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Jehan's Muse - check out chapter 1 again. You might have skipped over it, but there are subtle references to Elliot's being divorced in this fic. I agree with you that he would be extremely unlikely to have an affair.


Elliot could see the glass protruding out of Olivia's neck as she lay, collapsed on top of him. He could still feel her breathing against him, but she was unconcious.

"Come on, Liv," he whispered. He could see where the second bullet had lodged in the seat of the car, leaving a perfect hole in the upholstery. It was just lucky that hole hadn't been left in Olivia's head. Elliot heard running footsteps and he pulled his gun out of his holster, ready to fire. Luckily, it was Cragen and another officer. He exhaled in relief. Cragen opened the door slowly, the question evident on his face. "The bullet hit the seat. She got hit with the glass, but I think she'll be okay," Elliot said in a near whisper. Cragen nodded.

"Colin had a second weapon, just started firing at you two. He shot an officer in the leg and Officer Kurtz shot him. He's dead," Cragen said as Elliot put his gun back before moving Olivia cautiously. Cragen helped, taking her out of the car and holding her until Elliot got out. The ambulance was already arriving and Elliot could see the huddle of officers around the one who had been shot.

There was no one around the prostrate body of Colin Chapman.

The paramedics took the wounded officer first, then Olivia.

"I guess I'll see you when you get back from the hospital. It's good this whole thing is over," Cragen said to Elliot. Elliot didn't answer, just walked over to Colin Chapman and looked down at him. He could finally see the resemblance to the boy Colin. He remembered they had all teased him for being such a teacher's pet in class.

"You thought you had her, didn't you?" Elliot said to the morbid grin on Chapman's face. "Not on my watch."


"I was wondering when you'd get here," Olivia said to Elliot from her chair in the outpatients waiting room at the hospital.

"Are you all right?" Elliot asked.

"Yeah," she said, turning to show him the bandage on the back of her neck, "I'm on some heavy painkillers, so I can't really feel it. I talked to the officer who got shot, Phil Henson, and he told me what happened. Have you told Chapman's wife?"

"Munch and Fin were just going over there, but I think she'll see it on the news before they get there," Elliot said, sitting down in the plastic chair beside her. "We need to talk about all this, Liv."

"Yes," she replied, putting a hand on his arm, "But not here."


"This is where it all started," Olivia said when they were back at Elliot's apartment, sitting on his couch. The silence hung between them. "So...," she said.

"Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant? I would've supported you, no matter what choice you made," Elliot began.

"I know. I'm sorry. I meant what I said before at the hospital. I was scared. I thought I was going to end up like my mother - with a child I didn't want," she confessed. He nodded. "Maybe I'll be ready for a child some day. If we plan it first," she added, smiling a little. She put her hand over his and continued, "Did you see him after he died?"

"Yeah. It felt so wrong. He died thinking he had succeeded, that he had killed you. He died thinking he was going to heaven." Olivia put her arms around Elliot and drew him into a hug, enjoying the easy intimacy that had returned.

"Well," she said, "Can we put this behind us now?"

"I'm not sure, but we can try, " Elliot said, drawing back. He looked deep into her brown eyes, filled with love and concern. He leaned in and kissed her, mouth hot. She responded, putting her hands behind his head and pulling her face to hers. He began to push her down on the couch and she pushed him off abruptly.

"Wait. What are we doing?" She said, breathing heavy.

"Don't worry," he reassured, "I've got protection." She smiled and pulled him back down.



Three years later, Olivia stood in front of Colin's grave. Her right hand was clasped tightly in Elliot's and the other supported the weight of their two year old son, James. Elliot put down a flower on the ground by the grave and then stood up. The family walked away from the grave and to their car. As Olivia was putting James in his car seat Elliot turned on the car, letting it warm up in the cold winter air. They drove off to their home where Elliot and Olivia had lived since they were married two and a half years before. Olivia turned to look at her son and found that he was fast asleep. She smiled and turned around to face the front, this was one life she hadn't given up on and she was glad that she hadn't.