, can I have some animal crackers?"

"We have regular crackers" replied Maze getting up to go to the kitchen.

"No, no! Don't feed it! It'll stay around" said Lucifer.

I scowled him and looked into his eyes. He did a double take, but looked at me and I had him under my hypnosis.

"I can have crackers if I want to" I ordered.

"You can have crackers if you wan"- he was cut off by a ding on the elevator. I turned to look and lost focus. Lucifer turned too, damn it!

A blonde woman wearing a leather jacket stepped off the elevator.

"Ah, detective!" greeted Lucifer.

She looked up from her phone and stopped short when she saw me.

"Lucifer, why is there a child here?" she asked.

"Oh daddy! You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend?" I said with lots emphasis on the word daddy.

Lucifer's eyes widened.

"Daddy?" asked the detective.

"She is not my girlfriend and don't call me daddy!" Lucifer told me.

The detective looked at me. "What's your name?"

"It's Ciara Morningstar now" I smirked up at my dad.

He gave me a look that said 'you annoying little brat!' I grinned.

"Lucifer… is she …yours?" asked the detective.

"There's been some debate about that" said dad sighing.

"Well then, I guess you're not up to solving our next case then?" said the detective.

"No, no by all means" said Lucifer "let's go!"

"Uh…hello?" I said getting up "what about me?"

"Oh right, Maze entertain the child until I'm back" ordered Lucifer.

"Yippee! A sleepover with my daddy's assistant" I said sarcastically.

"That's the spirit!" said dad turning to leave with the detective.

"No, that was sarcasm!" I yelled as they left in the elevator.

I huffed and turned to maze, who was snacking on my crackers. I walked over to the counter of the bar she was leaning on and hopped on a stool.

"How do I know your really Lucifer's kid?" she asked.

"Let me answer that question with a question" I said holding up a finger "does my dad have anything like this?"

She stared at me. Then I shut my eyes tight and started to ball my hands into fists. I grunted slightly. Then they popped out, my horns, two little perfect red devil horns on my forehead.

Maze stopped chewing the cracker for a second, then swallowed, hard. "Yeah, your dad has something like that" she said.

"Oh, good" I said

There was a long silence between us and then I broke it.

"Where am I going to sleep tonight?" I asked.

"Your choice, the couch or Lucifer's room"

"I think I'll take dad's room" I said grabbing my back pack and headed down the hall.

"Uh, ciara" maze called after me.

I turned back around "yeah?"

You still have the…um?" she pointed to her forehead.

"Oh!" I said, realizing I still had my horns out. I hissed in pain as I patted them back into my head.

AN: sorry this one is very late, I kind of forgot about this one! Won't happen again! In the meantime stay devilish!